Curtain Call

Gain new skills, meet fun people, and learn what goes into making Theatre TCC! one of the finest and fastest growing theatres in the area.

For TCC students who have an interest in being involved with any aspect of the theatre program, this is the group to join. Curtain Call works with the theatre director and technical director in the growth and mission of Theatre TCC! Participants can gain experience with onstage performance or technical aspects including costuming, props, lighting, and many more. 

Curtain Call also participates in services for the community and offers scholarship opportunities. Additionally, members have exclusive access to computer, printer and internet access at the Curtain Call office, located on the first floor of the CH building. The office is a great stop between classes for rehearsing, studying and socializing.  

Students who participate in at least one theatre production each semester may earn one elective credit for their efforts. Theatre Production [THE 2090] may be repeated up to four times, allowing a student to earn credit each semester they participate in production related tasks (including performance). For a complete list of theatre courses, visit Theatre TCC!    

Meeting Information

Curtain Call meets every other Thursday at 4 p.m. in CH 137. Any TCC student interested in the group is welcomed to stop by!

Contact Us

Eva Nielsen, Director of Theatre and Curtain Call Faculty Advisor 
Phone: (850) 201-9882