TCC Trains Future Dental Hygienists

February 24, 2020

A student in a dental officeJay Cato is an adjunct professor at TCC, where she teaches in the Dental Hygiene program.

Cato knew from the beginning she wanted to a future career in the healthcare field, and she knew a lot of her friends who were going into the nursing program.

When she found out about TCC’s dental hygiene program, she enrolled right away.

The fast-paced experience really appealed to Cato, and she says they went from classroom experience to the workforce quickly.

“We were seeing patients in our second semester,” said Cato. “And then, you got into the real world and you’re watching dental hygienists and doctors.”

The program itself takes six terms to complete and prepares students for the successful completion of the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination and for licensure as a registered dental hygienist.

“The program gives you a lot of one on one time, internships where you go out in the real world and a lot of experience,” said Cato. “It’s fast-paced. They throw you in there. But that’s how you learn.”

Flexibility is also a big factor that attracted Cato to the program. 

“We get to schedule our own patients,” said Cato. “We work Monday through Thursdays, so the hours are great.”

Her time as a student and a professor has allowed her to pass on the knowledge she’s learned to her students and help them reach success.

“With the students, I have experience, too, so I am able to help them get that real-world experience,” said Cato.