Blockchain Technology -  In-Demand Hard Skill

Explore Blockchain Technology, which was noted by LinkedIN as one of 2020's top in-demand hard skill. Blockchain, a distributed ledger technology, is arguably the most consequential invention since the internet.  Explore the world of smart contracts, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO), cryptocurrencies, tokenization, encryption, and decentralized applications (dApps) bring Web3.0 into focus.

Enroll today to develop the knowledge and skillset to fill high paying positions for business leaders, developers, marketers, sales, design, and operations.      

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General Entrepreneur Offerings

Blockchain Foundations15 Hours
Blockchain & Bitcoin Intensives 10 Hours
Blockchain Development 10 Hours
Enterprise Blockchain Strategy 10 Hours

Professional Offerings

Blockchain for Lawyers15 Hours
The Blockchain Regulatory Environment 15 Hours
Blockchain for the Supply Chain Sector 15 Hours
Blockchain for Accountants 10 Hours
Blockchain and the Financial Services Sector 10 Hours
Blockchain and the Insurance Sector 10 Hours
Blockchain and the Healthcare Sector 10 Hours
Crypto Trading 10 Hours

Developer - Technical Offerings

Blockchain Architecture Course24 Hours
Blockchain Security Workshop 16 Hours
Ethereum Developer 16 Hours
EOS Developer 16 Hours
Corda Developer 16 Hours

Certification Pathways

Certified Blockchain Project Manager80 Hours
Certified Blockchain Developer 80 Hours
Certified Blockchain Business Professional 80 Hours


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