Black Male Achievers

Black Male Achievers

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The Black Male Achievers Program offers its members a wide variety of academic and student services along with personal enrichment activities to advance intellectual and personal growth. B.M.A. offers an array of seminars, films, and other activities that reflect, celebrate, and motivate minority men.


“Intelligence plus character, that is the goal of true education.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.






TCC’s Black Male Achievers program is designed to empower and educate its students on the importance of the successful completion of their post-secondary aspirations through the practices of academic, social, and occupational excellence.

Academic Support

B.M.A. offers its members the opportunity to participate in group tutoring sessions twice a week in the Learning Commons. The Learning Commons provides student success specialists, tutors and faculty to assist students in identifying and using resources. The B.M.A. Program also utilizes a broad range of the other services that the Learning Commons offers, including the following:

  • Learning support, including many textbooks, calculators, and hands-on activities;
  • One-on-one and small group tutoring provided by students, faculty, and trained staff;
  • Study sessions and open access computers;
  • Technology and multi-media support;
  • Handouts, science models, and electronic resources;
  • Workshops and seminars.

Membership Requirements

The B.M.A. Program requires its members to obtain a current record of their Academic Progress, which then serves as general indication of how the student is performing in the courses he is currently enrolled in. After assessing students’ performance, the coordinator of B.M.A. will provide the member with the adequate assistance to insure his successful completion of registered course work. Current membership requirements include:

  • Pursuing an AA, AS, AAS degree, Certificate, or Diploma;
  • Be enrolled as a full-time student;
  • An initial GPA of a 2.0;
  • BMA t-shirt at B.M.A. general meetings (shirt and tie);
  • Six (6) study hours in Study Hall or the Learning Commons per week;
  • Timely attendance to weekly meetings;
  • Be seated in the first two rows of all on-campus classes.



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