The Learning Commons offers tutoring, conferences, and resources to support students in Science, Conferences last for 30-minutes and start at 7:30 a.m.

A Science Tutor can help you with:

  • Understanding key concepts from your course
  • Building strategies to prevent you from falling behind
  • Developing test-prep and study skills
  • Using your calculator more efficiently

Science Conferences Available

Anatomy & Physiology



Earth Science


How to Prepare

When you come in, please bring one or more of the following:

  • Relevant class notes
  • A calculator, paper, pencil, and eraser
  • Study guides or assignments

Tips before coming in:

  • Try the problems ahead of time and see what you really need help with.
  • Be organized and have everything ready to utilize your time with a tutor.
  • Try not to wait to the last minute to process a large volume of material.
  • Prepare for your tutor by signing in on the computer and getting your questions ready. This will optimize your time with the tutor.

Frequently Used Resources


  • Common Polyatomic Icons
  • Organic Chemistry Practice Sets 1-7
  • Mineral Activity


  • CrashCourse on YouTube