Enrichment Programs

Learn more about the variety of programs we offer.

We believe work is much more multi-faceted than just clocking in and out every day. That's why we're your go-to department for all things professional development.

Here at the Center for Professional Enrichment, we offer a number of workshops and seminars covering a variety of topics. From learning how to manage your stress to building the perfect syllabus, there's something for everyone. Do you want to get into yoga or become a better leader? We have programs for that, too.

Leadership Programs

Leadership TCC

Leadership TCC is a year-long program for faculty, staff, and administrators designed to provide opportunities for professional growth.

Vision: Enhanced Leadership for New Opportunities

Mission: Given that we have many talented faculty, staff, and administrators at TCC, our challenge is to provide opportunities for professional growth, advancing the vision and mission of TCC while building on our world-class leadership to strengthen our learning environment.

Program Outcomes: 

  • Develop the leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities of TCC employees
  • Increase knowledge of TCC and the communities TCC supports
  • Build TCC’s capacity for networking
  • Increase TCC’s leadership and change capacity

Congratulations to our Leadership TCC Graduates! We are so proud of you.

Pictured from left to right:
Suzanne Ferrell-Locke, mathematics associate professor;
David Valladares, developmental writing associate professor;
Kim Manning, instructional technologist;
Margelet Hamilton, assistant Learning Commons coordinator;
Brandi Elliott, assistant to the Director of the Learning Commons;
Dustin Frost, auxiliary services coordinator

Advanced Leadership TCC

Advanced Leadership TCC extends support for leadership development for those who have completed Leadership TCC. This also promotes partnership, collaboration and networking while giving back to the campus community.





Wellness Programs

niki and kermit

Fostering a healthy environment on TCC's campus is important to us. That's why we have multiple options for you to be well and stay fit while you're at work.

In addition to the opportunities below, we also offer wellness workshops that are open to everyone to attend:



Yoga at TCC

Meet in the Meditation Room (FPAC 207A). All levels welcome. No sign-up - simply show up and enjoy.

  • Yoga and Meditation: Mindfulness in Motion, Wednesdays from 11-12pm
    • Join us for yoga and guided meditation, including breathing exercises and poses. Our sessions guide each individual to practice key principles, including mindfulness, compassion, acceptance, and nonjudgment first with themselves. When allowed the freedom of experience in yoga and meditation on campus, our attendees have noted significant empowerment to more readily develop and carry self-awareness off of the mat and into the classroom in an administrative, staff, faculty, or student capacity. All levels of faculty, staff, and students are welcome anytime. No registration necessary.



  • Every semester, the Center for Professional Enrichment will call for applicants to the TCC Fit program. Twenty people will be selected, and will embark on a fitness journey with fellow colleagues!

Lunch Laps

  • Join us at the flag pole outside of the Student Union at 12:15pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays (weather permitting).