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TCC First Year Experience

Welcome to TCC!

The TCC First Year Experience Program provides a pathway to help you transition into college life. This program will connect you to the resources, tools and programs to succeed in your first year at TCC and beyond.

Your first year at TCC is going to be a great one! We will kick off the year with New Student Convocation and several first week events and opportunities to help you get involved at TCC. Keep an eye on the TCC website calendar for events that happen throughout the year at TCC.

Get Involved

Tallahassee Community College has a diverse student population, and there are many ways to add to our unique campus culture. From getting involved in the arts to joining the debate club, TCC offers its students the opportunity to strengthen themselves as well as the campus community.

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Get a Great Start

Top 10 things every student should do during the first week of classes

  1. Get Organized— Use a planner to make sure you complete assignments by the due date. Add test dates too so you can carve out plenty of time to study.
  2. Go to Class— Skipping class is the quickest way to fail a class. If you have trouble getting up early in the morning, don’t enroll in that 8 a.m. class.
  3. Check CANVAS— Most courses use Canvas, the online learning management system at TCC, for assignments, homework, etc. Make sure every class you are taking shows up on your Canvas dashboard.
  4. Read the Syllabus— Review the syllabus for each class. It contains important info your professor has provided to help you succeed in class.
  5. Meet Your Professor— Talk to your professor after class or drop by during office hours. You can learn a lot from informal conversations with professors—plus, if you need to ask for help later, your professor will already know who you are.
  6. Get to Know an Academic Advisor— An advisor will help you pick courses, explore potential majors, add or drop classes, and stay on track to reach your goals.
  7. Set goals— Write down what you want to achieve during your time at TCC. Refer back to your goals frequently. Are you still making progress? Have your goals changed? What do you need to do next?
  8. Use Free Campus Resources— Take some time to acquaint yourself with the resources available on campus, such as the Learning Commons, Library, Career Center, and the Lifetime Sports Complex.
  9. Understand Your Financial Aid Package— Know the details of your financial aid package so you can avoid unpleasant surprises and keep moving toward your goals. And keep your eye on financial aid application deadlines so you don’t miss them.
  10. Meet other students— College can be a very big adjustment for some students. Finding a buddy in each class helps build your college support system and gives you someone to have as a resource during the semester.

Have a Question about TCC?

Ask TCC can help you find everything you've ever wanted to know about Admissions/Records, Advising, Financial Aid, or the Registration process is available here. You can search the FAQ or submit a question, or call (850) 201-4444 or email studentcentral@tcc.fl.edu.

Make the Call

Admissions and Records (850) 201-8555
Advising  (850) 201-8440
Bookstore (850) 575-9200
Campus Police (850) 201-6100
Accessibility and Resource Center (850) 201-8430
Financial Aid (850) 201-8399
Information Technology Help Desk (850) 201-8540
Learning Commons, William D. Law, Jr. (850) 201-8193
Library (850) 201-8383
Registration (850) 201-8555
Testing Center (850) 201-8282/8264

Tallahassee is an excellent place to live, learn and work. Find out more about the place you call home.

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