Students' Rights and Responsibilities

Financial Aid Students' Rights

As a financial aid applicant or recipient, students have the following rights:
  • To be advised of what financial aid programs are available and how to apply for them.
  • To be advised of the requirements in cases of withdrawal, such as refunds or repayments of financial aid.
  • To be advised of the requirements for maintaining financial aid standards of satisfactory academic progress and good academic standing.
  • To have all application information treated with the highest confidentiality.
  • Financial Aid Student's Responsibilities


The Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, or FERPA,  prohibits the release of information from a student's file to third parties without written consent of the student. Students who want the Financial Aid Office to talk with any third party, including parents or a spouse, must such release (step number four on the TCC Financial Aid Application) giving the Financial Aid Office staff permission to speak to the people identified on the release form.

This release can be revoked by the student, at any time, by submitting a written request to the Financial Aid Office. Requests sent to other offices will not suffice for adding or deleting people from the financial aid form.

For more information about FEPRA, click here.

Financial Aid Students' Responsibilities

As a financial aid applicant or recipient, students have the following responsibilities:
  • To apply for financial aid early if a student wishes to be considered for financial assistance.
  • To submit all required forms accurately and completely.
  • To provide documentation, verification of income, corrections and or/any information to complete financial aid file.
  • To accept responsibility for all forms and agreements the student signs.
  • To use financial aid only for the student's actual educational expense.