Faculty Training & Professional Development

Need help with Canvas or uploading content to Canvas? Need help with creating videos from PowerPoints or creating online tests?

Contact us via Zoom Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Kim Manning                   https://zoom.us/j/533859571 

Judith Reymond               https://zoom.us/j/708088698

7 Characteristics of Successful Flipped Classrooms

Conducting a flipped class requires that you consider the instructor, student, content, definition, reality, strategies, and support to be successful and have active learning experiences. This session will briefly explore each characteristic and ways to be proactive.

Creating a Syllabus Quiz in Canvas | 1 Hour

A syllabus quiz is a good way to stress the important aspects of your syllabus, while also gathering useful information from your students on day one. Learn what questions to include, how to create it in Canvas, and how to make it a prerequisite assignment.

Flipped Learning in Summer LIVE | 1 Hour

In the flipped learning model, students will watch the recorded lecture on their own and synchronous class time is left for exploring the material through discussion, practice, and so forth. This session will focus on ways to engage students in the synchronous session and check to see if students watched the lecture in advance.

Fostering Student Connections in an Online Environment | 1 Hour

This session will focus on ways you can connect with students on the first day of instruction, while also connecting them to each other, the college, and the learning material. In addition, the syllabus and pacing guide are great ways to connect them to learning and resources. Learn how to design a Summer LIVE syllabus and how to provide a video overview of the syllabus.

Honors Faculty Certification Training | 3 Hours

The Honors Program is offering honors faculty certification training for interested instructors. The training will take place synchronously via Zoom and provide an overview of the Honors Program at TCC, focus heavily on honors pedagogy, and conclude with an examination of honors assessment practices. If you are interested in teaching and honors class in the future, completing this training is an essential first step.

Maintaining Equity and Inclusion Online | 1 Hour

As we strive to keep our students engaged and moving forward in their education during these unusual times, we must consider how to continue serving ALL of our students. This session will provide suggestions and resources to help faculty continue teaching in ways that are equitable and inclusive in the remote environment.

Summer LIVE: Faculty Syllabus Showcase | 1 Hour

This session will showcase sample syllabi from TCC Faculty members Ross Brooks (math), Charles Cadenhead (computer programming), Suzanne Dean (nursing), and Dr. Andrea Oliver (history). Each faculty will demonstrate how they address attendance, participation, grading, synchronous class schedule, and other unique aspects of their syllabus. Join to see how your colleagues have adapted to Summer LIVE through their syllabus.

Synchronous Session Technology | 1 Hour

Summer LIVE will require weekly synchronous sessions, which can be accomplished with a variety of tools. This brief session will compare the main aspects of Zoom, Canvas Conference, and Microsoft Teams. Best practice for Summer LIVE is to select one technology and stick with it for the term, so decide early and include it in your syllabus as well as a brief “how-to” in your Canvas course.

Workday Student: Instructor Dashboard Training | 1 Hour

This session will demonstrate the features of the TCC Instructor Dashboard, which includes viewing class schedules, grading, verifying participation, and more. For this session, you will be able to log in and explore your own dashboard features and ask questions.

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