Career Exploration

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In-person Appointments

Meet with our career counselor or one of our qualified career coaches to get one-on-one help with mapping out your career path. To schedule an appointment, please email us at or call (850) 201-9970.

Online Resources

Career Coach - Careers at a Glance 

Discover your dream job with Career Coach, which provides a snapshot of salaries, employment forecasting, job postings, and associated education and training. Get started.

CandidCareer - Video Testimonials /Advice

Gain access to career advice from industry professionals. CandidCareer features informational video interviews to help you discover and explore your many career options.

FutureLink - Career Planning Tool & More

FutureLink gives you access to TCC’s online job & internship board & much more. Register with FutureLink​ to access a variety of career-planning services.

Occupational Outlook Handbook - Career Information 

The OOH can help you find career information on duties, education and training, pay, and outlook for hundreds of occupations.

Additional Resources

Student ePortfolio

TCC Student ePortfolio

Collect | Reflect | Showcase

An ePortfolio is a personal portfolio tool for storing, organizing, reflecting on and sharing items that represent your learning and achievement. You can include items such as documents, graphics, audio files, videos, presentations, course work, certifications, professional development, internships and your résumé to demonstrate your improvement or mastery in certain areas or attainment of skills.
You can control what items you want to include in your ePortfolio, how they are organized, and who you want to share them with. You can use your ePortfolio in many different ways – for University admissions acceptance, internship opportunities, employment, scholarships, reflection and expressing creativity – just to name a few.
In building your ePortfolio, there are 4 different platforms to choose from below.  It is up to you which one you use. Keep in mind, most platforms refer to an ePortfolio as a website or “site”. So, in a sense, you are building your own website. You will see links on How to Get Started and for the platform Help Centers below.
Please review terms and conditions of the platform you use.***


TCC student Katie Register, now TCC alumna, created her ePortfolio using Wix. View her portfolio.
TCC student Brooke Keeports created her ePortfolio using Wix.  View her portfolio.
Here are a few more exemplary TCC student ePortfolio examples-
  • TCC does NOT require you to purchase any software, please use the free version.
  • We recommend using Chrome, Safari, or Firefox for building any of the ePortfolio platforms.
  • Tallahassee Community College is not responsible for any content added or shared in student ePortfolios. 
  • Any information you post is public information. Be mindful with the information you choose to display.
  • Make sure you know and understand the terms and conditions of the platform prior to use.

EagleShadow Program 

The EagleShadow Program connects students with employers, community partners, alumni, and friends of TCC for one-day job shadowing experience. This program allows students to observe full-time professionals on-the-job, experience a typical workday, explore a variety of career fields and get a sneak peek into their future industry!

Though generally not for credit or pay, job shadowing provides many benefits. Participation in job shadowing can:

  • Help clarify career and professional goals
  • Connect classroom learning to real-world application
  • Allow for exploration of a wide variety of career fields & industries 
  • Provide an opportunity for professional networking

Practice professional networking and make contacts, which may make finding and acquiring future internships or full-time opportunities easier

The Fall 2019 EagleShadow Day will be held on Thur., October 3, 2019.

The Student Application will open on August 26th and close on Sept. 20th!

For additional information, contact

Build Your Financial Future Today!

Financial Freedom

 Living in Financial Freedom

Wisdom: Keep a budget, have a emergency fund, live debt free and save more than you spend by living beneath your means

Alternative Finances, PYMNTS.COM, What The climbing Debt Defauts Really Mean For The Economy Rising Consumer Debt

"According to the New York Federal Reserve, household debt surged in the final quarter of 2017 to $13.15 trillion, a $193 billion increase fromQ3 and $402 billion higher than the fourth quarter of 2016. PYMNTS.COM

Pig in water

Sink your wealth all your life or build your wealth all your life!

Please view the videos on this page to help you decide.

Saving For Retirement at Age 23

Credit Cards vs. Cash

Our Generation and Debt

Building Wealth

For Veterans

Veterans - We Are Here To Help

As a Military Member or Veteran, you may not have learned to combat debt in order to have financial wellness.
Most have no personal financial training or education prior to entering the military. The genesis of this problem occurs because most military personnel received no financial teaching by their parents (and many of their parents are in bad financial shape as well).  Very few high schools teach personal financial management–currently less than five states have mandatory comprehensive personal finance classes. Basic military training has 1.5 hours of personal financial training, and according to a Military Times survey, 75% of respondents indicated either they didn't remember it or felt that it was so boring that they couldn't stay awake.

Access the VA website for additional, great resources.

Scholarships for Military Families-



Raising Smart Kids

Little eyes are watching you. If you’re slapping down the plastic credit every time you go out to dinner or to the grocery store, they will eventually notice. Also, if at the end of every month, you and your spouse are arguing about money, they’ll notice. Set healthy examples for your kids, and they’ll be much more likely to follow it when they get older.

Watch No Entitled Kids Here

Find Fun Ways to Teach You Kids About Money with Lauchpad - this website is AWESOME!

Rachel Cruze :Teach Your Kids About Respect!

Additional Resources

You're Not Actually on a Budget If...
The word "budget" means a lot of different things depending on who you talk to. This video explains three types of budgets that are NOT budgets.  WATCH VIDEO 

General Financial Literacy

Savings, Budgets, and Debt