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Smarter Business Solutions

The Performance Innovation Institute provides smarter business solutions. We help your business reach its full potential. For almost 20 years, we have worked with public, private, and non-profit organizations to improve performance and build stronger teams. We focus on performance improvement to increase your profitability, productivity, and customer and employee perception. 

Organizations work with us as their trusted business partner because we provide quality solutions and help them remove barriers to optimal performance.

Build Your Team


Hiring the right candidate matters.

We remove challenges associated with bad hires and their impact on your organization. Additionally, we can support you in onboarding and coaching new employees for a smooth transition.


  • Pre-hire Applicant Assessment
  • Job Profiling
  • Candidate Comparison Analysis 

Our candidate recruitment and hiring programs focus on the details that matter and comply with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the ADA, the DOL, and the Civil Rights Act.

Strengthen Your Team


After meeting with your team and assessing the need, we create customized solutions. We address YOUR needs by following a just-in-time development process to optimize your return on investment. 

Some examples of solutions created in the past are listed below.  However, please keep in mind that we develop solutions specifically for you, so think creatively about performance.

  • Communication
  • Customer Service
  • Innovation Mindset
  • Leadership Development
  • Project Management
  • Team Building

Manage Your Team


You've built a strong team.  Now let's make sure it continues to drive your future success. From making sure your business goals align with your performance outcomes to increasing customer satisfaction, we empower your organization to perform at its best.  

We want to remove barriers to performance to help your organization achieve optimum performance.  Here are some of the ways our consultants do that.

  • 360 Management Analysis
  • Employee and Customer Perception Surveys
  • Coaching Confident Leaders
  • Improving Internal Communication
  • Organizational Analysis and Development
  • Strategic Planning

Performance Matters


Hiring the right candidate matters! Our priority is to ensure that talent and expectations align.


Our strategic solutions support and strengthen development!


You've built a strong team. Now let's make sure it continues to perform at a level to drive success!

Training and Resources

  1. Skills Training
    TCC currently offers both short-term and long-term skills training in the following areas:
    • Information Technology
      With TCC's Information Technology program, managers and professionals can choose the learning track most appropriate for their needs
    • Construction
      TCC offers a wide array of construction and skilled trades classes, including HVAC, Welding, Alternative Energy, Masonry, and Safety courses
    • Florida Green Academy (Green Technologies)
      The Florida Green Academy (FGA) is dedicated to existing and emerging "green" occupations and industries,
    • Manufacturing
      TCC's Advanced Manufacturing Training Center (AMTC) provides industry with a one stop center focusing on customized manufacturing training,
    • Soft Skills Training
      TCC's Professional Development Program meets the needs of the business professional.
  2. Customized Employer Training
    Performance Innovation Institute’s training facilitators are dedicated to providing superior,     customized training designed to help your staff perform at optimum levels.
  3. Grant Sources for Employers to Offset Cost of Training
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