Special Conditions-Professional Judgment

TCC recognizes that changes occur in family situations that are beyond their control.  On a case by case bases, utilizing the Professional Judgment authority afforded us by the Federal Government, we will review each student’s situation, and where appropriate, make changes to the student or the student’s family’s financial information, family size or number in college.  If the request is for a change in standard budget, the change will be made to the student’s expense budget.

Special condition situations include:

  • Loss of employment by parent, spouse or student
  • Death of a parent or spouse
  • Loss of non-taxable income
  • Separation or divorce by parents or student and spouse
  • Parents in college
  • Siblings in K-12 private education
  • Proof of additional educational expense
  • Other documented circumstances

In order for the Financial Aid Office to issue a Professional Judgment decision, the student must provide supporting documentation.  Supporting documentation includes, but is not limited to a signed statement from the student, a signed statement from the parent, court documents, death notice, unemployment verification, letters of support from counselors, ministers, lawyers, doctors or other legal documents.

Students, who are from regions beyond the normal service region for TCC may receive a budget increase by verbal request, or if noticed in the financial aid file and if the increase is appropriate.

TCC has a form for Professional Judgment request that may be used, however, written request will be accepted as well.  The request will be reviewed by the Director, one of the Assistant Directors or one of the Specialists in the Financial Aid Office and a response will be provided to the student.  If rejected, an email or letter will be sent to the student.  If accepted, the new SAR (Student Aid Report) will serve as notification.