TCC unveiled seven renovated classrooms as a part of The First Class Project

November 5, 2021

Tallahassee Community College and the TCC Foundation unveiled seven newly renovated classrooms on Thursday evening, Nov.4. The classroom renovations are a part of The First Class Project. Classrooms include the Capital City Bank Classroom (TPP 130), the Moore Agency Classroom (AC 212), the Student Housing Solutions Classroom (AP 149), the Kim and Todd Engstrom Classroom (SM 119), the Harrell Family Classroom (SM 137), the Florida Kiwanis Club Classroom (HSS 259) and The Southern Group Classroom honoring Stacey Webb (HSS 110).

The Florida Kiwanis Club Classroom was funded by a consortium of Kiwanis Clubs. The Kiwanis Club of Tallahassee led the way, with support from the Tallahassee Killearn and Northside Clubs and Florida Kiwanis Foundation. This is the first space on our campus to be renovated by a civic group. 

The Southern Group, the southeast United States’ largest lobbying firm, dedicated their classroom to the memory of Stacey Webb who led the firm’s education practice. She helped private and non-profit clients impact public policy in Florida by leveraging her deep subject matter expertise in all things education, combined with unparalleled access to top decision makers and effective advocacy. Stacey passed away in 2015. She was a true advocate for community colleges and TCC is proud to have a classroom bear her name.

Faculty members were on-hand to showcase the new technology, demonstrating how they are using it to engage their students. The classroom renovations not only provide new aesthetics like new furniture, lighting, paint and carpet, but updated technology. Heather Mitchell, Executive Director of the TCC Foundation, said “This new technology has become even more important as the College has been able to offer hybrid classes to its students during the pandemic.”

The TCC Foundation launched The First Class Project initiative in 2016 with a wish list of 50 classrooms that needed sponsors. Today, 33 classrooms have been renovated and all 50 of the classrooms on the original wish list have been adopted.  These classrooms have been sponsored and named by local businesses as well as by individuals and families.