Tutoring at the Learning Commons


The Learning Commons provides free tutoring services to all currently enrolled TCC students and our university partner students. Students can access Learning Commons tutoring in-person and online. 







 Writing English Skills Foreign Language
Check-In with EagleQ/Qless Click here to access EagleQ/Qless


Get in Line for Tutoring from Your Smartphone

Follow along with this video to learn more about how to get in line for tutoring at the Learning Commons with EagleQ (aka Qless) from your smartphone.

Download Qless in the iTunes or Google Play store for free to get in line from anywhere. 



Smarthinking Click here to access Smarthinking


Using Smarthinking Online Tutoring

Follow along with this video to learn more about how you can use Smarthinking Online Tutoring to receive writing feedback (professional review) or tutoring after hours.

Smarthinking can be accessed through your classes on Canvas.


Become a Tutor with the Learning Commons E-mail Merry Beth Low