VidGrid & Kaltura

VidGrid & Kaltura

Tallahassee Community College currently utilizes VidGrid as its primary media hosting tool. VidGrid allows instructors to use to record videos, screencasts, narrated PowerPoints, and more. This tool allows you to record, store, and organize your videos by title, category, etc. and provides closed captioning for your videos. VidGrid provides ulimited storage for users.

However, starting in Spring 2022, TCC will begin transitioning to a new video hosting platform, Kaltura! Kaltura will have many of the same features as VidGrid as well as new ones, including:

  • A wider variety of recording options for both faculty and students.
  • The ability to produce "choose your own adventure" Interactive Paths with your video content.
  • The ability to process YouTube videos through Kaltura to provide accurate captions.
  • Selectable "picture-in-picture" media that allows students to swap between different camera views.
  • Media galleries linked with your Canvas course sites
  • Make video playlists
  • Create "hotspots" in videos to external content

TCC will be transitioning over from Kaltura to VidGrid throughout the Spring 2022 semester. Content will be brought over from VidGrid to Kaltura without any need for faculty and staff to manually reupload that content into the new platform. TCC will also be partnering with K16 Solutions to convert links to VidGrid video content within TCC's instance of Canvas to equivalent Kaltura links. TCC Online will offer training and support for the new Kaltura video platform throughout the transition process.

Tallahasssee Community College will still maintain access to VidGrid until June 2022. Faculty will be able to upload content to VidGrid until March 28th, 2022, at which time their ability to upload new videos to VidGrid will end. Faculty will still be able to embed existing VidGrid content into their Canvas course shells until access to VidGrid ends at the conclusion of the Spring 2022 semester.

Assistance is still available for learning how to utilize the various features of VidGrid during the transition process to Kaltura. Click the link above for more information. Feel free to reach out to for more information on VidGrid and Kaltura as well as the transition process.