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Welcome to the TCC Honors Program

Honors Program Coordinator Rebekah Lane HeadshotWe are dedicated to providing rigorous classes and unique activities in an engaging environment to prepare students for the next step on their academic journey.

Students often ask about the incentives of joining. I invite you to explore our page to view the various benefits that are available. Ultimately, you will have a chance to build a community with a diverse group of talented students.

Please contact me directly if you have any questions about the Honors Program.

- Dr. Rebekah Lane, Honors Program Director

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Program Benefits






Student and Professor or Advisor talking outside.


Honors Students have access to exclusive advisors to guide them through their academic journey. Through hard work and the encouragement of the Honors faculty, they grow as students and people.

  • One-on-one specialized advising
  • Leadership development
Student and Professor or Advisor talking outside.


In Honors Courses, students have more opportunities to connect with and receive help from their professors. Smaller class sizes ensure a learning environment more tailored to the student and encourage closer bonds between peers.

  • Smaller class sizes with engaging professors
Student and Professor or Advisor talking outside.


Being in the honors program allows students to give back to their community and build a community of their own through the honors program. Honors students also get exclusive opportunities such as service learning and exclusive members-only events.

  • Service learning and volunteer opportunities
  • Access to exclusive Honors events
Student and Professor or Advisor talking outside.


In addition to using the Honors Lounge to study, connect with other students, and pursue their goals, Honor students will be able to register early for their upcoming semester's classes. Students get a head start to focus on their studies and engage with their classes.

  • Priority registration
  • Access to the Honors Lounge
Student and Professor or Advisor talking outside.


As part of the Honors program, students can investigate personal topics of interest and will find support for their academic interests. Throughout the year, there are several opportunities for Honors students to participate in conferences. 

  • Research opportunities
  • Opportunity to attend academic conferences

Student Testimonial

"The Honors Program at TCC has helped me become a better student. I like being in class with students who have the same academic goals that I do and the smaller class sizes help me focus. The professors that teach the honors classes are amazing and really keep us engaged. I am very happy to be a part of the Honors Program at TCC." -Tommy McCall, Honors Student

About the Program:

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Soar Journal

The Soar Journal provides students the opportunity to showcase their work. The articles selected for publication cover topics ranging from Leadership philosophy to film to mental health. Submissions are open to all current students and go through a double-blind peer review process.

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Contact Us


Honors Program Director

Dr. Rebekah Lane

Phone: (850) 201-8118

Email: honors@tcc.fl.edu or Rebekah.Lane@tcc.fl.edu 




8 a.m. - 5 p.m.