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TCC’s GED® Preparation program prepares you to earn your Florida High School Diploma. There are four test subjects (Math, Science, Social Studies, and Reasoning through Language Arts) you will need to pass in order to obtain your Florida High School Diploma. Our teachers provide instruction in each of the four subject areas.

Prepare for the GED


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Local GED Prep Classes








Tallahassee Community College

Division of Workforce Development
444 Appleyard Dr., Tallahassee

Monday - Thursday

9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.


TCC Gadsden Center

223 Pat Thomas Pkwy, Quincy


GED Preparation in SPANISH

223 Pat Thomas Pkwy, Quincy


Monday - Thursday



Monday - Wednesday

9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.



1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.


You must be at least 16 years old to enroll in a GED® prep class and take the GED® test as long as you meet certain requirements.

  • To enroll in a GED® prep class, 16 or 17-year-old students must provide an Official Withdrawal Form from the last school attended and a signed Parent/Guardian Consent Form.
  • To take the GED® test, students who are 16 or 17 years old must submit an Underage Waiver form to be approved before signing up to take the test.

Online Courses

If you can access a computer and the Internet, you can take advantage of our online GED® Prep classes. The class is self-paced and uses highly effective software that will create your learning plan. You can also meet with the online instructor, have video conferences, ask questions, and more. Online students must study at least 10 hours each week using the software.

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GED Preparation Program

Cost and Scholarships


  • The cost of TCC's GED® preparation classes is $30 each semester and a $25 one-time TABE test fee.
  • The current price for each GED® test subtest is $32, making the total cost of all four subtests $128. The GED® Testing Service has the right to modify this charge.
  • To apply for scholarships to cover the cost of your classes and exams, visit the Scholarships page or speak with a member of the Adult Education Team.


  • Please check the list below for assistance with paying for TABE testing, GED Preparation course tuition, and/or GED® testing. For students who demonstrate financial need and are unable to secure money for their studies through the channels specified at the link below, we also provide scholarships.
  • Options for Funding Workforce Programs

As a student enrolled in the GED® Prep Program, you'll have access to:

  • Apply for Scholarships - At TCC, scholarships help with the cost of class tuition and exam fees.
  • Support Services - Students who might be facing obstacles to their studies (such as unemployment, lack of transportation, and lack of childcare)
  • Accommodations for Disabilities - Students with disabilities can self-identify at the Accessibility and Resource Center to acquire the necessary accommodations.
  • Career and College Counseling - Participate in seminars, guest speakers, online videos, one-on-one counseling, and advice after passing the GED® test with the help of the TCC GED® Prep Program.
  • Additionally, you might be eligible for additional funding under the Strategic Employment Program.


What are the classes like?

 Depending on the class you attend the size can vary from as few as five (5) students to as many as twenty-five (25) students. Most instructors reserve a portion of the class to deliver focused instruction and allow students to work independently in the online GED study program for the remainder of the class.

Students will attend class regularly (or for 8 hours online) each week to learn the skills required to pass the GED® exam. Students will work both independently and cooperatively. As students progress in their studies, their instructor and/or the Career Pathways Specialist will advise them to take the GED® practice test and/or GED® test. Additionally, students will meet with the Career Pathways Specialist for regular advisement. During these appointments, students can provide evidence that they are ready to take the GED® practice test or GED® test. The four subjects that make up the GED test don’t have to be taken all at once. Students can space them out and work at their own pace.

What are student behavior expectations?

The following classroom expectations are to be followed by all Adult Education students. These frameworks are set forth to instill work ethics that are expected by employers in today’s workplaces. Students not following these expectations will be asked to leave the class and will be marked absent for the day. Repeated or more serious infractions could result in college suspension or expulsion.

  • Students are expected to attend the full class period or will be marked absent from the class. See the Adult Education Attendance Policy.
  • Cell phones must be out of sight unless specifically permitted by the instructor for educational purposes.
  • Headphone earbuds cannot be in ears upon entry to the classroom or during class time.
  • Desk seating cannot be changed during class time unless approved by the instructor.
  • No talking or other disruptions during class unless directed by the Instructor. No profanity or inappropriate language or behavior in the classroom or building.
  • No distractions during class--including dress--that might disrupt the learning environment. No underwear should be shown (men and women) while in the Workforce Development building area.
  • Respect others and classroom property at all times.
  • No eating in class. Straighten the classroom after class to prepare for the next class. Custodial staff is limited.
  • Computer usage only as directed by the instructor.

Instructors may use discretion in the implementation of this policy with the Program Coordinator's approval.

What is the attendance policy?

Students arriving to class more than 15 minutes late, leaving class more than 15 minutes before the end of class, or out for more than a total of 15 minutes during class will be marked absent for the entire class period. The student is encouraged to stay for the class period so that valuable learning can take place understanding that he/she will be marked absent.

The only exception to the above will be if a student has made prior arrangements with the instructor due to an extenuating circumstance.

Any student who is marked absent for 6 consecutive days will be administratively withdrawn from the class. There are NO excused absences per Florida State regulations.

What books or materials will I need for class?

You don’t need to buy books or materials for class. You will have in-class instruction as well as 24/7-hour access to GED® preparation software during the semester to prepare you for the GED® test. However, you can purchase a GED study book from a number of suppliers. We use the Kaplan brand in class.

Taking the GED

What is the GED® test?

 These tests are designed to measure your proficiency in standard high-school subjects for anyone 16 or older and not enrolled in high school. Rather than testing your memorization of specific facts, dates, or terms, the GED® test requires you to demonstrate applied knowledge and skills related to specific situations. Bypassing the GED® test, you will earn your Florida High School Diploma.

There are four test subjects on the GED® test: Math, Science, Social Studies, and Reasoning through Language Arts.

Do I need computer skills to take the GED® test?

Yes, please keep in mind that the test is computer-based and you will need to be able to type an essay. You will also be required to use an on-screen calculator and reference sheet.

I am 18 or older (or I have received an Underage Waiver), how do I schedule to take the GED® test?

 After creating your account on, you will schedule your test online and you will take the test at an official GED® test center. To schedule: Simply log into your GED® account. Choose which test subjects you’ll be taking. Select a day and time at an official GED® test center near you. Pay for the test online using a credit or debit card. If you don’t have a credit or debit card to schedule to take the GED® test you can use a prepaid debit card or visa gift card.

I had an IEP in school or I have difficulty reading or staying focused, I may need GED® testing accommodations. How do I request accommodations for the GED® test?

If you do not already have a GED® account you will need to create one by going to Next, click on “Sign Up” in the top right-hand corner and enter the required information (email address and password). After entering your email address and a password answer all related questions. You will be presented with an explanation of what testing accommodations mean. To continue your request for accommodations click “Yes”. You will then be redirected to the GED® Accommodations site. Here you will create your GED® Accommodations profile and upload any documentation of your disability or learning difficulties. For additional assistance with requesting accommodations please see the Career Pathways Specialist.

Do I need to prove I am a Florida Resident before taking the GED® test?

There is no residency requirement if you are 18 years or older. However, if you are 16 or 17 years old, you must obtain an Underage Waiver from the school district in which you were last enrolled.

I’ve passed one or more sections on the current version of the GED® (tests taken January 2014 or later), what do I need to do to get my Florida High School diploma?

You don’t need to start over. You can pick up where you left off and complete the remaining test subjects you need in order to obtain your Florida High School Diploma. However, if you attempted parts of the GED® test prior to 2014, unfortunately, those test scores are no longer valid and you’ll have to retake those parts.

Test Dates (TABE and GED) and fees

Cost: $25 | Must be paid before testing

TABE testing is held at the TCC Testing Center on Main Campus. Testing is available on a walk-in basis and no pre-registration is required. You will need to go to the testing Center to request the assessment, pay for the test at the Cashier’s Office (Cash Only) or online. You will need to show your receipt to the Testing Center staff as proof of payment.

Please be advised that TABE is now delivered in a multi-day format. Testers may be required to attend testing sessions over consecutive days. 

Testing is available by appointment only (six at a time) so please plan to complete your test as soon as possible. You cannot enroll/register for the Fall semester without first taking your TABE test.

Main Campus Testing Center

Monday through Friday. Tests begin at 9:00 am.

For appt call (850) 201-8282 between 8 am – 5 pm, or you can email, using ONLY TCC email address to

TCC Gadsden Center

By appointment only according to Center Staff on-site staff scheduling

For appt call (850) 558-3620 or email with the subject of “TABE test appointment request”

TCC Wakulla Center

By appointment only according to Center Staff on-site staff scheduling

For appt call (850) 558-3525 or email with the subject of “TABE test appointment request”

Testing with Accommodations

If you to request test accommodations, please contact the Accessibility and Resource Center before the test date.

Have a Fee Waiver?

If a different organization is paying for the TABE test, the payment must be processed before the test date. Please contact the AE Career Pathways Specialist for assistance.

TABE testing in Gadsden & Wakulla Counties

TABE testing can also be scheduled by appointment at the Gadsden Center and the Wakulla Centers. Please contact center staff to schedule TABE Testing.

Click here to access the TABE study guide.

Cost: $32 per subtest* | Must be paid to GED® Testing Service before test appointment

Did you know that Testing Center at TCC is an approved GED® Testing Site?! The TCC testing Center offers convenient GED® testing right here on Main Campus. Schedule your GED® Test at TCC's Testing Center through It is strongly encouraged that students coordinate GED® testing with the Adult Education program advisors to ensure readiness for the exam. 

If you require GED testing accommodations, they must be requested at least 14 days in advance. You will need to submit your documentation to the GED® Testing Services Accommodations department. Once your request for accommodations has been approved, call 1-(800) 466-0450 to schedule your GED® test with accommodations.

Upcoming GED® Test Dates at TCC

Test appointments begin at 9 a.m., and the last appointment possible is at 1:15 p.m.


For additional test centers, test dates, and times please log into your account. Choose the “Schedule Test” option and follow the prompts.

After the GED

Is my diploma “real” and can I sign up for college afterwards?

 Yes, you can be confident in earning your Florida High School Diploma, by taking the GED® test. The GED® test is administered by an accredited organization and is accepted in all 50 states and at 97% of colleges and universities in the United States.

I’m a minor (ages 16-17), when do I graduate?

 Minor students (ages 16-17) need to obtain a waiver from the school district in which they enrolled in GED® prep. courses to begin taking the GED® test. Minors are required to obtain a “likely to pass” score on the GED® Ready (GED® practice test) in 1-4 subject areas depending on what their school district mandates. Contact the Career Pathways Specialist for additional information.

I’m 18 or older, when do I graduate?

You are able to “graduate” as soon as you have passed all four sections of the GED® test. Students 18 and older are able to take the GED® or parts of the GED® test whenever they like. However, it’s best to be prepared. There's no limit to how many times you can test in a year. But keep in mind that after taking the same test subject 3 times, you'll have to wait 60 days before retesting.

I’d like to go to college or enroll in a trade or certificate program, what do I do after I earn my Florida High School Diploma? 

 Request to have your transcript sent to your school of choice from the GED® Testing Service. You will then need to follow the school or organization's Application/Enrollment procedure.

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