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Science and Mathematics

About the Program

Welcome to Tallahassee Community College's Division of Science and Mathematics. The division offers a variety of science and mathematics courses designed to meet the needs of students in the general Associate in Arts transfer degree, as well as those enrolled in various Associate in Science programs.


Science is the study of the behavior and structure of the physical and natural world via observation and experiment.

In the area of science, we offer general education courses as well as those for students majoring in the disciplines of biology, chemistry, earth & environmental sciences, health education & nutrition, wellness and physics.


Mathematics is the study of numbers, quantities and space as abstract concepts or as applied to other disciplines.

In addition to providing Developmental Math courses, we offer three general tracks:

  1. Science, technology, engineering and math majors (STEM)
  2. Business and marketing majors
  3. All other liberal arts majors


The Division of Science and Mathematics pioneered the honoring of SM faculty to help supports students studying science or advanced mathematics-related fields. These scholarships, several of which were established over 20 years ago, have been endowed almost entirely by generous donations or royalties obtained from work performed by our faculty.

Many of the SM faculty honored through scholarship were longtime faculty members who taught classes in disciplines ranging from biology and chemistry to various areas of mathematics.  Each of these faculty members was well-respected across the College and served as a mentor and role model for both faculty and students.

Purpose and Qualification Criteria

Ray Glenn Mathematics & Science Scholarship

This scholarship was established to provide financial assistance to students studying math or science at TCC.

Criteria for Mathematics

  1. Have at least a 3.0 overall GPA;
  2. Have at least a 3.5 GPA in all mathematics courses
  3. Have completed at least six hours of mathematics at TCC 
  4. Enrolled in MAC2311 or completed in the previous term
  5. Have a TCC mathematics faculty recommendation

Criteria for Science

  1. Have at least a 3.5 GPA in all science courses
  2. Have completed at least six hours of science at TCC
  3. Have completed 12 hours at TCC
  4. Enrolled in MAC2311 or completed in the previous term
  5. Have a TCC science faculty recommendation

Dean-Whitton Scholarship

This scholarship was established to provide financial assistance to students studying math or science at TCC.

Criteria for Mathematics

Must have:

  1. At least a 2.75 overall GPA
  2. At least a 3.0 GPA in all math courses
  3. Completed 12 credit hours at TCC
  4. At least three (3) hours of mathematics at TCC beyond MAT1033
  5. A TCC mathematics faculty recommendation

Criteria for Science

Must have:

  1. At least 2.75 overall GPA
  2. At least a 3.0 GPA in all science courses
  3. Completed 12 hours at TCC
  4. Three (3) hours of science at TCC
  5. A TCC science faculty recommendation

Gwen Parker Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established to provide financial assistance to a student in science and math programs.


For students in Science/Math programs

Ed Howard Scholarship

This scholarship was established to provide financial assistance to a student with a program of study in Mathematics or Mathematics Education.


  1. Residency in Gadsden, Leon, or Wakulla County
  2. Minimum 3.0 GPA
  3. Full-time enrollment, minimum of 12 credit hours
  4. Must have financial need (determined by FAFSA)
  5. Demonstrated leadership potential through student organizations, extra-curricular activities, or community services projects
  6. Must have two letters of recommendation from at least 2 of the following:
    • Principal
    • Teacher
    • School counselor
    • Educational advisor

Science/Math Scholarship Endowment Fund

This scholarship was established to provide financial assistance for students in Science/Math programs. 


  1. Science/Math program of study
  2. Must have at least a 2.50 overall GPA, unless this is the student’s first term
  3. Must be enrolled in MAT1033 or must have completed MAT1033 with an A in the last semester


Tallahassee Science Festival

Join us for family fun and hands-on STEM activities at the Tallahassee Science Festival.

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Science and Math Team

SM Leadership Team

Kalynda Holton, Dean
Phone: (850) 201-6111
Email: kalynda.holton@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 258

Ross Brooks, Associate Dean
Phone: (850) 201-8141
Email: ross.brooks@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 255

John Bikowitz, Mathematics Program Chair
Phone: (850) 201-8123
Email: john.bikowitz@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM231

Erika Williams, Natural Science Program Chair
Phone: (850) 201-8115
Email: erika.williams@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 220

Suzanne Ferrell-Locke, Mathematics Lead Faculty
Phone: (850) 201-8236
Email: suzanne.ferrelllocke@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 241

David Hoover, Natural Science Lead Faculty
Phone: (850) 201-9810
Email: david.hoover@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 269

Susanne Wood, Wellness Lead Faculty
Phone: (850) 201-8344
Email: susanne.wood@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 266

Biology Faculty

Dr. Rachel Austin-Hickey, Associate Professor
Phone: (850) 201-9933
Email: rachel.austinhickey@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 212

Dr. Wilbert Butler, Professor
Phone: (850) 201-8114
Email: wilbert.butler@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 223

Dr. Nadine Gordon, Associate Professor
Phone: (850) 201-7944
Email: nadine.gordon@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 293

Brett Gourley, Assistant Professor
Phone: (850) 201-8142
Email: brett.gourley@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 287

David Hoover, Assistant Professor
Phone: (850) 201-9810
Email: david.hoover@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 269

Dr. David McNutt, Assistant Professor
Phone: (850) 201-8108
Email: david.mcnutt@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 230

Santiago Molina, Associate Professor
Phone: (850) 201-8102
Email: santiago.molina@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 217

Angela Muchovej, Assistant Professor
Phone: (850) 201-9834
Email: angela.muchovej@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 232

Dr. Julia Stiener, Professor
Phone: (850) 201-7951
Email: julia.steiner@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 289

Erika Williams, Professor
Phone: (850) 201-8115
Email: erika.williams@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 220

Dr. Leslie Wooten, Associate Professor
Phone: (850) 201-8127
Email: :leslie.wooten@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 218

Chemistry Faculty

Dr. Suli Ayad, Assistant Professor
Phone: (850) 201-8139
Email: suliman.ayad@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 226

Harlon Hawthorne, Assistant Professor
Phone: (850) 201-9792
Email: harlon.hawthorne@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 291

Krishna Patel, Assistant Professor
Phone: (850) 201-8421
Email: harlon.hawthorne@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 228

Beth Pulliam, Professor
Phone: (850) 201-8970
Email: elizabeth.pulliam@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 285

Earth and Science Faculty

Dr. Martin Balinsky, Professor
Phone: (850) 201-8125
Email: martin.balinsky@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 215

Nancy Dignon, Professor
Phone: (850) 201-8097
Email: nancy.dignon@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 242

Dr. Beth Huettel, Assistant Professor
Phone: (850) 201-8109
Email: beth.huettel@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 219

Bob Lutz, Professor
Phone: (850) 201-8131
Email: bob.lutz@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 229

Science and Math Staff

Dr. Renee Gordon, STEM Progam Director
Phone: (850) 201-8191
Email: renee.gordon@tcc.fl.edu
Office: AC 133A

Kay Stuart-Tilley, Science Laboratory Manager
Phone: (850) 201-8136
Email: kay.stuarttilley@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 214

James Henry, Science Laboratory Assistant
Email: james.henry@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 214

Andene Hendricks, Staff Assistant
Phone: (850) 201-6113
Email: andene.hendricks@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 256

Shawanza Turner, Staff Assistant
Phone: (850) 201-8106
Email: shawanza.turner@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 257

Mathematics Faculty

Rex Abert, Professor
Phone: (850) 201-8120
Email: rex.abert@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM243

John Bikowitz, Assistant Professor
Phone: (850) 201-8123
Email: john.bikowitz@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 231

Dr. Robert Billet, Assistant Professor
Phone: (850) 201-8123
Email: robert.billet@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 282

Stephanie Breedlove, Professor
Phone: (850) 201-8242
Email: stephanie.breedlove@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 224

Nancy Domm, Assistant Professor
Phone: (850) 201-8971
Email: nancy.domm@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 290

Guy Dormeus, Associate Professor
Phone: (850) 201-8367
Email: guy.dormeus@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 283

Suzanne Ferrell-Locke, Professor
Phone: (850) 201-8236
Email: suzanne.ferrelllocke@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 241

Dr. Margelet Hamilton, Assistant Professor
Phone: (850) 201-8209
Email: margelet.hamilton@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 221

Julie Hanowell, Assistant Professor
Phone: (850) 201-6589
Email: julie.hanowell@tcc.fl.edu
Office: Sm 213

Karen Kinard, Professor
Phone: (850) 201-8096
Email: karen.kinard@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 292

Dr. Rebekah Lane, Associate Professor
Phone: (850) 201-8118
Email: rebekah.lane@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 278

Cindy Lee, Assistant Professor
Phone: (850) 201-8130
Email: cindy.lee@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 246

Donna Massey, Associate Professor
Phone: (850) 558-7347
Email: donna.massey@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 244

Tamara Moore, Assistant Professor
Phone: (850) 201-8972
Email: tamara.moore@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 294

Will Owens, Assistant Professor
Phone: (850) 201-8124
Email: will.owens@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 286

Rashka Patel, Professor
Phone: (850) 558-3649
Email: raksha.patel@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 239

Michal Paul, Assistant Professor
Phone: (850) 201-8285
Email: michal.paul@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 232

Johnny Petit, Assistant Professor
Phone: (850) 201-8143
Email: johnny.petit@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 287

Vijay SubramanianAssociate Professor
Phone: (850) 201-9784
Email: vijay.subramanian@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 227

Ya Fang Wang, Professor
Phone: (850) 201-8104
Email: yafang.wang@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 225

KeKe Washington, Assistant Professor
Phone: (850) 201-9831
Email: keke.washington@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 295

Dr. Douglas Windham, Professor
Phone: (850) 201-7942
Email: doug.windham@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 284

Physical Science Faculty

Dr. Gregory Brown, Assistant Professor
Phone: (850) 201-7982
Email: gregory.brown@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 277

Dr. Joseph McNeil, Assistant Professor
Phone: (850) 201-8235
Email: joseph.mcneil@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 281

Dr. Jorge Monreal, Assistant Professor
Phone: (850) 201-9640
Email: jorge.monreal@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 279

Wellness Faculty

Dr. Hector Quiñones, Professor
Phone: (850) 201-8340
Email: hector.quinonespena@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 264

Susanne Wood, Professor
Phone: (850) 201-8127
Email: susanne.wood@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 266

Jennifer Zimmerman, Associate Professor
Phone: (850) 201-8347
Email: jennifer.zimmerman@tcc.fl.edu
Office: SM 216

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Office Hours

Monday - Friday | 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

*Hours may vary when classes are not in session


SM Building, Room 252
444 Appleyard Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32304


Phone: (850) 201-8499
Fax: (850) 201-8119