Faculty Resources

CPE is committed to providing valuable resources for TCC faculty and adjuncts during this period of remote work. If you have questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to us at cpe@tcc.fl.edu.

Adjunct Enrichment Programs: ATLAS and AFAP

TCC offers two levels of semester-length, pedagogy-based enrichment programs for adjunct instructors.

The Academy of Teaching, Learning and Success (ATLAS) is open to adjuncts who have taught a minimum of one course at TCC and who are currently teaching at least one course at TCC. Participants who attend all ATLAS sessions and meet program requirements will receive a one-time stipend of $500. Click here to apply. You may also view the Spring 2022 ATLAS syllabus and workshop schedule here.

The Adjunct Faculty Advancement Program (AFAP) is open to adjuncts who have completed the ATLAS program, taught at TCC for a minimum of two semesters, and taught a minimum of 12 credit hours at TCC (please view the AFAP syllabus for eligibility exemptions). Participants will also be required to provide a statement of commitment. Participants who attend all AFAP sessions and meet program requirements will receive a salary increase of $100 per credit hour in subsequent semesters (renewable every 2 years), as well as a certificate of completion, induction as an Adjunct Professor, and other benefits. Click here to apply. You may also view the Spring 2022 AFAP syllabus and workshop schedule here.

Resources to Share with Students

As we all work to keep up with rapidly evolving trends, especially in this period of largely remote learning, check this space periodically for documents you and your students may find useful.

Strategies to Study Smarter (January 2021)

Infographic prepared by the Office of Academic Affairs and Faculty Senate detailing study skills for successful learning.



When Pandemic Strikes - Zoom Archive

From April 6-10, 2020, CPE along with the Office of Academic Affairs and TCC Online facilitated a series of Zoom trainings titled "When Pandemic Strikes: Responsive Tools and Alternate Assessments for Online Teaching and Learning." Full video and audio-only recordings of the sessions are in the below accordion, arranged by their dates and times as appropriate.

Additionally, you may download the presentation used in the Zoom trainings here.

Apr. 6, Mon., noon

Apr. 6, Mon., 4 p.m.

Apr. 7, Tues., 2 p.m.

Apr. 8, Wed., 11 a.m.

Apr. 8, Wed., 3 p.m.

Apr. 9, Thurs., noon

Apr. 9, Thurs., 4 p.m.

Apr. 10, Fri., 10 a.m.

Apr. 14, Tues., 10 a.m.

Apr. 16, Thurs., 2:30 p.m.

Additional Resources

Division Representatives

Faculty, reach out to your division representative as needed to express any issues you or your students might be experiencing during this period. These can include matters related to technology, student concerns, best practices you might have that are worth sharing, assessment, or anything else that you think might be important for both faculty leadership and the administration to know about.

BIT: Sue Bickford & Edie Strickland
BSSE: Ted Duggan & Thurla Moore
CH: Julie Baroody & Fred Owens
HCP: Perri Preston & John Elam
Library: Kelli Herm
SM: Angelina Kuleshova & Martin Balinsky
TS: Susan Wessner

External Resources

ACUE’s Online Teaching Toolkit
To support instructors needing to make a quick transition to utilizing an online environment, ACUE is
offering resources and recommendations that can be immediately put to use by instructors, to benefit both
faculty and their students.

Telework and Telecommuting Basic Course
Corporate Training has provided free access to their eLearning course for telecommuting. Skim through the
topics by selecting “menu” at the top-right and review sections that may benefit you, such as selfmanagement,
communication, good habits, time management, and more!

Use Calendly for Appointment Scheduling
You may have a need to allow colleagues or students schedule appointments with you. Calendly easily
integrates with Outlook and Zoom to allow others to schedule with you online with ease. You can allow
others to schedule a phone call or live zoom session with you. Calendly will add it to your calendar, create a
zoom link, and send an invite! View the video tutorials beneath “Getting Started” for guidance.

LinkedIn Learning
A number of free courses have been made available to anyone with a free LinkedIn account. Current
offerings include working remotely, time management, productive mindsets, video conference calls,
managing stress, building resilience, leading virtual teams, using Zoom, and more!

As one of the most extensive open-source systems available, Merlot provides access to curated online
learning and support materials and content creation tools. Let by an international community of educators,
learners, and researchers. Browse by discipline, share material, create material, and even build a course
using resources in Merlot.

Innovative Educators
In response to COVID-19, Innovative Educators is committed to offering as many free services as we can,
so that students, faculty & staff have the resources they need to be successful during this difficult period.
TCC has a membership allowing you access to all resources. View access instructions on the CPE
Website HERE and select Innovative Educators/Go2Knowledge.

Live & On-Demand Webinars
As members of a variety of organizations, we have access to many live webinars as well as on-demand
webinars covering an array of topics in teaching and learning, administration, safety and security, and so
much more! Discover how to access webinars from each organization.

Library Resources

TCC Librarians and staff will monitor our live chat via Ask a Librarian from 9am-7:30pm Mon-Thurs and 9am-5pm Fri. Statewide librarians can also answer questions until midnight Mon-Thurs, Sat 10am-5pm and Sunday 10am-midnight. There is also a text and email option through our service but the chat response will be most immediate. http://askalibrarian.org/tcc

By placing an IT help ticket you can also have a librarian embedded into your Canvas courses. Just designate your role as librarian. https://tcc.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/1912/Portal/Requests/ServiceDet?ID=16165

If you would like to embed a library research guide or another library resource into Canvas you can find instructions in our Faculty Library Resources Guide: https://tcc.fl.libguides.com/faculty (or sign in first to research guides from the library homepage and choose Faculty from the subject list).

Resources to Share with Students

You can get an Advisor to call you by phone when you join our virtual line on EagleQ or you can download it as an app called Qless in both the App Store and the Google Play Store. Please include the phone number where you can be reached and your advising need in the notes section. You can also contact us via email at ADVISINGCENTER@TCC.FL.EDU.

Food Insecurities
Open by appointment only. Email talmarket@tcc.fl.edu and request an appointment time. Food requests will be prepackaged and can be picked up at your appointment time.

Call Student Accessibility Center at (850) 201-8430 or email SAS@tcc.fl.edu

Florida Relay Service: 711

Video Relay Service: (850) 270-6236 or (850) 270-6231

The Counseling Center
The Counseling Center is still open but operating on an appointment-only basis. Call for an appointment at (850) 201-7726.

Testing Center
The Testing Center is still open but operating on an appointment-only basis. Call for an appointment at (850) 201-8282 or email at testingcenter@tcc.fl.edu.

Call (850) 201-6567 or email tcc2@tcc.fl.edu

Other Help Tools
Use the AskTalon chatbot at the bottom of most TCC Webpages.

Ask Student Central - Includes FAQ's

Student Resources Webpage
A special resource page has been created to keep students informed and to put all resources at their fingertips. Be sure to share this page with students! https://www.tcc.fl.edu/about/college/communications-and-marketing/coronavirusresources/students/

Two Options for Virtual Tutoring

  • Sign in to EagleQ, then check your TCC email to be directed to a live virtual tutoring space on GoBoard.
  • Sign in to Canvas and select Smarthinking to connect one-on-one with Learning Commons staff.


Roundtable Thursdays | Thurs., 11 a.m. & 2 p.m.

Each Thursday we will host open sessions with a guest co-host for faculty and staff to join and connect with each other using Zoom and share ideas!

Join here: https://zoom.us/j/907569827