Checkout Times

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Books (regular collection)

  • Main Library: Semester Loan
  • Ghazvini Library: Semester Loan

Media (DVDs, AudioBooks, etc.)

  • Main Library: Semester Loan
  • Ghazvini Library:Not Available

Textbooks/Course Reserves

  • Main Library: 1 Hour
  • Ghazvini Library: 2 Hours

Check-Out Textbooks/Course Reserves

Test prep books

  • Main Library: 7 Days
  • Ghazvini Library: 7 Days


  • Non-circulating - but can make an exception for some titles


  • Main Library: 2 Days
  • Ghazvini Library: 2 Days

Check-Out Webcam

Laptops (in library)

  • Main Library: 4 Hours
  • Ghazvini Library: 4 Hours

Check-Out Laptop

Laptops (semester loan)

Phone chargers

  • Main Library: Charging station -2nd floor
  • Ghazvini Library: 4 Hours

Check-Out Phone chargers

Whiteboard markers/erasers

  • Main Library: 4 Hours
  • Ghazvini Library: 4 Hours


  • Main Library: 4 Hours
  • Ghazvini Library: 4 Hours

Check-Out Headphones


  • Ghazvini Library: 1 Hour

Check-Out Calculators


  • Main Library: Ask at desk
  • Ghazvini Library: Ask at desk

Need a One Hour Course?

LIS2004: Research Strategies for College Students (1-hour course)

Learn how to identify, evaluate, and use diverse information sources from the Internet and library databases. Taught by library faculty, this course follows the research process of developing topics and thesis statements, creating search strategies, and critically evaluating and ethically citing sources.

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New at the Library

The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store

by James McBride

The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store by James McBride book cover


by Charles Duhigg

Supercommunicators by Charles Duhigg book cover

Wandering Stars

by Tommy Orange

Wandering Stars by Tommy Orange book cover

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