Citation Guides

The most common citation styles at TCC are APA, MLA, and Turabian / Chicago Manual of Style. Always check with the instructor to find out which style to use.


APA Citations

APA is used primarily in Psychology, Sociology, Business, Education, and the Sciences.

PDF Examples

MLA Citations

MLA is used primarily in English and the Humanities.

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Turabian / Chicago Manual of Style

Turabian / Chicago is used primarily in History and Economics.

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Other Styles

Associated Press Style (AP)

When writing for any journalism or communication-related mediums, such as news and magazine writing, it is common to use AP Style.

American Medical Association (AMA)

10th edition examples from the University of Washington and George Washington University 

Council of Science Editors (CSE)

[Formerly Council of Biology Editors] examples from Penn State University Libraries

The Style Manual for Political Science (APSA)

Washington, DC: American Political Science Association, 2002. examples from Saint Mary's University 

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Web Citation Resources

A free, easy-to-use Firefox extension to help you collect, manage, and cite your research sources.