Legal Studies Associate of Science Degree Program

Legal Studies Program

The Paralegal and Legal Studies Program offers classes that provide a broad overview of the law as well as classes that concentrate on the skills needed to perform as a valuable member of a legal services team.   

Many students take these five classes as a primer to law school:

In fact, any of the courses we teach in the Paralegal and Legal Studies Program help students  succeed in law school as well as the law office.  

Students who pursue the A.S. degree also take more specialized courses, supporting their understanding of all aspects of the law, and they have the opportunity to choose from a variety of program electives, allowing them to deepen their knowledge in specific areas such as administrative and legislative law. Legal ethics is a subject that will be discussed in each of the program classes. This program equips students to avoid ethical pitfalls and resolve all manner of ethical dilemmas by including a course in applied ethics. Employers appreciate TCC's strong emphasis on ethics training.

This program offers a mix of day, evening, and online courses that we have found fit best the schedules of most of our students, many of whom are also working. Indeed, many students come to TCC because it is possible to take the entire program online. The online courses require self-discipline, motivation, and perseverance, three characteristics that are essential for paralegals.

Scheduling Your Courses

It is recommended that students include as many paralegal courses as possible in their schedule each semester, and fill in the open spots with general education courses. Beginning courses should include: PLA1003, BUL2241, IDS2182 and BUL2242. These courses require no prerequisite. Students must complete PLA1003 before taking any other paralegal class.
Following the degree map for the A.S. degree for Paralegal Studies will keep you on track for program completion and graduation. Program courses are offered based on this schedule each year: