Admissions & Records Forms

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Affidavit of Home School Completion

For students that completed High School in a home-educated program.

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Course Audit Form

Complete this form if you wish to audit a course or if you wish to receive credit for an audited course.

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Enrollment Verification Request Form

Enrollment verification will include: enrolled terms and hours, expected completion date, and degrees earned. If you need your Enrollment Verification sent to a third-party recipient (ie. insurance company, military, etc.), please use the third signer. If you don't need to send your verification to a third party, please delete the third signer.

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Florida Residency Declaration for Tuition Purposes (Dependent Student- Under the age of 24)

This form is for dependent students (as classified by the US government), meaning you’re under 24 years old and trying to prove Florida Residency. You will need a parent's/legal guardian's signature along with their two proofs of documentation (i.e. Florida driver's license, vehicle registration, and/or voter's registration card, etc.) to complete this form.

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Florida Residency Declaration for Tuition Purposes (Independent Student- Ages 24 or older)

Complete and sign the TCC Residency Declaration for tuition purposes for Independent students. If you're at least 24 years old and over. To be considered an independent student you must meet one of the following criteria (i.e. 24 years old, married, a graduate or professional student, a veteran, a member of the armed forces, a ward of the court, or someone with legal dependents other than a spouse, pursuant to the US Department of Education for the purposes of federal financial eligibility). If you're claiming independence and don't meet any of the criteria to be considered independent you'll need to provide your most recent tax return showing that you make at least $6,300 along with your two proofs of residency.

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Homeless Waiver Verification Form

This form is to verify that the student has resided or received services at least 5 times during the last 30 days with your organization.

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Non-Degree Course Request Form

Complete this form if you're not wishing to seek a degree or certificate from TCC but would like to take courses. You'll be required to upload an unofficial transcript that shows you meet the prerequisites of your desired course(s) to be approved. If you're a recent TCC graduate or a former TCC student that hasn't attended any other previous colleges/universities you'll still be required to upload your unofficial TCC transcript.

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Personal Information Change Form

Complete this form if you wish to change your name, gender, social security number, or Date of birth.

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Request for Foreign or Alternate Credit

Complete this form for foreign or alternative credit to be posted to your permanent academic record.

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Request to Prevent Disclosure of Directory Information

Please complete this form to request to prevent the disclosure of your directory information or to cancel your request to prevent disclosure of your directory information.

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Residency Reclassification Request Form (For Current Students Only)

Complete this form if you're a current student that is listed out-of-state but wishes to be in-state

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Reverse Transfer Form

Reverse transfer is the process of awarding an associate degree after a student transfers to a Florida four-year public institution and completes degree requirements. Students who have earned at least 30 credit hours towards an associate degree at Tallahassee Community College may request a Reverse Transfer once they have completed all degree requirements. Students must submit an official transcript from the transfer institution(s) to the Admissions and Records office.

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State Employee Tuition Waiver

Complete this form if you're a State Employee to receive up to 6 credit hours towards your tuition. Note: this doesn't include third or fourth-course attempts, lab fees, books, and student service fees if applicable. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your waiver, please email for assistance.

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Student Request to Review Educational Record

Please, complete this form to request to review of your educational record.

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Transient Student Request Form - Out of State

Please complete this form to request transient studies at an out-of-state college/university.

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Update Form

Complete this form if you are applying for readmission into a credit program, changing to a credit program, or if you need to reactivate your record. If it has been 12 or more months since you last attended TCC or if the semester you are applying for will be 12 months since you last attended, you will need to submit a new application here.

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Upper-Level Coursework Waiver

Complete this form to request to use your upper-level coursework to satisfy your degree requirements at TCC. Please, complete one upper-level coursework waiver per academic department (i.e. Social Science, Science & Math, Communications & Humanities, etc.).

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Waiver Application

Please select the waiver that applies to you and provide supporting documentation.


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Withdrawal Form (For Student-Athletes & International Students only)

Complete this withdrawal form only if you are an international student or student-athlete.

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