About AMTC

About AMTC

The AMTC at TCC recognizes the challenges facing companies in today's manufacturing and industrial sector. Florida's bigbend area is home to numerous world-class manufacturers and industries who live the ever increasing daily challenge of competing in the new global landscape. At TCC, we understand the technology and tools necessary to compete in the "lean manufacturing" world. We are aware of the many benefits in teaming up and are committed to tailoring services to meet local industry needs.

An increasingly competitive worldwide environment faces all manufacturers and industries today. Knowledge and flexibility are key. This challenge creates the need to respond quickly to change, yet balance the collaborative relations between all business partners.


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Phone: (850) 201-9720
Fax: (850) 201-9716
Email: amtc@tcc.fl.edu


Kim B. Williams Advanced Manufacturing Training Center

3958 West Pensacola Street
Tallahassee FL, 32304

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