A.A. Degree Program For Education Majors

To Teach is to Change Lives

This is an exciting time to consider a career in teaching!  According to current government data, over 1 million teachers will be needed to fill America's Pre-K - 12 classrooms through the year 2024. Teachers have the power to shape our nation's future. When you become a teacher, you not only change lives, you have the power to shape the future!

With dedicated and targeted advising to help you stay on track, you will receive real-life, in the field training to enhance what you will learn in the classroom that will later help you in your pursuit of a Bachelors Degree in Education. Review the Education Advising Map to get a clear path to follow from TCC to an upper division institution on the road to being a teacher!  

Field Experiences for The TCC Education Student - Hands On, Real Life Experiences

Best practices for training future classroom teachers hold that they have as many experiences in the service of children as early as in their professional training. For students in the AA Degree Education program, placing preservice teachers in settings where they are working with children and their families gives them an opportunity to apply theory to practice for a comprehensive and balanced approach in their preparation to become teachers.

Extra Curricular Opportunities for The TCC Education Major

Education Majors at TCC have are eligible for membership in SFEA, the Student chapter of the Florida Educators Association. We share a chapter with Flagler College and have routine meetings and activities. Learn More.

Testimonials From Former and Current TCC Students

This program relates the content material to real life situations. There is never a question of "How will I use this?" or "Why does this matter?" We are taught up front what we as future educators will be experiencing in public schools.

This program made me want to be a teacher much more than before!

My favorite course this year (EDF 1005) and really helped me to determine what field of education I wanted to go into as well as helping me to feel more prepared for the rest of my college education in the education major.

By taking EDF1005 my eyes have opened as far as all of the factors that come with teaching. As a result, I have decided that by taking this course it has only furthered my desire to be a teacher. Intro to Teaching is definitely one of my favorite classes that I have taken at TCC, and most definitely the class that I talk about the most after leaving.

Loved the open discussion in the classroom.

Overall, I really enjoyed and gained a lot of knowledge from this class.


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