TCC celebrates Juneteenth with Guest Speakers and Virtual Performances

June 19, 2020

Tallahassee Community College is celebrating Juneteenth by hosting a virtual webinar on Friday, June 19 at 9–11 a.m. The open dialogue will be among community leaders and the College’s faculty and students about the significance of the day and a celebration of African Americans’ freedom.

“Now, more than ever, it’s incredibly important for us to help facilitate conversations that educate our students, as well as ourselves, on African American history,” said Jim Murdaugh, TCC President. “We value our diversity here at the College, and the creativity in learning that comes from embracing unique perspectives and cultures. Friday’s Juneteenth virtual event will be a wonderful reflection of that.”

Some of the guest speakers in this uplifting program will include Mutaquee Akbar of the Akbar Law Firm and Micah Mitchell, TCC SGA President.

“During this program, we intend to learn and celebrate the remarkable journey of the African American freedom experience,” said Dr. Gerald Jones, Dean of Student Services. “Juneteenth reflects a day where we recognize our past, acknowledge our present, and explore tomorrow’s possibilities.” 

“TCC is seen in our community as a change agent and I am proud to be an employee of this great institution,” said Dean Anthony Jones, Science and Math Division. “I am especially proud that President Murdaugh recognizes the importance of celebrating contributions made by African Americans to this country and community.”

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