Faculty Online Resources

TCC Online offers training, professional development, and support for faculty who teach online. This includes workshops, webinars, and coaching via phone, email, and in person.

Topics Include:

  • Online Pedagogy – focuses on training faculty how to teach online covering the pedagogical, social, technical, and managerial roles.
  • Course Design and Development – focuses on training and assisting faculty with the design and development of quality online and hybrid courses.
  • Quality Assurance – focuses on faculty designing and implementing quality online and hybrid courses. Our processes are grounded in Quality Matters™ standards. In addition, focuses on designers and technologists developing and implementing quality online and hybrid workshops.
  • Media and Accessibility – focuses on faculty complying with accessibility laws (Section 504 and 508) in designing web-based courses. This area includes captioning media (audio and video) and online course content (PDFs, images, and more).
  • Copyright for Online Instruction – focuses on faculty complying with copyright guidelines such as Fair Use and the TEACH Act for web-based courses.
  • Online Student Services – focuses on faculty awareness and use of the online learning services available to students.
  • Emerging Online Technologies – focuses on the identification and application of the pedagogical use of online technologies, Web 2.0 tools, and instructional software in web-based courses.
  • Canvas Activity Workbook – focuses on the pedagogical applications of the Canvas LMS and apps available to faculty for instruction.


TCC Online Faculty Resource SharePoint Faculty Resources

QM Online Courses

QM Online Courses Available in the Canvas Commons: 

Business, Industry and Technology  Communications and Humanities Math and Science Social Science  
  • ACG2021
  • ACG2071
  • ACG2450
  • CET1600
  • CET1610
  • CET2615
  • CET2620
  • CGS1000
  • CGS1060
  • CIS2381
  • CNT2401
  • COP1000
  • COP2800
  • CTS2114
  • CTS2311
  • CTS2382
  • DIG2000
  • ECO2013
  • ECO2023
  • GEB1011
  • MAR1350
  • RMI2110
  • RMI2662
  • SPM2000
  • SPM2104
  • ENC1101
  • ENC1102
  • HUM2020
  • PGY2801C
  • SPC2608
  • SPN1120
  • SPN1121
  • AST1002
  • BSC1005
  • BSC2085L
  • BSC2086
  • MAC1105
  • MAC1114
  • MAC1140
  • MAT0018
  • MAT0028
  • MGF1106
  • STA2023
  • AMH2010
  • AMH2020
  • ANT2410
  • CCJ1020
  • CLP1001
  • EEC2500
  • EEC2523
  • POS1041
  • POS1112
  • POS2001
  • PSY2021
  • SLS1381
  • SLS1510
  • SLS2261
  • SOP2002

Please watch Canvas Commons Course Import if you need assistance on how to import a course from the canvas commons into your course shell.

Checklist for Hybrid Course Evaluation

TCC Online will review the hybrid course and associated documents using the Checklist for Hybrid Course Evaluation to determine if the course is approved and ready to be taught.

Download Checklist for Hybrid Course Evaluation

Hybrid Course Mini Evaluation Form

Deans will use the Hybrid Course Mini Evaluation Form to review the hybrid course during each semester the approved hybrid course is taught. 

Download Hybrid Course Mini Evaluation Form

**Please note that Hybrid courses will be reviewed annually by TCC Online.**

Hybrid Course Approval Process


Attend training and receive templates/approved course shell.


Documents and Course Shell

Submit hybrid pacing calendar, hybrid syllabus, and populate the course shell with content.



TCC Online will review all documents and will complete the hybrid review form.



Approved forms will be signed by TCC Online Director and emailed to Dean, AD, and AVP who may schedule the hybrid course in integrow.



Within the first three weeks of the course, Dean or AD will evaluate the course. The Hybrid Mini Evaluation form must be completed each semester, signed, and submitted to TCC Online Director and AVP.


Help and Support

Information Technology Help Desk

The Help Desk provides assistance with eAccount information, passwords, access to courses, Workday, new accounts, email, or any other computing needs.

Phone: (850) 201-8545
Email: helpdesk@tcc.fl.edu

TCC Online

Phone: (850) 201-9400

Email: TCCOnline@tcc.fl.edu 

Computer Technology (CT) Building 41

2nd Floor, Office 227b

Canvas Support

From within Canvas, users can click the "Help" link, located in the upper right hand corner, available at any time. From live chat, to a toll free number, you can always get help, when and how you need it.

Phone: (855) 759-6644
Resource: Canvas Student Guide