Active Listening & Reading

For any course or class, you may have assignments where you might want some help with reading comprehension and active listening skills. The services are to assist you in better understanding academic text or multi-medium. We can help you: 

  • Identify main ideas or details; 
  • Synthesize / integrate main ideas or details; 
  • Paraphrase main ideas or details;
  • Tackle difficult vocabulary; or
  • Learn various strategies to read or listen more fluently. 
  • Conferences can last up to one hour.

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Reading Resources

Main Idea

Interactive Activities

The main idea expresses the central point or the most important idea, and gives the paragraph focus, purpose, and direction.

  • Main Idea Study Sheet provides instructions, examples, and practices on how to find the main idea in a paragraph.
  • Main Idea Practice allows students to choose the sentence that expresses the correct topic sentence in each of the selections.


Supporting Details

Interactive Activities

Effective communication begins with a clearly organized set of ideas following a logical, consistent pattern.


Patterns of Organization

Interactive Activities

Supporting details are reasons, examples, facts, steps, or other kind of evidence that back and and explain a main idea.


Facts and Opinions

Interactive Activities

Facts are statements that can be verified or proven true or false; whereas, opinions cannot be verified.



Interactive Activities

Inferences are ideas that are not stated directly, but are implied by the content of the material.

  • Inferences Study Sheet provides instructions, examples, and practices on how to identify and make accurate inferences. 


Vocabulary in Context

Interactive Activities

Paying attention to words and phrases within a sentence can help students figure out the meaning of unfamiliar words.


Video Resources


Helpful Links & Websites

Fluency and General Reading

Fluency and General Reading

Reading Skills for Today's Adults

This online family literacy program has different skill levels, corresponding pre and post reading activities, and fun activities to improve your vocabulary.




This website has a great selection of novels, shortstories, newsarticles, song lyrics, and a variety of interactive exercises for anyone who wants to improve his/her English skills.



Check your reading level and get helpful feedback with ReadTheory. This free website also has adaptive reading comprehension software.

Townsend Press

Townsend Press is an independent publisher of acclaimed educational materials that are featured on YouTube. Check out their videos.

Online Encyclopedias

Online Encyclopedias


The visual encyclopedia features subjects in earth, animals and nature, human body, science, space, math, and language arts. It contains videos and quizzes.



Use this great illustrious encyclopedia for your homework and projects. 

Online Dictionaries

Online Dictionaries

The Free Dictionary's Idiom Dictionary

This dictionary has the largest collection of English idioms and slang from throughout the English-speaking world. It includes exclusive animated idioms videos with illustrated definitions and example sentences. Also included is a medical, legal, and financial dictionary, and a Thesaurus.


Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Online

A dictionary that not only has words and phrases, but also has numerous sentences to help with how to use the word. Allows users to hear the pronounciation of the word, and has many activities that is student centered.


Visual Dictionaries

Visual Dictionaries

Merriam-Webster Visual Dictionary Online 

This beautifully illustrated dictionary with pronounciation software helps you learn English in a visual way, and is perfect for school, work, and home.


Ikonet Visual Dictionary

This encyclopedic portal unlocks subjects such as the human body, science, and food. The multimedia content features lifelike illustrations and texts written by experts.


The Visual Dictionary

This interactive dictionary provides images, the word and its definition with an innovative approach to learning.

Word Maps

Word Maps

Snappy Words 

This interface queries the WordNet lexical database developed by Princeton University. This dictionary groups synonyms into synsets through lexical relations between terms. These meanings and semantic relationships are revealed graphically by the interactive web technology.




Start learning with flashcards, games, and learning tools for any subject with this free and easy application. Contains subjects such as biology, physics, earth science, medicine, and many more.

Important TCC Links

Important TCC Links


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IT Help

Focused on bringing students, faculty, and staff the highest form of technology in order to enrich the learning on campus. IT supports the campus by providing leadership, quality resources, and effective services while nurturing an environment in which technology users can flourish. Our goal is to provide quality service to all of our clients while meeting their varied computer needs, no matter how complex they may be.

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This contemporary, mobile and web-based tool is a place where students, faculty and staff can engage with one another, join groups of interest and share information and events.


TCC Email

All College communications will be sent to your TCC email address. Don’t forget to check your TCC email at least once per day. You do not want to miss out on announcements!



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TCC Resources

TCC Resources

Advising Center

Discuss pathways and create your academic plan with your advisor today. Make an appointment with you assigned advisor through Workday by selecting the TCC Advising Connection icon on the homepage.


Counseling Center

The TCC Counseling Center offers free individual and group therapy, education and outreach, and crisis intervention. Students can utilize the Counseling Center to gain support for issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, ADHD, eating disorders, suicide prevention, anger, grief and loss, stress, and substance use.


Financial Aid and Cashier’s Office

The TCC Cashier's Office is dedicated to providing assistance, and accurately maintaining each student's financial account.



In support of the mission of Tallahassee Community College, the Libraries serve as a locus in providing academic and social spaces that promote educational, cultural, technological and lifelong learning opportunities for students, faculty, staff and members of the community.

The Library also allows students who have yet to purchase or receive a textbook to request textbook chapters, to be delivered electronically via email through the Chapter Request Form.


Student Life

Get connected with campus life by joining a student clubs and organizations, or learning about academic enrichment opportunities such as the Honors Program, Math Champions, and Black Male Achievers.


Talon’s Market and Case Management

Talon’s Market is a free on-campus marketplace for students experiencing food insecurity. Food insecurity is defined as the state of being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.


Veteran’s Affairs

The Office of Veterans Affairs provides specialized services to help students navigate state and federal education benefit programs. The VA office also helps our students make the most of the College’s many resources.


Victim Advocate Program

The primary role of the Victim Advocate is to provide emotional support and assistance to the victim or a witness of a crime. The Victim Advocate provides crisis and short-term counseling as well as assistance with any problems victims or witnesses may experience because of the crime itself or as a result of the victimization.