Meet Our Faculty

Faculty can participate in the Honors Program by teaching a course or serving on the Honors Council. 

Honors Council

The Honors Program Council will coordinate the TCC Honors Program. It will coordinate initiatives and activities related to Honors Program recruitment, credentials, courses, and curriculum, grants, scholarships, student advising, student leadership opportunities, and support for ​students as they transition to their next level of education or the workforce.

Members serve two-year terms with half the members rotating each year. Members may apply for repeat terms, but will not have priority over new applicants.

Current members include:

  • Robert Fleischman (Program Director)
  • David Proctor (BSSE faculty)
  • Helene Gold (Library)
  • Jen Robinson (CH faculty)
  • Jon Berryman (HCP faculty)
  • Joseph Hurd (Transitional Studies)
  • Jennifer Iacino (Student Success and Retention)

Honors Faculty

Standard Honors Courses

Bob Lutz
Earth and Its Environment

David Proctor
History of the United States

Kermit Harrison
Introduction to the Humanities

Nicolette Constantino
College Composition

Patrick McDermott
Dynamics of Student Leadership Development

Robert Fleischmann 
Honors Seminar

Honors Modules

Kermit Harrison 

Kristina Bowers
College Algebra

Rex Abert
Calculus with Analytic Geometry I

Rhonda Macleod
Calculus with Analytic Geometry II

Robert Fleischmann 
Humanities of the World: Prehistoric - 16th Century

Thomas Berger
General Chemistry II

Vijay Subramanian
Precalculus Trigonometry

Wilbert Butler
Introduction to Biological Sciences
Biology for Science Majors I

Ya Fang Wang
Precalculus Algebra


To teach honors courses, please contact your Dean and the Honors Program Director.

To propose a new honors module, please fill out this proposal form and contact your Dean as well as the Honors Program Faculty Coordinator.

Questions? Contact the program director Professor Robert Fleischmann at