Special Conditions-Professional Judgment

Sometimes you may experience unusual situations or circumstances that impact your federal student aid eligibility. Federal regulations permit the Financial Aid Office to administer professional judgment, on a case-by-case basis (with supporting documentation), of the situation that is beyond the student’s control. This will allow adjustments to be made to the student’s FAFSA which impacts the Expected Family Contribution (EFC).

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Special Condition Situations

Please be advised this is not an inclusive list:

  • Loss of employment by parent, student or spouse
  • Death of a parent or spouse
  • Loss of non-taxable income
  • Separation or divorce of parents or student and spouse
  • Parent enrolled in college
  • Siblings in K-12 private education
  • Proof of additional educational expense
  • Other documented circumstances


How to Submit a Request for Professional Judgment

In order for the Financial Aid Office to review your special condition, you must request a review of the condition by submitting a Request for Professional Judgment form and providing supporting documentation. Supporting documentation includes, but is not limited to:

· A signed statement from the student

· A signed statement from the parent

· Court documents

· Death notice

· Unemployment verification

· Letters of support from counselors, ministers, lawyers, doctors

· Other legal documents

TCC has an electronic form for professional judgment. The Request for Professional Judgment form is located in Workday.

  1. Log in to Workday using your student credentials
  2. Select the Student Finance Hub
  3. Select TCC College Forms
  4. Select Submit a New Form
  5. Scroll down to Financial Aid and select the Request for Professional Judgment form for either Dependent Student or Independent Student
  6. Complete the form online, attach supporting documentation, and submit it electronically

Supporting documentation may be uploaded to the Professional Judgment form, mailed to TCC’s Financial Aid Office, or hand delivered to the Financial Aid Office. The request for review of your special condition will not be reviewed until supporting documentation has been received.

Upon receipt of the Request for Professional Judgment form and supporting documentation, TCC’s Financial Aid Office will review your situation and, where appropriate, make changes to your or your family’s financial information, family size, or number in college. In doing so, the Financial Aid Office will gain a more accurate assessment of your or your family’s ability to contribute to the cost of your education. If the request is for a change in the standard budget, then the change will be made to your expense budget.

Students who are from regions beyond the normal service region for TCC may receive a budget increase by verbal request, if the increase is appropriate, or if it is noticed in the financial aid file by a Financial Aid staff member.

Professional Judgment Decision

The request will be reviewed by a Financial Aid Professional and a response will be provided to you. If the request is accepted, the new Student Aid Report (SAR) will serve as the notification. If the request is rejected, an email or letter will be sent to you.