Transient Student

Steps to TCC

A transient student (or "guest student") is a student who is enrolled at one college, but taking classes at another that will count toward their degree at their home institution. Generally, this happens when students don't live near their home college over the summer, but want to take a class or two to speed up the obtainment of their degree, or if for some reason they can't take a class at their home institution that they need to graduate. Follow these below steps to get started at TCC.

Download the transient student instructions.

Apply for Admission

First-time, out-of-state students should complete the online admission application.

In-state students should apply through the Florida Department of Education portal at

Submit a Transient Letter

Students currently enrolled at a Florida public college or university should follow these transient student instructions and submit a transient letter from the college you are currently attending (home institution) which will list the course(s) you have been approved to take at TCC (host institution). The state of Florida has a portal for electronic submission through the Florida Department of Education web page located at To get started, select "Take a course at another school" and follow the prompts.
Out-of-state and Florida private college or university students should contact their home institution on obtaining a transient letter from your home institution's Registrar's Office. The letter must be on official letter head and list each course you are approved to take at TCC.

 Register for Classes

  1. (Optional) Complete the Online Orientation (you will need to have your TCC ID number)
  2. Register for approved transient courses online via Workday.
  3. Questions? Contact us at (850) 201-8555 or email, or stop by the Admissions and Records Office located on the second floor of the Student Union.