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Tallahassee Community College is now offering Continuing Education Courses for Healthcare Professionals!
Whether you are seeking continuing education units to meet your license renewal requirements or to enhance your professional skills, let TCC be your provider of choice! 

We anticipate expanding the list of professions served and adding new courses and program offerings. Check back with this growing catalog frequently. 

TCC is an approved provider of Continuing Education for the following professions: 

  Clinical Social Work, Marriage & Family, Licensed Mental Health (CSW)

  Nursing Home Administrator (NHA)

  Occupational Therapist/Assistant (OT)

Physical Therapist/Assistant (PT)

Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD)

Other Boards Coming Soon!

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Individual Course Information

Domestic Violence (2 HR/3 HR) 

Course Code: CWE 0001

Section: 4

Approval Codes: EC, OT, ND, DT, NHA, CSW, MW

Cost: $12.00


The purpose of this course is to educate healthcare professionals on the dynamics of domestic violence, including the effects on adult, youth, elderly and LGBT victims, the cycle of violence and risk issues, legal remedies for protection, community resources and victim services, reporting requirements, and model protocols for addressing domestic violence.

Note: This course awards 3 CEUs to CSW & MW Licensees

HIPAA for Medical Professionals (1 HR)

Course Code: CWE0001

Section: 6

Approval Codes: OT, ND, DT, NHA, CSW, MW

Cost: $10.00


This course educates healthcare professionals on the uses, requirements, and proper disclosure of protected health information. It informs students on what HIPAA entails as well as safeguarding protocols and the effects on the healthcare provider. 

HIV/Bloodborne Pathogens (3 HR)

Course Code: CWE0001

Section: 5

Approval Codes: CL, ND, EMS, NHA, MT, OT, PT, RC, AT, PM, AP, EC, APD, DT, MW, CSW

Cost: $15.00


This self-paced, non-credit online course teaches you about a variety of blood borne pathogens, modes of infection, safety procedures to be observed when dealing with possible blood borne pathogens, how to counsel people infected with blood borne pathogens and more. It can also provide a foundation of knowledge related to HIV and Bloodborne Pathogens to other occupations such as police officers, correctional officers, mental health workers, non-medical care takers, and others. It also meets the standards found in Florida Statue Chapter 381.0035 for a variety of direct care including those individuals employed or subcontracted through the State of Florida - for Persons' with Disabilities (APD) and other human service employees. 

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Prevention of Medical Errors (2 HR)

Course Code: CWE0001

Section: 7

Approval Codes: EC, OT, ND, PT, DT, NHA

Cost: $12.00


This introductory course educates healthcare professionals on how to define, recognize and prevent medical errors. It also informs students on how to recognize error-prone situations and identify processes to improve patient outcomes. 

Recognizing Impairment in the Workplace (2 HR)

Course Code: CWE0001

Section: 8

Approval Codes: OT, DT, ND, NHA, CSW, MW

Cost: $12.00


This course educates healthcare professionals on how to identify, understand, and provide support for coworkers experiencing impairment in the workplace. Itnforms students on how to report impaired practitioners and discuss proper treatment programs in order to aid the practitioner and promote reentry to the workplace.

Mental Health First Aid (8 HR)

Workshop Postponed [Call for New Dates]

What: 2-Day In-Person Workshop

Cost: $129.00


Improving the public’s knowledge of mental health and substance use problems and connecting people with care for their mental health or substance use problems is the focal point of this course. It will provide students with a five-step action plan to help loved ones, colleagues, neighbors and others cope with mental health or substance use problems until professional treatment is obtained or the crisis resolves.

For more information check out our Mental Health First Aid page!  

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