TCC announces several Academic Promotions

July 19, 2021

TCC logoDr. Calandra Stringer, Provost and vice president of Academic affairs named the new Associate Deans for the following roles: (1) Faculty Initiatives; (2) Communications and Humanities; (3) Science and Mathematics; and (4) Social Sciences. Each associate dean will effectively begin their new role at Tallahassee Community College (TCC) on Monday, July 19, 2021.

Associate Dean for Faculty Initiatives – Tricia Rizza

Ms. Tricia Rizza will serve as the Associate Dean of Faculty Initiatives. Prior to this role, Tricia served as a member of the TCC faculty and served on multiple committees for institutional initiatives including High-Impact Practices, First-Year Experience, Eagle’s RISE Summer Academy, Service Learning, TCC Village, and the Student Success Committee. Tricia has also taught in the K-12 sector and has experience in public relations, marketing, curriculum development, and project management.

Tricia earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree; and currently is working to complete her doctoral degree in Rhetoric and Composition at Florida State University.

Associate Dean of Healthcare Professions - Jennifer Russell

Dr. Jennifer Russell will serve as the Associate Dean of Healthcare Professions. Prior to this role, Jennifer served as the Director of Nursing Programs at TCC and as a board-certified nurse practitioner providing care for patients in the critical, acute and sub-acute care settings. Additionally, she has worked for the Florida Department of Education as the state Supervisor for Health Science and Human Services Education where she was responsible for more than 120 programs from middle school to state college level.

Jennifer earned an A.S. degree in Nursing and A.A. degree from TCC; B.S. degree in Nursing and Doctorate of Nursing Practice from Florida State University.

Associate Dean of Communications and Humanities - Nick Vick

Dr. Nicholas Vick will serve as the Associate Dean of Communications and Humanities (CH). Prior to this role, Nick served as the Director of the Learning Commons, Director for the Honors Program, and a graduate of the Class of 2020-2021 for the President’s Leadership Institute. Nick has received numerous awards for his work in academic support including the North Carolina Tutoring and Learning Association Center of the Year, the Frank L. Christ Outstanding Center recognition from the National College Learning Center Association, and most recently, the Association of Florida Colleges’ Technology Commission Award.

Nick earned a Bachelor’s degree in English; Master’s degrees in English and English Education; and a doctorate degree in educational leadership from Sam Houston State University.   

Associate Dean of Social Sciences - Summer Dusek

Mrs. Summer Dusek will serve as the Associate Dean of Social Sciences, a role that reports directly to the Dean of Social Sciences. Prior to this role, Summer served as the Director of the Center for Professional Enrichment at TCC. Additionally, she taught psychology and student success courses at the College as an adjunct professor and has over 15 years of higher education experience in both administrative and faculty capacities.

Summer earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology; Master’s degree in clinical and counseling psychology; and is currently completing a doctoral degree in public administration at Valdosta State University.

Associate Dean of Science and Mathematics - Angelina Kuleshova

Dr. Angelina Kuleshova will serve as the Associate Dean of Sciences and Mathematics (SM). Prior to this role, Angelina served as an Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Faculty Senate Chair-Elect, Co-Chair of the Early Alert Advisory group, and a course co-coordinator for Intermediate Algebra.  Angelina is a recipient of the 2020-2021 League Excellence Award and a graduate of the Class of 2020-2021 for the TCC President’s Leadership Institute. 

Dr. Kuleshova earned a B.S. in Computer Science; an M.S. in Mathematics Education; and a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from Florida State University. Additionally, she is a proud graduate of TCC.