The Learning Commons: Your Success Is Our Priority!

The William D Law Jr. Learning Commons

The Learning Commons provides learning and technology assistance, resources, and computer access to all currently enrolled TCC students and university partners. A multicultural staff of learning specialists, tutors, and faculty collaborate to assist TCC's diverse student population in identifying and using resources.

Let's get a quick tour to the Learning Commons:

Learning Commons Mission

The mission of the TCC Learning Commons is to support students, both on campus and online, in their cognitive and affective development by providing academic support and learning strategies with professional and individualized service. The Learning Commons aspires to contribute to TCC’s role as the college of choice for students through a trained, respectful staff in a welcoming, nonjudgmental, and helpful environment.

Meet the Team


Melvin Middleton, Assistant Director

     Melvin Middleton
     Acting Director
     (850) 201-8199





Bob Crowdis, Technology Specialist

    Bob Crowdis
    Technology Specialist
    (850) 201–8685

Jessie Clayton, Technology Specialist

    Jessie Clayton
    Technology Specialist
    (850) 201-8267


Vera Mayes, Math Specialist 

Vera Mayes
Math Specialist
(850) 201-8122

Gregg Smith, Math Specialist 

Gregg Smith
Math Specialist
(850) 201-7803

 Hernan Pinto Zambrano, Math Specialist 

    Hernan Pinto Zambrano
    Math Specialist
    (850) 201-7804

Jabari Powell, Accounting/Economics Specialist 

Jabari Powell
Economics Specialist
(850) 201-7802

     Da Qun Ni, Science Specialist 

   Da Qun Ni
   Science Specialist
   (850) 201-7805

 The portray picture of Rajini Faircloth 

Rajini Faircloth
Science Specialist 
(850) 201-8475

Jerrie Del Vecchio, Writing Specialist 

Jerrie Del Vecchio
Writing Specialist
(850) 201-7847

Greg Schaberg, Writing Specialist 

Greg Schaberg
Writing Specialist
(850) 201-8270

    Nadia McDonald, Writing Specialist 

  Nadia McDonald
  Writing Specialist
  (850) 201-7811

Alicia Casey, Writing Specialist 

Alicia Casey
Writing Specialist
(850) 201-7809

Catherine Toole, Writing Specialist

Catherine Toole
Writing Specialist
(850) 201-6651

    Shekitta Allen, Reading/Writing Specialist

     Shekitta Allen
     Reading/Writing Specialist
     (850) 201-7813

Jamie Smith, Reading/Writing Specialist 

    Jamie Smith
    Reading/Writing Specialist
    (850) 201-7812