Research Symposium

You Are Invited!

Come see the creative works and achievements of our students!

It is a great honor for us to invite you to join us for the 1st Annual Tallahassee Community College Symposium of Undergraduate Research on April 3, 2019.

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Proud of What You've Achieved?

Student working on the art in front of him in classroomHave you written a paper, or done an experiment, or given a creative performance that you know is worth sharing with others? Accept the challenge and become part of TCC's Symposium on Undergraduate Research.

The Undergraduate Research Council of TCC invites undergraduate students to showcase their original research, scholarship, and creative activities to the TCC community at the Annual Symposium on Undergraduate Research. The symposium will provide students an opportunity to share research papers, laboratory experiments, creative performances, visual artwork, films or independent study projects, both completed or in-progress, between each fall and spring semesters.

At the symposium, the URC will select the best representation of well-developed research to go on to be presented at the National Council for Undergraduate Research Conference.

How to Participate

1. Get a Faculty Advisor

All students must have a faculty advisor. On the submission form, you will need to specify the name, division and email address of your chosen faculty advisor.

When the URC Committee receives the abstract and confirms faculty mentor approval, it will forward the abstracts to a panel of faculty reviewers for evaluation based on the criteria and standards specific to the academic category.

2. Pick Your Presentation Style 

Choose one of four format options to submit your presentation:


Oral Presentation in Classroom

Delivered by paper or PowerPoint

View Oral Presentation Guidelines


Poster Presentation Session 

Text and graphics on a 36″ x 48″ poster board to present your research individually or in a group

View Poster Presentation Guidelines


Performing Arts Presentation

Music, dance, theatre, creative writing

View Performing Arts Guidelines


Visual Arts Presentation

Drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, jewelry, mixed media, and original film

View Visual Arts Guidelines

3. Prepare & Submit Your Abstract

Students must submit in the form below, a one-page typed abstract (150-word limit) by February 28, 2019.

All parts of the abstract must be neatly formatted with the following guidelines:

  • Single-paced, and on a single page
  • 12-point font in Times New Roman
  • One paragraph, no longer than 150 words
  • Top, left and right-page margins should be one inch each; bottom margin should be 5.5 inches
  • LINE 1 - Title, centered and boldface, using all capital letters
  • LINE 2 - Student's name(s) and Division (also centered and boldface) and each word should be capitalized, followed by the student's email address in parentheses
  • LINE 3 - Faculty Sponsor's Name and Department, boldface

NOTE: Be careful to follow all instructions, as abstracts submitted any other way will not accepted. Abstracts will not be altered in any way; any errors that appear in the submitted abstract will also appear in Undergraduate Research Symposium program and abstract booklet.

When the URC Committee receives the abstract and confirms faculty mentor approval, it will forward the abstracts to a panel of faculty reviewers for evaluation based on the criteria and standards specific to the academic category.

View a Sample Abstract.

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The Undergraduate Research Symposium recognizes students who have an exceptional paper, poster, or creative work with a $100 monetary award. By participating in the Symposium, your presentation may be eligible. 

General Eligibility Criteria

Depending on the scope of the award there may be additional criteria, but these are the basic criteria for eligibility:

  • Participation in the Undergraduate Research Symposium
  • Fits the scope/purpose of the award

2019 Awards

Best Paper Award 
Best Poster Awards (1 winner per academic category)
Best Performing Art
Best Visual Art
Best 3-Minute Research Video


3-Minute Video Research Competition

Share your original research in just 180 seconds - or 3 minutes - and you could win a chance to produce a high-quality video that will make you stand out for grad school or workforce opportunities!

For Your Video...

  • Choose a creative work or performance, research paper, senior thesis, lab project, or field research project.
  • Include a clearly stated research question/topic and your key findings/discoveries.
  • Make sure it can be understood by someone who is not familiar with your topic.
  • Generate a link to your video via YouTube to submit for the competition.

Submit Your video



Dr. Richard Murgo
Dean, Behavioral, Social Science & Education 

Dr. Tracy Woodard
Dean, Communications & Humanities 

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