Student Scholarship Information

The TCC Foundation has a variety of scholarships with a vast range of awarding criteria available to students seeking an A.A. or A.S. degree or completing a Workforce Development certificate program. The Foundation offers both financial need based and non-need based scholarships so all students are encouraged to apply.

How to Apply

Each year, the TCC Foundation provides scholarship awards to hundreds of incoming and current students. Over $700,000 is awarded annually to over 500 recipients with award amounts ranging from $250 up to $4,000.

Generous donors to the TCC Foundation have established scholarships for areas of Healthcare, Science & Math, Dental, Theater, Military, Technology, Building & Construction, Disability, First Generation, International students and many more. Foundation scholarships are awarded for the fall, spring and summer semesters and are based on specific criteria as set by a donor with the intent to help fulfill areas of student need.

Scholarship applications automatically apply toward all scholarships currently being offered by both the TCC Foundation and TCC. The software system matches applicants to the scholarships they are eligible to receive. Once an application is submitted it will be reviewed during each awarding cycle of the current academic year.

It is suggested to use either Internet Explorer or Firefox when applying for scholarships. If using the Chrome web browser, there is a chance the application information may not save.

Scholarship Process LEARN MORE

Scholarship Applications







If you are an existing scholarship account holder or need to set-up a new account, click the LOGIN in button to access your account or to establish a new account. 



To apply for all scholarships being offered by TCC and the TCCF Foundation, complete and submit the General Scholarship Application.

If you have not created a scholarship account you will be required to do so in order to access the application. Click the link below to get started.




TMH Foundation Scholarships

The TMH Foundation Scholarships are for students interested in future employment at TMH upon completion of their TCC Healthcare program.

To apply, complete and submit the TCC Foundation Health Career Scholarship Application.




Workforce Development Scholarships

Scholarship application is open, apply today! If you have not created a scholarship account you will be required to do so in order to access the application. Click the link below to get started.



Florida Public Safety Institute (FSPI) Scholarships

Scholarship application is open, apply today! If you have not created a scholarship account you will be required to do so in order to access the application. Click the link below to get started.

19-20 FPSI APP

Fall 2022 Scholarship Calendar


Early awarding for scholarships funded by TCC
Application Opens: 10/01/2021
Application Deadline: 02/15/2022

Recipient Award Notification

Begins April 1, 2022
(For applications submitted between October 1, 2021 through February 15, 2022)


For ALL New, Continuing, Returning, and Transfer Students
(Current High School Seniors who missed the first awarding cycle can apply in the second awarding cycle)
Scholarship funding provided by TCC and the TCC Foundation

Application Opens: 10/01/2021
Application & FAFSA Submission Deadline: 05/02/2022

 Recipient Award Notification

Begins June 15, 2022
(For applications submitted between October 1, 2021 through May 2, 2022) 


For ALL New, Continuing, Returning, and Transfer Students
Scholarship funding provided by TCC and the TCC Foundation
Application Opens:  10/01/2021
Application Deadline:  09/02/2022

Recipient Award Notification

Begins October 7, 2022
(For applications submitted between October 1, 2021 through September 2, 2022)




Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) APPLY NOW

Select Foundation Scholarships

Gadsden Learn

New Start

All Scholarships

Gadsden Learn

The Gadsden Learn Scholarship is awarded exclusively to current high school seniors graduating from a Gadsden County public or private high school or who are home schooled.


New Start

The New Start Scholarship in Memory of David & Nancy Lawrence was established to assist young individuals who want to make a new start on their life path. This scholarship is specific to individuals with previous involvement in the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) and who are planning on attending Tallahassee Community College.


All Scholarships

The TCC Foundation offers hundreds of scholarships for every student type that attends Tallahassee Community College. Click the link for awarding details.


Staff Resources

TCC Scholarship Committee Member ACCOUNT LOGIN

Letters to Donors

Recipients who are selected to receive a TCC Foundation scholarship are required to write a thank you letter to the donor of the scholarship they receive.

Need help for what to include in your thank you letter?

Letter Writing Tips



High School Guidance Staff

TCC Scholarship Application

A PDF version of the TCC student scholarship application is available for you to view at the link below.

2019-20 Scholarship Application Preview



Scholarship Resource Forms

Scholarship Resource Forms & Printed Materials are only for use by TCC Foundation-approved individuals.

Outside Awarding Committees

If you are an individual from an outside scholarship recipient selection committee responsible for awarding a TCC Foundation scholarship for TCC tuition or GED expenses, please download, complete, save and submit the TCC Foundation OUTSIDE SCHOLARSHIP AWARD REQUEST FORM.

Once your award request is received fund availability will be verified. In the event funding is not available an email notification will be sent to the individual making the award request.

TCC Gates Book Scholarship Committee 

TCC Gates Scholarship Committee:

To nominate a student for a Gates Book Scholarship award, please follow the steps below:

  2. Email the form to Angie Isaac.
  3. Provide the student you are nominating a copy of the STUDENT AWARD NOTIFICATION INFORMATION.
  4. Submit completed nomination forms to the officer manager of your division.
  • Office Managers, award nomination forms must be submitted in order for Gates awards to be processed.
  • Current financial aid status will be verified for the nominated student before awarding will occur.
  • If a nominated student has financial aid funding equal to or greater than the Gates scholarship amount requested, the award will not be processed.
  • Division office managers will be notified of the awarding status by Angie Isaac upon verification.  

Email Forms To:

TCC Administrators

To nominate a student for a Follett Book Scholarship award, please download and complete the FOLLETT BOOK AWARD NOMINATION FORM.

Award nomination forms must be submitted in order for recipient scholarship awards to be processed.

Email Forms To:

TCC Faculty & Staff

Click here to download the STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP INFO FLYER

Division Recipient Award Report - Art & Model UN 

Divisions who have completed scholarship awarding with funds transferred must complete and submit a RECIPIENT AWARD REPORT FORM at the close of each academic semester.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Scholarship Information 

Scholarship Funding Sources

TCC Scholarships

TCC provides scholarships for programs at the College such as Honors, Peer Leadership, Student Ambassadors, Model UN and S.T.E.M.

TCC Foundation Scholarships

The TCC Foundation offers a variety of scholarships all established by private donors or organizations and are awarded based on specific criteria as set by each donors. TCC Foundation scholarships are available for, but not limited to......First Generation, Military, Science & Math, Theater, Workforce Development, Disabilities, Education, Criminal Justice, Building & Construction, etc. Learn more

First Generation Matching Grant Scholarships (FGMG)

From the support of TCC Foundation private donor scholarship contributions designated for the First Generation Matching Grant (FGMG) scholarship program, TCC is afforded the opportunity of awarding spring semester scholarships to eligible students who are first generation in their immediate family to attend college. Students eligible to receive FGMG state matching funds must meet the following criteria for both the fall and spring semester of the academic year in which the awarding occurs:

  • Be a Florida resident and a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen. A student’s residency and citizenship status are determined by the post-secondary institution. Questions regarding such status should be directed to the financial aid office or admissions office of the institution the student plans to attend.
  • Not owe a repayment or be in default under any state or federal grant, loan, or scholarship program unless satisfactory arrangements to repay have been made.
  • Not have previously received a baccalaureate degree.
  • Be accepted at a Florida state university or Florida college (public community college) and enroll in a minimum of 6 credit hours per term as a degree-seeking undergraduate student.
  • Meet additional eligibility requirements as established by the post-secondary institution.
  • Be a first generation college student. A student is considered "first generation" if neither of the student's parents earned a college degree at the baccalaureate level or higher. A student who regularly resided with and received support from only one parent who did not earn a baccalaureate degree would also be eligible.
  • Have met the eligibility requirements in Section 1009.50, Florida Statutes, for demonstrated financial need for the Florida Public Student Assistant Grant, by submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Defined as PELL eligible

Student Housing Scholarships

The TCC Foundation has a limited number of housing scholarships as well. Housing scholarship awards are paid directly to the assigned apartment complex the recipient will be living at on behalf of the awarded student. The online TCC application includes a section to apply for a housing scholarship for those who are interested.

Eligibility Requirements

Students who are currently enrolled or who plan to attend Tallahassee Community College during the upcoming semester are eligible to receive scholarships. Current TCC students must be in good academic standing with an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher in order to be a considered.

The TCC Foundation offers both financial need and non-need based scholarships, so it is important to complete and submit the FAFSA in order to determine your financial eligibility when applying. If you submit an application but do not submit the FAFSA, scholarships offered by the  TCC Foundation will not appear on your "My Opportunities" list of scholarships. For your name to appear as a candidate for all scholarships awarded by the TCC Foundation, you must submit the current academic year FASFA.

Awarding Cycles

Scholarship awarding occurs three times during each academic year according to the annual awarding calendar.

Award Usage

Scholarship awards are posted directly to the recipient's TCC student account and are applied towards the balance of the recipient's tuition, fees and in some cases textbooks for the semester the award is being given.

Scholarship awards are not applicable for payments to third parties outside of Tallahassee Community College.

Application & Awarding Process

Applying Online

To be considered for a scholarship, you must complete and submit the online TCC Scholarship Application (We highly recommend that you bookmark the scholarship account login page so that you can efficiently access the website to your scholarship account.) Applicants only need to submit one application for the awarding academic year. A new application will be need to be submitted for the next upcoming academic year which becomes available in December annually.

All submitted applications will be kept on file and reviewed during each of the three awarding cycles, which include two for Fall semester scholarships and one for Spring & Summer semester scholarships. Applications can be submitted at any time during the awarding academic year. Submitted applications will be reviewed based on the date the application was submitted in accordance with the posted awarding calendar dates.  

Once you have successfully submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive an email log back in to your account as your application as not been successfully submitted and may require additional information. 

First Time Users

If you are a first-time user, you must set-up a scholarship account.

  • For current TCC students, please use your TCC email address when establishing your scholarship account. 
  • For current high school students (or those who have not yet received a TCC email address), be sure to use the email address that you check most often.

Returning Users

Student's should set-up and manage only one TCC scholarship account. If you have applied for scholarships in the past simply login to your existing account. 

Having Trouble? If you forgot your scholarship account username and/or password, please first contact the TCC Scholarship Coordinator Ebony Watson or the TCC Foundation Executive Director Heather Mitchell for assistance.

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation (LORs) are an important part of the application process. LORs are not requirement to submit the online scholarship application. However, be aware of the LOR cycle submission deadlines to ensure that your letters are submitted on or before the posted deadline dates. If your LORs are submitted after a posted LOR deadline date, your application and recommendations will be taken into consideration during the next awarding cycle, if applicable.

Submission Process

Online Submission

The online scholarship application provides applicants the option of sending an email request directly to an individual they would like to have a letter written from. The application provides a designated section for you to provide an email address for each recommender you would like to write a letter. The scholarship system will email the recommender with a questionnaire to complete on your behalf. Once the recommender submits a response, you will receive an email notification that confirms the process has been completed. Only scholarship committee members will have access to view LORs received by a recommender.

You can change or update a recommender's email address at any time by logging into your scholarship account, even after your application has been submitted as long as changes occur before a particular LOR cycle deadline date.

LOR Attached Document

Letters of recommendation can also be submitted as an attached document to the scholarship application. All attached LOR documents must have the recommender's name, position, contact information and be written on official letterhead.

Applying Without LORs

Applicants who submit LORs with their application will be considered for scholarships over applicants who do not submit any recommendations. To be a competitive candidate, be sure to complete this important step in the application process.

Consideration, Selection & Notification Process


Submitted applications undergo a recipient eligibility matching process. Based on the answers to your questions on the application, the scholarship system determines which scholarships you are an eligible candidate for that are currently being awarded.

It is advised that you check your scholarship account periodically for updates on the individual scholarships you have qualified as eligible to possibly receive.

Selection Process

Applications are reviewed by a variety of Tallahassee Community College scholarship committees. These committees are made up of faculty, staff, administrators and TCC Foundation board members. During the review process committee members are assigned groups of applications to read, evaluate and rank based on the following factors:

  • The specific criteria of the individual scholarships they have been assigned
  • Required essays
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Overall completion of the application questions

When applying for scholarships, it is best to submit a thorough and well-detailed application for the best opportunity of being selected to receive an award. Be sure to check all spelling and grammar in the writing portions of the application.

At times there may be circumstances when students who have applied are selected for more than one scholarship in an awarding cycle and awarded again during another awarding cycle within the same academic year.

Award Notification

If you are selected as a recipient, you will receive an email notification to the email address you used to set-up your scholarship account. You can also check your award status any time within your scholarship account.

If you submitted an application and have not been notified during a particular awarding cycle, there is a chance that you could be selected after the designated recipient notification date of the current awarding cycle or selected during the next awarding cycle. Make sure to periodically monitor your account, so in the event you are given a late award, you do not miss the opportunity to accept before it is canceled.

Tip: Be sure that you did include at least two letters of recommendation with your application. Not submitting a letter can be a reason for not receiving an award.


Information regarding a student's scholarship account, current application submission, awarding, academic standing or enrollment status can only be discussed with the scholarship applicant/recipient/student. The TCC Foundation is bound to guidelines of student privacy as outlined by FERPA which you can learn more about here Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Accepting & Receiving Awards

Accepting Your Award

As a selected recipient, you will receive an email notification which will provide an "Award Information" link for you to officially accept your scholarship and upload your donor thank you letter. Thank you letters must be submitted on or before the posted thank you letter submission deadline dates. Letters not submitted on time may result in cancellation of your scholarship award.

Regularly checking your email associated with your scholarship account, all award notifications and/or reminders will be sent to this email address and can occur at anytime during the awarding academic year.

Receiving Your Award

After officially accepting your award and completing the thank you letter requirement, please allow up to 24 hours for your scholarship award to appear in the Financial Aid Awards Status tab of your EagleNet account. If your award does not cover the full amount of your tuition balance, be sure that you have another form of funding to cover the remaining balance on or before the tuition deadline date so that the courses you have registered are not dropped. Scholarship awards do not disburse until the drop/add period has ended for the semester you have been awarded. 

Please note, if you are selected and accept a scholarship but do not attend TCC, your award will not disburse and will be canceled. Canceled awards will not be renewed or extended to use for future semesters at TCC.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Completing the FAFSA

Applicants must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application to be considered for a scholarship. Information from the FASFA is used to determine financial eligibility for each candidate. It is important to remember that the TCC Foundation offers scholarships for students with a wide range of financial need so be sure to complete this process - it benefits all applicants.

FAFSA general information, dates and deadline are available online at Be sure to set aside uninterrupted time to complete the required application information. You can save your progress as you go in the event you need to temporarily stop the application process.

Receiving Scholarships & Financial Aid 

Students can receive scholarship awards along with other sources of financial aid. The TCC Financial Aid Office will verify the scholarships you have been awarded against your financial aid status so as not jeopardize your current financial aid package. 

Scholarship funds that you have been awarded will be added to your student account after all of your federal financial aid as been applied, if applicable. If scholarship funds you have been awarded will exceed the annual total Cost Of Attendance (COA) allowed amount, your scholarship award funds will be reduced to meet the COA maximum capacity or will be canceled if the COA capacity has already been met. 

Students already receiving one of the scholarships listed below which provide 60- hours of in-state tuition are not eligible to receive TCC Foundation scholarships:

  • Florida Bright Futures (Academic & Medallion Scholar Awards)
  • Take Stock In Children Scholarship
  • TCC Peer Leadership Scholarship 
  • TCC Student Ambassadors Scholarship

Viewing Your Awards

To view scholarships that you have been awarded, log in to your TCC Workday account and click the Financial Aid Awards tab. Scholarships that you have been awarded for the current academic semester will not appear in your account until disbursement has occurred. 

If a scholarship you have been awarded is not shown, it may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • You have not logged into your TCC scholarship account and formally accepted your award.
  • You have accepted your award but have not submitted a donor thank you letter, if required.

Scholarship awards for an upcoming semester may take 1-2 days to appear in your financial aid awards in your EagleNet account. On rare occasions there may be a longer delay, but all awards will be posted before the TCC semester tuition deadline date.

 Recipient & Donor Involvement

Donor Connections

When you submit a scholarship application, you must agree to several consent statements found on the application. One of these statements is acknowledging that the donor of the scholarship in which you may receive will be provided your contact information. 

Some donors like to meet and/or correspond with the recipients of their scholarship just to learn more about their educational goals. At times TCC Foundation scholarship recipients may be invited to luncheons or events sponsored by donors or by the TCC Foundation itself, these opportunities are a great time for everyone involved. Having the chance to connect with the individuals who take an active role in helping TCC students is truly meaningful.

Recipient Participation

The TCC Foundation implements several events on campus throughout the year and very often engages scholarship recipients as part of them. If you receive a scholarship you may be contacted and asked to participate on one of these events. Both the TCC Foundation and the College believe it is important that your award accomplishment is recognized by others.

Connect with the Foundation