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Message from the Former Director


Thank you for visiting our Learning Commons website. We have a dedicated team of Learning Specialists, Tutors, and Academic Success Coaches available to provide comprehensive support including conferences, workshops, boot camps, test reviews, online resources, and much more. I encourage you to visit all parts of our website to learn more about the services we provide. We are equipped to connect with students both in person in the Learning Commons facility and remotely through a variety of different methods. Our vision is for the Learning Commons to be an important part of your experience at TCC. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. Best wishes for future success!

Dr. Nicholas Vick
Former Director

Mission Statement

The mission of the TCC Learning Commons is to support students, both on campus and online, in their cognitive and affective development by providing academic support and learning strategies with professional and individualized service. The Learning Commons aspires to contribute to TCC’s role as the college of choice for students through a trained, respectful staff in a welcoming, nonjudgmental, and helpful environment.

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The Learning Commons started as four separate learning centers and a stand-alone computing center. The building started its journey as the Legislative Research Center and Museum housing documents and personal items, such as art and gavels from the Florida Legislature. It was also used to house conferences occasionally. Discussion had begun on a concept of a Learning Commons in 2003. In 2006, Dr William D. Law Jr. announced the building could be utilized for the new “Learning Commons.” The historic items were being moved to the old Capital building in downtown Tallahassee.  

Dr Bertha Murray, Dean of Academic Support, led the charge to develop the new concept bringing in key people from across the campus, including the coordinators from the existing Learning Centers (Vera Mayes, Sandy Sampson, Allison Iglehart and Eloise Bradford)Faculty and staff from across the campus led to the development of the facility for its new purpose. With the retirement of Dr. Murray, Dr. Sally Search led the project to completion in 2008 after many years of research and planning for the new holistic facility. The new facility has a variety of spaces, including classroom, meeting, study rooms, tutoring spaces, plenty of computers, and a myriad of resources in a variety of modalities.  

More space and funding have also allowed for the breadth and depth of resources and services to be expanded.  Prior to the Learning Commons coming online, science and accounting help were limited. Reading and English Skills assistance was only available to those enrolled in a developmental class.  Campus wide access to assistance in reading, test taking, and success strategies have been valuable additionsOther areas that have been added based on student need were: Economics, Humanities and Spanish.