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Financial Aid for New Students

New student or transfer student? Follow these steps for applying for and staying up-to-date on your financial aid:

  1. Apply for aid - This includes completing the FAFSA
  2. Learn about Federal Direct loans (if applicable)
  3. Review loan requirements - If you've been awarded loans, be sure to read all the information pertaining to the entrance/exit counseling, financial aid literacy and other important requirements.
  4. Report outside aid - If you're receiving any outside scholarships or grants, be sure to notify the Financial Aid Office.
  5. Transfer student information (if applicable)
  6. Review disbursement dates - Review these and Academic Calendar for upcoming deadlines to stay on track.

Other important things to note...

Keep an eye on your Satisfactory Academic Progress to maintain your aid. Withdrawing officially or unofficially can affect your Financial Aid and have serious consequences on future availability.

For more information, review the satisfactory academic progress page here.

In order for our office to speak to third parties such as parents or spouses about your financial aid information, you must authorize them in accordance with FERPA requirements. Review your rights and responsibilities as well as other general information to stay informed.

TCC awards millions of dollars in scholarships each year. Click here to visit our scholarships page and to apply.

Students must re-apply for financial aid each academic year. Be sure to apply as early as possible to be eligible for limited opportunities.