Intramural sports are a great way to meet new people and get involved with the campus community. From flag football and volleyball to indoor soccer and basketball, we’ve got something for everyone.

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For more information or to volunteer as an official, contact the I.M. Supervisor Mark Cornett at (850) 201-8709 or;

Frequently Asked Questions

What sports are offered for individual or team sports?

See semester schedule or contact the IM Supervisor Mark Cornett at (850) 201-8709 or;

How do I sign up to participate in a sport?

Registration announcements are published on the TCC IM web page. To sign up for a sport come by the Intramural Office located in the Lifetime Sports Complex Rm. 106. Registration may also be done online for select sports at the TCC Intramural web page.

Captains must attend the mandatory captain's meeting for that particular sport. 

Do I have to try out to participate in intramurals?

No, all you have to do is come by the IM Office and sign up.

How can I join a team?

Participants who are not playing on a captain's team may sign up as free agent. Free Agents are individuals who are interested in intramural sports, but do not have a team to play on. The Free Agent lists are located at the Intramural Office located in Lifetime Sports Complex Rm. 106. The Intramural Coordinator will form the free agent teams for that particular sport. Free Agents will be notified by phone or email of their team. Free Agent teams will also be posted outside the Intramural Office.

Games are Monday through Thursday from 3:00-6:00. Leagues are divided into Monday/Wednesday League and Tuesday/Thursday League. Sign up with the league that best fits your schedule.

Where do Captains sign up their team?

Captains must come by the Intramural Office and sign up their team on the captain's list or register online. Captains are required to attend the captain's meeting for that particular sport. If the captain is unable to attend the meeting a team representative must be present. Captains are responsible for making sure their players are eligible, notifying their players of scheduled games, and sportsmanship rules.

Games are Monday through Thursday from 3-6 p.m. Leagues are divided into Monday/Wednesday Leagues and Tuesday/Thursday Leagues. Sign up with the league that best fits your schedule.

What is the maximum number of participants a team can have on their roster?

A team may have an unlimited number of players on their team roster.

I played for a team and now I would like to switch rosters. What should I do?

Players who would like to switch teams must come by and notify the Intramural Coordinator. A player may be dropped from a roster one time only. Players found to be playing on multiple teams may face expulsion from the league.

Who is eligible to participate in intramurals?

Currently enrolled or employed Tallahassee Community College students, staff and faculty are eligible to participate.

Can I participate in intramurals and officiate during the same semester?

Yes, officials may work and participate in intramurals.

Is experience playing a sport necessary to participate in a sport?

No experience is necessary to play any intramural sports.

Are student athletes allowed to participate in intramurals?

Student athletes who are receiving any assistance by way of athletic scholarships shall be eligible for all intramural sports except the sport or related sport for which they are receiving aid. This rule remains in effect for as long as the student receives this athletic scholarship whether or not they continue to play for a varsity team.

A scholarship shall be defined as follows: Any aid, assistance, or benefit given to a student for their participation as a player in some varsity sport that is not available to the general student population. Any athlete who is a walk on or receives a Red-Shirt and is working out with the varsity team, may not participate in that related sport.

Anyone who is or has been a professional athlete in a particular sport is ineligible to participate in that or a related sport for two academic years following his or her professional career.

Does it cost anything to play Intramural Sports?

No. The Activities Fee is the primary funding source of Intramurals.

Does Tallahassee Community College provide insurance if I get injured?

No, Tallahassee Community College does not provide accident insurance coverage for injuries received by Intramural participants. Please make sure you are covered by your personal insurance.

What is the TCC IM Student ID policy?

Participants must bring their valid TCC student ID card to every game. In order for the card to be valid it must have the current semester and year sticker on the back. 

What happens if my team forfeits a game? And what do I do if my team cannot attend a scheduled game?

A player must inform the Intramural Coordinator before game time that they will not be able to attend. If a team fails to notify the Coordinator before game time it will be considered a forfeit.

What are the criteria for sportsmanship ratings?

FIVE (Normal Game): Some questioning of an official on procedure and/or interpretation.
FOUR (Some Static): Some questioning of an official's judgment. Repeated complaints. No infractions as a result.
THREE (Difficulty): Repeated questions of official's judgment. One unsportsmanlike call or technical foul called during or after the game.
TWO (Harassment): Multiple unsportsmanlike or technical foul calls made. Repeated harassment of officials by players/spectators.
ONE (Ejection): An ejection of a player.
ZERO (Forfeit/Fighting): Team forfeits a game during the contest. Fighting during/after a game.

What should a player do if ejected from a game?

Any player ejected from a game must meet with the Intramural Coordinator to be reinstated to play in any future Intramural contest. Any player who touches an official, supervisor or another player will be placed on suspension from all Intramural activities for a minimum of one calendar year from the time of the incident.

Can I reserve a field or court for practice?

Yes, teams may reserve a field or court for practice. Practice time is limited. Call (850) 201- 8709 or come by the IM Office located in Lifetime Sports Complex Rm. 106.

What is the IM Sports Alcohol and Controlled Substances policy?

The Board of Trustees of Tallahassee Community College recognizes the serious nature and potentially harmful effects of using controlled substances and alcohol in the workplace and educational setting. The unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, or use of controlled substances and alcohol on college property or sites where college activities are conducted is strictly prohibited. For further information please refer to the student handbook.

What is the tobacco policy?

The TCC Intramural Department recommends that all tobacco products be eliminated from use by spectators and participants during outdoor Intramural activities. The use of tobacco products is prohibited at all indoor intramural activities. A participant or spectator caught using tobacco products at an indoor intramural event will be immediately asked to leave the venue. The game in which the violator is participating (playing/watching) will not continue until that person removes him/herself. Failure for the team captain to assist the Intramural Staff in helping to remove the violator may result in a forfeit of the contest.

How do I know if my game has been rained out?

In the event of inclement weather, teams should call the IM Weather Line at (850) 201-8709 or (850) 201-8093 for information regarding the status of their game. Decisions about games are not typically done before 3:00 PM. Games or matches postponed due to inclement weather during the regular season are generally NOT rescheduled. The Intramural Sports staff will reschedule playoff games affected by inclement weather as soon as possible. In the event of bad weather during the playoffs, team captains should contact the Intramural Sports office during the next business day for reschedule information. Rescheduled games will be posted in the Lifetime Sports Complex Rm. 106.

Where are game schedules posted?

Schedules are posted outside the Intramural Office located in the Lifetime Sports Complex Rm. 106.

Who do I talk to about Intramural Sports?

The Intramural Coordinator, located in Room 106 of the Lifetime Sports Complex. The telephone number is (850) 201-8709 or (850) 201-8093.

How can I become an IM Official?

Come by the Intramural office and speak to the Intramural Supervisor for more information. No experience required.