Model United Nations


TCC Model UN Goals and Objectives

It is the purpose of this student lead organization to facilitate a better understanding of international decision-making.  Through participation in regional and international conferences, where they debate issues from the perspective of their chosen country, such as human rights, military conflicts, and international economics, students benefit from a greater awareness of international issues. This heightened awareness, along with a better understanding of the perspective of other nations in the world, also facilitates greater academic capabilities because of the necessary preparation.

Benefits of the Model United Nations

In 2014-2015 TCC MUN attended the Florida MUN conference where they garnered numerous awards, and Southern Regional Model United Nations in Atlanta, where they received three high level awards. Also, five members of TCC MUN were able to attend an international conference in the Galapagos Island this past year, where the students won the top award for Outstanding Delegation. Finally, considering the hard work the students have put into their preparations this year, hopes are high that the students will again distinguish themselves at the approaching National Model U.N. Conference in New York. TCC Model UN is consistently ranked in the top 10% of programs worldwide. There are only a handful of community college programs.

Once again, during the coming academic year TCC will be represented at the Florida Model UN Conference in Gainesville, the Southern Regional Model U.N. in Atlanta, as well as the National Model U.N. Conference in New York. We would also like to plan to bring a small group of students to the international conference being held in Seoul, South Korea.

During National Model U.N. Conference in New York, the students will have the opportunity to actually meet in the United Nations building, conducting their committees in the same general assembly room that the actual UN delegates meet.  The students will also have a one hour audience with the UN representatives from the countries they are representing.  They will be able to ask questions relevant to the political and economic situation in the respective countries. 

On campus, Model United Nations TCC MUN have organized several community projects throughout Tallahassee. TCC MUN organized a “Trick or Treat for UNICEF” drive throughout the community. TCC Model United Nations also supports an extensive website has been developed and maintained exclusively by TCC Model United Nations students.

With regard to the community at large, TCC MUN program will host its 20th Annual Tallahassee Southern High School Model United Nations Conference (TSMUN). This past year saw over 15 schools from Florida, bringing 235 students to participate. The conference consists of extensive background guides dealing with economic and political issues chosen and written by TCC Model U.N. students, and mailed to all participants. TCC Model UN students travel to all participating high schools to host workshops training not only students, but high school faculty advisors. Committees such at as the UN Human Settlement committee and Economic and Social Council will be simulated at next year’s conference, allowing high school students to debate and submit their own resolutions. There will also be programs held for the faculty attending with their students, allowing then to earn continuing education credits as certified by the Florida Department of Education.

These experiences prove to be a benefit everyone; TCC students, visiting students and faculty, and Tallahassee Community College. The program has also served as an excellent recruitment tool to bring some of the best local high school students to TCC, to participate in a program which would not be available to them anywhere else in the area. 

There are also programs held for the high and middle school faculty attending with their students, allowing then to earn continuing education credits as certified by the Florida Department of Education. The addition of offering fully funded scholarships to this program will add to the programs ability to attack high achieving students to the college, which will spill over to other college programs, such as the honors program.   

Planning has already begun for a high school student conference, in order to allow a few hundred students from north Florida high schools to experience Model United Nations simulations. Owing to the efforts of current and former TCC Model United Nation students, it is anticipated that the 2016 Tallahassee Southern Model United Nations Conference will draw even more participants this coming year.


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