English Skills

English Skills Conferences

 An English Skills Conference is an individualized session where a learning specialist or tutor collaborates with you in specific areas that you want to improve. The objective of the session is to work on specific areas,such as verb tenses, punctuation, and other parts of grammar, and sentence structure. Be prepared to focus on the process instead of the product. Each session could last up to 60 minutes.

The following services are offered:

  • English as a Second Language:
    • Conversation skills
    • idioms
    • culture of the USA
  • Technical:
    • grammar
    • punctuation
    • vocabulary
    • sentence structure
    • verb tense


English Skills FAQs

How can I get a English Skills conference? 

Students can use our physical location on TCC campus, or use Zoom for an online conference.

If you have never used Zoom before, please view the following links:


Sign in for an English skills conference

Go to eagleQ/Qless


English Skills Resources

Grammar & Mechanics


Helpful Links & Websites

Grammar Resources

Reading Resources
  Education First’s English Grammar Guide

Education First’s grammar guide is very well organized and is a good starting place to learn how to use parts of speech. The rules themselves are short and use many example sentences to show how everything works. 


EnglishClub is another website that has easy to understand grammar lessons. Some lessons have quizzes, and others have special tips that explain commonly misunderstood facts about each topic.

  English Grammar 101

English Grammar 101 is set up like a grammar textbook.

Each easy-to-understand lesson (or chapter) only covers one topic at a time, and is followed by an exercise section to test your understanding of the topic


This website short for English Grammar Online Four You includes everything you need to improve your English grammar, from an overview of all tenses with examples and exercises, to English grammar lessons, the site also covers the conditionals and even the mysterious English subjunctive.

  English Page

This website has some of the best interactive exercises you’ll find and covers verb tenses in easy to follow lessons.

  Englisch Hilfen (English Help)

Englisch Hilfen contains everything a learner of English will ever need. When it comes to learning English grammar, it includes amazing grammar explanations and exercises, and access to everything is completely free.

   5 Minute English

The design for 5 Minute English provides clear and to the point explanations. The site provides information about common grammar questions and mistakes.

   Free English Study

Free English Study includes all the necessary grammar topics to help the beginner learner become an advanced user of English.

  Grammar Bytes

Grammar Bytes has mini grammar lessons and exercises presented in a fun way. Interactive exercises let you test your skills, and contain easy-to-understand explanations with the correct answers.

   Grammar Girl

Grammar Girl is both a blog and a podcast that provides short, friendly tips to improve the grammar in your writing. Grammar Girl (also known as Mignon Fogarty) makes learning grammar fun and simple with memory tricks. You’ll learn about English grammar rules as well as punctuation, writing style, and even business tips.

   LEO Network 

LEO allows you to learn vocabulary, chat with other learners, improve your writing skills, get better at dictations, and take spelling tests. Each category and topic includes from one to three little symbols on the right. These symbols tell you what you’ll be able to do in each topic.

  My English Pages      

My English Pages is an online free resource that’ll help you improve your English grammar at any level.

Passport To English 

Passport To English is a complete English course that starts from zero and teaches you English through vocabulary exercises, English grammar lessons, dictations, games, listening and reading exercises.


For those of you who prefer to watch someone explain the rules instead of reading them, YouTube has plenty of lessons to offer.

Some great English grammar lessons can be found on EnglishLessons4ULet’s Talk and many other channels. For lessons on something specific, search YouTube for “[topic] grammar lesson” and you’ll find many options.

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