New Faculty Seminars

New Faculty engage in seminars during their first five years of service through the Center for Professional Enrichment. The seminars bring new faculty members from all areas of the College together in a collegial and informal setting to share their professional expertise, to learn from each other, and learn about TCC. Unique to this process is the guidance provided by a senior faculty member, Bob Lutz, who serves as the New Faculty Facilitator to mentor incoming faculty.

photo of Robert Lutz


“Professional development is important in keeping us fresh in our fields and leads to helping us become life long learners. I am excited about the opportunity to facilitate and give back to the program that was so valuable to me as a new faculty member.”

Bob Lutz
Natural Sciences Associate Professor
Facilitator, New Faculty Seminars​

Bob received a Bachelors of Science Degree in Marine Biology from UNC-Wilmington and a Masters Degree in Biological Oceanography from The Florida State University. 

Prior to coming to TCC, Bob worked at the Office of Science Teaching Activities at FSU where he was involved with the professional development of K-16 teachers. Bob has been teaching Oceanography and Earth Science at TCC since 2010. He has been involved in educational research on learning in his classroom and presented at three national conferences on teaching pedagogy, most recently at the Ocean Sciences Meetings in Honolulu, Hawaii. He is actively involved on campus with science outreach and serves on standing committees and advisory boards. 

Bob is always looking forward to leading the New Faculty Seminar Series and sharing his years of experience in professional development. When Bob is not on campus he enjoys travelling, beekeeping, ceramics, and watching and playing sports.​


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