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 Degrees and Certificates

Accounting Technology Management Certificate (6329)
Accounting Technology Operations Certificate (6330)
Accounting Technology Specialist Certificate (6331)
Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Technology, PSAV Certificate (5025)
Applied Cybersecurity, PSAV Certificate (5028)
Armed Private Security Officer PSAV Certificate (5021)
Building Construction Management, A.S. (2160)
Building Construction Specialist Certificate (6353)
Business Entrepreneurship Certificate (6362)
Business Management, A.S. (2109)
CAD Foundations Certificate (6354)
Central Sterile Processing Technologist Certificate (6360)
College and University Transfer, A.A. (1001)
Commercial Vehicle Driving PSAV Certificate (5029)
Computer Programming and Analysis Certificate (6302)
Computer Programming and Web Development, A.S. (2158)
Computer Programming Specialist Certificate (6338)
Correctional Probation Basic Recruit PSAV Certificate (5012)
Correctional Probation Crossover: Corrections to Correctional Probation PSAV Certificate (5014)
Corrections Basic Recruit PSAV Certificate (5005)
Corrections Crossover: Correctional Probation to Corrections PSAV Certificate (5016)
Corrections Crossover: Law Enforcement to Corrections PSAV Certificate (5008)
Criminal Justice Technology, A.S. (2138)
Critical Care Transport for Emergency Medical Services Certificate (4006)
Critical Care Transport for Nursing Certificate (4004)
Critical Care Transport for Respiratory Care Certificate (4005)
Dental Assisting PSAV Certificate (5001)
Dental Hygiene, A.S. (2101)
Drafting and Design Technology, A.S. (2135)
Early Childhood Development, Education and Management, A.S. (2123)
Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Technology, A.S. (2104)
Emergency Medical Technician Certificate (B312)
Endoscopy Technician Certificate (6361)
Engineering Technologies Support Specialist Certificate (6350)
Engineering Technology, A.S. (2163)
Environmental Science Technology, A.S. (2162)
Firefighter PSAV Certificate (5020)
Graphic and Web Design Technology, A.S. (2125)
Graphic Design Support Certificate (6340)
Health Informatics Specialist Certificate (6343)
Health Information Technology, A.S. (2159)
Health Profession to Registered Nursing (R.N.), A.S. (2164)
Health Science, A.S. (2161)
Help Desk/Technical Support Certificate (6323)
Help Desk/Technical Support, A.S. (2137)
Industrial Machinery Maintenance, PSAV Certificate (5027)
Law Enforcement Basic Recruit PSAV Certificate (5007)
Law Enforcement Crossover: Correctional Probation to Law Enforcement PSAV Certificate (5015)
Law Enforcement Crossover: Corrections to Law Enforcement PSAV Certificate (5006)
Machining, PSAV Certificate (5026)
Medical Coding and Billing Specialist Certificate (6352)
Network Enterprise Administration Certificate (6363)
Network Infrastructure Certificate (6359)
Network Support Technician Certificate (6358)
Network Systems Technology, A.S. (2165)
Network Virtualization Certificate (6357)
Nurse Assistant, Long Term Care PSAV Certificate (5024)
Nursing (R.N.), A.S. (2103)
Nursing, B.S. (C100)
Office Administration, A.S. (2107)
Office Management Certificate (6334)
Office Specialist Certificate (6335)
Office Support Certificate (6336)
Paralegal/Legal Studies, A.S. (2112)
Paramedic Certificate (6309)
Pharmacy Management, A.S. (2166)
Pharmacy Technician Certificate (B316)
Pneumatics, Hydraulics and Motors for Manufacturing Certificate (6349)
Radiologic Technology, A.S. (2149)
Respiratory Care, A.S. (2106)
Small Business Management Certificate (6319)
Sports, Fitness and Recreation Management, A.S. (2124)
Surgical Technology Specialist Certificate (6355)
Telecommunications PSAV Certificate (5011)
Unarmed Private Security Officer PSAV Certificate (5021)
Web Technologies Certificate (6317)
Welding Technology Advanced, PSAV Certificate (5030)
Welding Technology, PSAV Certificate (5023)


ACG2021 Financial Accounting (ACG 2021)
ACG2071 Managerial Accounting (ACG 2071)
ACG2450 Computer Accounting (ACG 2450)
ACG2500 Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting (ACG 2500)
ACR0041 A/C, Refrigeration and Heating Helper (ACR 0041)
ACR0043 A/C, Refrigeration and Heating Mechanic Assistant (ACR 0043)
ACR0044 A/C, Refrigeration and Heating Technician (ACR 0044)
ACR0047 A/C, Refrigeration and Heating Mechanic 1 (ACR 0047)
ACR0049 A/C, Refrigeration and Heating Mechanic 2 (ACR 0049)
AMH1041 American Experience I (AMH 1041)
AMH1050 American Experience II (AMH 1050)
AMH2010 History of the United States I (AMH 2010)
AMH2020 History of the United States II (AMH 2020)
AMH2091 African-American History (AMH 2091)
AML2301 Major American Writers (AML 2301)
AML2600 African American Literature (AML 2600)
ANT2000 Introduction to Anthropology (ANT 2000)
ANT2140 Introduction to Archaeology (ANT 2140)
ANT2211 Peoples of the World (ANT 2211)
ANT2410 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (ANT 2410)
ANT2511 Introduction to Physical Anthropology (ANT 2511)
ARH2000 Art Appreciation (ARH 2000)
ARH2050 Art History: Prehistory through Gothic (ARH 2050)
ARH2051 Art History: Renaissance through Contemporary (ARH 2051)
ARH2500 Non-Western Art History (ARH 2500)
ART1150C Introduction to Jewelry Making (ART 1150C)
ART1201C 2D Foundations/Design (ART 1201C)
ART1203C 3D Foundations/Sculpture (ART 1203C)
ART1205C Color: Theory and Practice (ART 1205C)
ART1300C Drawing Foundations/Drawing I (ART 1300C)
ART1330C Figure Drawing (ART 1330C)
ART1340C Beginning Illustration (ART 1340C)
ART1430C Screen Printing (ART 1430C)
ART1540C Watercolor Fundamentals (ART 1540C)
ART1602C Digital Art Foundations (ART 1602C)
ART1942 Arts Internship (ART 1942)
ART2301C Drawing II (ART 2301C)
ART2400C Introduction to Printmaking (ART 2400C)
ART2500C Painting I (ART 2500C)
ART2501C Painting II (ART 2501C)
ART2955 Portfolio (ART 2955)
AST1002 Introduction to Astronomy (AST 1002)
BCN1001 Applied Math Concepts for Design and Construction (BCN 1001)
BCN1040 Introduction to Sustainable/Green Building Principles (BCN 1040)
BCN2230 Construction Materials and Methods (BCN 2230)
BCN2241 Construction Operations (BCN 2241)
BCN2272 Plans Interpretation (BCN 2272)
BCN2405 Statics and Strength of Materials (BCN 2405)
BCN2704 Construction Contracts, Codes, Laws and Safety (BCN 2704)
BCT2705 Construction Management (BCT 2705)
BCT2770 Construction Estimating 1 (BCT 2770)
BOT1000 Plant Science (BOT 1000)
BSC1005 Introduction to Biological Sciences (BSC 1005)
BSC1005L Introduction to Biological Sciences Lab (BSC 1005L)
BSC1020 Introduction to Human Biological Sciences (BSC 1020)
BSC1050 Environmental Systems (BSC 1050)
BSC1084C Human Biology: Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology (BSC 1084C)
BSC2010 Biology for Science Majors I (BSC 2010)
BSC2010L Biology for Science Majors Laboratory I (BSC 2010L)
BSC2011 Biology for Science Majors II (BSC 2011)
BSC2011L Biology Lab for Science Majors II (BSC 2011L)
BSC2085 Anatomy and Physiology I (BSC 2085)
BSC2085L Anatomy and Physiology I Laboratory (BSC 2085L)
BSC2086 Anatomy and Physiology II (BSC 2086)
BSC2086L Anatomy and Physiology II Laboratory (BSC 2086L)
BSC2250C Field Biology of Florida with Lab (BSC 2250C)
BUL2241 Legal Concepts of Business (BUL 2241)
BUL2242 The Law of Business (BUL 2242)
CAP2703 Computer Animation (CAP 2703)
CCJ1020 The Criminal Justice System (CCJ 1020)
CCJ1600 Deviant Behavior (CCJ 1600)
CCJ2000 Crime and Delinquency: Nature and Causes (CCJ 2000)
CCJ2452 Justice Administration (CCJ 2452)
CCJ2930 Seminar on Contemporary Criminal Justice Issues (CCJ 2930)
CET1600 Open System Architecture I (CET 1600)
CET1610 Open System Architecture II (CET 1610)
CET2370 Network Virtualization (CET 2370)
CET2615 Open System Architecture III (CET 2615)
CET2620 Open System Architecture IV (CET 2620)
CGS1000 Introduction to Computer Technology (CGS 1000)
CGS1030 Computer Basics (CGS 1030)
CGS1060 Computer and Internet Literacy (CGS 1060)
CGS1520 Introduction to Multimedia Programming (CGS 1520)
CGS1555 Internet (CGS 1555)
CGS1820 Web Page Authoring (CGS 1820)
CGS2069 Starting a Business on the Internet (CGS 2069)
CGS2100 Microcomputer Applications for Business (CGS 2100)
CGS2540 Database Concepts (CGS 2540)
CGS2560 Introduction to Operating Systems (CGS 2560)
CHD2220 Child Development (CHD 2220)
CHD2240 Adolescent Development (CHD 2240)
CHM1020 Chemistry for General Education (CHM 1020)
CHM1030 General Chemistry for Allied Health (CHM 1030)
CHM1030L General Chemistry for Allied Health Laboratory (CHM 1030L)
CHM1045 General Chemistry I (CHM 1045)
CHM1045L General Chemistry Laboratory I (CHM 1045L)
CHM1046 General Chemistry II (CHM 1046)
CHM1046L General Chemistry Laboratory II (CHM 1046L)
CHM2210 Organic Chemistry I (CHM 2210)
CHM2210L Organic Chemistry I Laboratory (CHM 2210L)
CHM2211 Organic Chemistry II (CHM 2211)
CHM2211L Organic Chemistry II Laboratory (CHM 2211L)
CIS2352 Ethical Hacking (CIS 2352)
CJC1000 Corrections (CJC 1000)
CJC2162 Probation, Pardons, Parole (CJC 2162)
CJD0199 Emergency Medical Dispatcher (CJD 0199)
CJD0234 Basic Recruit State Exam Review (CJD 0234)
CJD0241 Application-based Scenario (CJD 0241)
CJD0520 Public Safety Telecommunications (CJD 0520)
CJE1000 Law Enforcement (CJE 1000)
CJE1770 Crime Scene Photography (CJE 1770)
CJE2330 Ethics in Criminal Justice (CJE 2330)
CJE2600 Criminal Investigation (CJE 2600)
CJE2640 Crime Scene Investigation (CJE 2640)
CJE2643 Advanced Crime Scene Investigation (CJE 2643)
CJE2670 Introduction to Forensic Science (CJE 2670)
CJE2671 Latent Fingerprint Development (CJE 2671)
CJE2672 Fingerprint Classification (CJE 2672)
CJE2676 Biological Evidence (CJE 2676)
CJJ2002 Juvenile Justice (CJJ 2002)
CJK0001 Introduction to Law Enforcement (CJK 0001)
CJK0012 Legal (CJK 0012)
CJK0013 Interactions in a Diverse Community (CJK 0013)
CJK0014 Interviewing and Report Writing (CJK 0014)
CJK0020 CMS Law Enforcement Vehicle Operations (CJK 0020)
CJK0031 CMS First Aid for Criminal Justice Officers (CJK 0031)
CJK0040 CMS Criminal Justice Firearms (CJK 0040)
CJK0051 CMS Criminal Justice Defensive Tactics (CJK 0051)
CJK0064 Fundamentals of Patrol (CJK 0064)
CJK0065 Calls for Service (CJK 0065)
CJK0077 Criminal Investigations (CJK 0077)
CJK0078 Crime Scene to Courtroom (CJK 0078)
CJK0084 DUI Traffic Stops (CJK 0084)
CJK0087 Traffic Stops (CJK 0087)
CJK0088 Traffic Crash Investigations (CJK 0088)
CJK0092 Critical Incidents (CJK 0092)
CJK0096 Criminal Justice Officer Physical Fitness Training (CJK 0096)
CJK0200 Overview of Corrections (CJK 0200)
CJK0205 Law Enforcement Crossover Responding to Incidents and Emergencies (CJK 0205)
CJK0219 Responding to Calls for Service (CJK 0219)
CJK0227 Correctional Probation Crossover to Florida CMS Law Enforcement: Officer Wellness (CJK 0227)
CJK0228 Law Enforcement Report Writing (CJK 0228)
CJK0229 Crime Scene Procedures (CJK 0229)
CJK0230 Correctional Crossover to Correctional Probation: Legal and Communication (CJK 0230)
CJK0231 Correctional Crossover to Correctional Probation: Supervision (CJK 0231)
CJK0232 Correctional Officer Crossover to Correctional Probation Investigations (CJK 0232)
CJK0235 Correctional Crossover to Correctional Probation: Officer Wellness (CJK 0235)
CJK0271 Legal (CJK 0271)
CJK0272 Correctional Probation: Interpersonal Communication Skills (CJK 0272)
CJK0273 Correctional Probation: Caseload Management (CJK 0273)
CJK0274 Correctional Probation: Supervision (CJK 0274)
CJK0275 Correctional Probation: Investigations (CJK 0275)
CJK0276 Correctional Probation: Management Information Systems (CJK 0276)
CJK0281 Criminal Justice Officer: Physical Fitness Training (CJK 0281)
CJK0287 Correctional Probation Crossover to Correctional: Radio Communications and Searches (CJK 0287)
CJK0293 Overview of Law Enforcement (CJK 0293)
CJK0295 Correctional Crossover to Law Enforcement: Officer Wellness (CJK 0295)
CJK0296 Reporting Procedures (CJK 0296)
CJK0297 Interactions in Crisis Situations (CJK 0297)
CJK0300 Introduction to Corrections (CJK 0300)
CJK0305 Communications (CJK 0305)
CJK0310 Officer Safety (CJK 0310)
CJK0315 Facility and Equipment (CJK 0315)
CJK0320 Intake and Release (CJK 0320)
CJK0325 Supervising in a Correctional Facility (CJK 0325)
CJK0330 Supervising Special Populations (CJK 0330)
CJK0335 Responding to Incidents and Emergencies (CJK 0335)
CJK0340 Officer Wellness and Physical Abilities (CJK 0340)
CJK0354 Law Enforcement Crossover to Correctional: Officer Wellness (CJK 0354)
CJK0391 Correctional Probation Crossover to Correctional: Officer Wellness (CJK 0391)
CJK0392 Crossover Handgun Transition Course (CJK 0392)
CJK0393 Crossover Program Updates (CJK 0393)
CJK0422 Dart-firing Stun Gun (CJK 0422)
CJL1500 The Court System (CJL 1500)
CJL2100 Criminal Law (CJL 2100)
CJL2130 Criminal Evidence and Procedures (CJL 2130)
CJL2610 Courtroom Presentation of Scientific Evidence (CJL 2610)
CJT0801 Private Security Officer - Armed (CJT 0801)
CJT0803 Private Security Officer - Unarmed (CJT 0803)
CLP1001 Psychology of Personal and Social Adjustment (CLP 1001)
CLP2140 Abnormal Psychology (CLP 2140)
CNT2401 Introduction to Network Security (CNT 2401)
COP1332 Introduction to VB.NET Programming (COP 1332)
COP2220 Introduction to C++ Programming (COP 2220)
COP2221 Intermediate Programming with C++ (COP 2221)
COP2360 Introduction to C# Programming (COP 2360)
COP2800 Introduction to Java Programming (COP 2800)
COP2805 Java Programming II (COP 2805)
COP2830 Scripting for the Web (COP 2830)
COP2840 Internet Programming (COP 2840)
CPO2001 Introduction to Comparative Politics (CPO 2001)
CRW2001 Creative Writing (CRW 2001)
CRW2002 Creative Writing II (CRW 2002)
CTS0018 Cybersecurity Associate (CTS 0018)
CTS0019 Information Security Manager (CTS 0019)
CTS1131 Microcomputer Architecture (CTS 1131)
CTS1134 Networking and Telecommunication (CTS 1134)
CTS1220C Microsoft Specialist: Word (CTS 1220C)
CTS1230C Microsoft Specialist: PowerPoint (CTS 1230C)
CTS2132 Microcomputer Architecture II (CTS 2132)
CTS2155 Computer User Support (CTS 2155)
CTS2225C Microsoft Specialist: Excel (CTS 2225C)
CTS2351 Network Administration and Management (CTS 2351)
CTS2352 Advanced Network Administration (CTS 2352)
CTS2401C Microsoft Specialist: Access (CTS 2401C)
DAA1100 Contemporary Dance (DAA 1100)
DAA1101 Contemporary Dance II (DAA 1101)
DAA1200 Ballet I (DAA 1200)
DAA1201 Ballet II (DAA 1201)
DAA1300 Social Dance (DAA 1300)
DAA1304 Dance: Swinging with Technique (DAA 1304)
DAA1500 Beginning Jazz Dance (DAA 1500)
DAA1610 An Introduction to Dance Composition (DAA 1610)
DEA0020 Dental Assisting Preclinic Theory (DEA 0020)
DEA0020L Dental Assisting Preclinic Laboratory (DEA 0020L)
DEA0800 Clinical Practice and Procedures I Theory (DEA 0800)
DEA0800L Clinical Practice and Procedures I Lab (DEA 0800L)
DEA0830 Expanded Functions I Theory (DEA 0830)
DEA0830L Expanded Functions I Lab (DEA 0830L)
DEA0831 Expanded Functions II Theory (DEA 0831)
DEA0831L Expanded Functions II Lab (DEA 0831L)
DEA0850 Clinical Practice and Procedures II Theory (DEA 0850)
DEA0850L Clinical Practice and Procedures II Lab (DEA 0850L)
DEH1002 Dental Hygiene Preclinic Theory (DEH 1002)
DEH1002L Dental Hygiene Preclinic Lab (DEH 1002L)
DEH1130 Embryology and Oral Histology (DEH 1130)
DEH1400 General and Oral Pathology (DEH 1400)
DEH1800 Dental Hygiene I Theory (DEH 1800)
DEH1800L Dental Hygiene I Clinic (DEH 1800L)
DEH1802 Dental Hygiene II Theory (DEH 1802)
DEH1802L Dental Hygiene II Clinic (DEH 1802L)
DEH2300 Pharmacology (DEH 2300)
DEH2504 Dental Specialties (DEH 2504)
DEH2602 Periodontology (DEH 2602)
DEH2602L Periodontology Lab (DEH 2602L)
DEH2701 Community Dental Health (DEH 2701)
DEH2701L Community Dental Health Lab (DEH 2701L)
DEH2804 Dental Hygiene III Theory (DEH 2804)
DEH2804L Dental Hygiene III Clinic (DEH 2804L)
DEH2900 Dental Health Program Independent Study (DEH 2900)
DEP2004 Human Development: Birth to Senescence (DEP 2004)
DES0053 Nitrous Oxide Monitoring (DES 0053)
DES1020 Dental Anatomy (DES 1020)
DES1200 Dental Radiology (DES 1200)
DES1200L Dental Radiology Lab (DES 1200L)
DES1600 Dental Office Emergencies (DES 1600)
DES1840 Preventive Dentistry (DES 1840)
DES2051 Pain Control (DES 2051)
DES2100 Dental Materials Theory (DES 2100)
DES2100L Dental Materials Lab (DES 2100L)
DES2502 Clinic and Office Management (DES 2502)
EAP0320 English for Academic Purposes: Intermediate Reading (EAP 0320)
EAP0384 English for Academic Purposes: Intermediate Writing and Grammar (EAP 0384)
EAP0420 English for Academic Purposes: Advanced Reading (EAP 0420)
EAP0440 English for Academic Purposes: Advanced Writing (EAP 0440)
EAP1503 English for Academic Purposes: Intermediate Listening and Speaking (EAP 1503)
EAP1602 English for Academic Purposes: Advanced Listening and Speaking (EAP 1602)
ECO2013 Principles of Economics: Macro (ECO 2013)
ECO2023 Principles of Economics: Micro (ECO 2023)
ECO2710 Introduction to International Economics (ECO 2710)
ECO2930 Special Topics in Economics (ECO 2930)
EDF1004 Educational Field Experience (EDF 1004)
EDF1005 Introduction to the Teaching Profession (EDF 1005)
EDF2085 Introduction to Diversity for Educators (EDF 2085)
EDG1319 Special Topics in Early Childhood Education (EDG 1319)
EEC1300 Cognitive Experiences for Young Children (EEC 1300)
EEC1308 Education of the Young Child (EEC 1308)
EEC1312 Creative Experiences for Young Children (EEC 1312)
EEC1600 Guiding the Young Child (EEC 1600)
EEC1603 Early Childhood Development and Guidance (EEC 1603)
EEC1907 Directed Observation and Participation (EEC 1907)
EEC2013 Children's Literature in Early Childhood Education (EEC 2013)
EEC2401 Home, School, and Community in Early Childhood Education (EEC 2401)
EEC2521 Management of a Childcare Center (EEC 2521)
EEC2523 Early Childhood Organizational Leadership and Management (EEC 2523)
EET1084C Introduction to Electronics (EET 1084C)
EEX2010 Survey of Disabling Conditions in Young Children (EEX 2010)
EGN1111C Engineering Graphics (EGN 1111C)
EGN2112 Computer Application in Drafting and Design (EGN 2112)
EGN2126C Computer Graphics for Engineers (EGN 2126C)
EGN2312 Vector Statics (EGN 2312)
EGN2322 Vector Dynamics (EGN 2322)
EGS1002 Introduction to Engineering Technology (EGS 1002)
EME2040 Introduction to Technology for Educators (EME 2040)
EMS1059C First Responder (EMS 1059C)
EMS1119 Emergency Medical Technician Lecture (EMS 1119)
EMS1119L Emergency Medical Technician Lab (EMS 1119L)
EMS1431L Emergency Medical Technician Clinical (EMS 1431L)
EMS1525 Electrocardiography (EMS 1525)
EMS2346C Critical Care Ground Transport (EMS 2346C)
EMS2603 Paramedic I Lecture (EMS 2603)
EMS2603L Paramedic I Lab (EMS 2603L)
EMS2604 Paramedic II Lecture (EMS 2604)
EMS2604L Paramedic II Lab (EMS 2604L)
EMS2605 Paramedic III Lecture (EMS 2605)
EMS2605L Paramedic III Lab (EMS 2605L)
EMS2659L Paramedic Field Internship (EMS 2659L)
EMS2666L Paramedic I Clinical (EMS 2666L)
EMS2667L Paramedic II Clinical (EMS 2667L)
ENC0015 Developmental Writing I (ENC 0015)
ENC0022 Comprehensive Developmental Writing (ENC 0022)
ENC0025 Developmental Writing II (ENC 0025)
ENC0027 Integrated Reading and Writing II (ENC 0027)
ENC0028L Developmental Lab for Composition (ENC 0028L)
ENC1101 College Composition (ENC 1101)
ENC1102 Argument and Persuasion (ENC 1102)
ENC1141 Writing about Literature (ENC 1141)
ENC2210 Technical Communications (ENC 2210)
ENC2948 Practicum in College Composition Mentoring (ENC 2948)
ENL2000 British Literature (ENL 2000)
ESC1000 Earth and Its Environment (ESC 1000)
ESC1000L Earth and Its Environment Laboratory (ESC 1000L)
ESC2930 Special Topics: Climate Change (ESC 2930)
ETD1320 Introduction to CAD (ETD 1320)
ETD2340 Advanced CAD (ETD 2340)
ETD2390 3D Auto CAD/Revit (ETD 2390)
ETD2563C Fire Protection Design (ETD 2563C)
ETI0450 Industrial Machinery Maintenance Assistant (ETI 0450)
ETI0456 Machinery Maintenance Mechanic (ETI 0456)
ETI1110 Quality Assurance (ETI 1110)
ETI1420C Manufacturing Processes and Materials (ETI 1420C)
ETI1622 Concepts of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma (ETI 1622)
ETI1701 Industrial Safety (ETI 1701)
ETM1010C Mechanical Measurement and Instrumentation (ETM 1010C)
ETM2315C Hydraulics and Pneumatics (ETM 2315C)
ETS1511C Motors and Controls (ETS 1511C)
EUH1000 Western Civilization I (EUH 1000)
EUH1001 Western Civilization II (EUH 1001)
EVR1001 Introduction to Environmental Sciences (EVR 1001)
EVR1080C Chemistry and Biology of Natural Waters (EVR 1080C)
EVR1263 Urban Pollution (EVR 1263)
EVR1328 Natural Resources Conservation and Management (EVR 1328)
EVR1357 Wetland Resources (EVR 1357)
EVR1858 Environmental Regulation and Compliance (EVR 1858)
EVR2892C Environmental Sampling and Analysis I (EVR 2892C)
FFP0010 Firefighter I (FFP 0010)
FFP0020 Firefighter II (FFP 0020)
FIL1031 History of Film I (FIL 1031)
FIL2000 Film Appreciation (FIL 2000)
FIL2032 History of Film II (FIL 2032)
FIN1100 Personal Finance (FIN 1100)
FRE1120 Elementary French I (FRE 1120)
FRE1121 Elementary French II (FRE 1121)
GEA2000 World Regional Geography (GEA 2000)
GEB1011 Introduction to Business (GEB 1011)
GEO1400 Introduction to Human Geography (GEO 1400)
GER1120 Elementary German I (GER 1120)
GER1121 Elementary German II (GER 1121)
GLY1030 Environmental Geology (GLY 1030)
GLY2010 Physical Geology (GLY 2010)
GLY2010L Physical Geology Laboratory (GLY 2010L)
GLY2160 Geology of National Parks (GLY 2160)
GRA1111C Graphic Design I (GRA 1111C)
GRA1206C Typography (GRA 1206C)
GRA2100 Cg Characters Production (GRA 2100)
GRA2103C Computer Based Design I (GRA 2103C)
GRA2105C Computer Based Design II (GRA 2105C)
GRA2121 Publication Design (GRA 2121)
GRA2140 Web Page Design (GRA 2140)
GRA2143 Advanced Web Design (GRA 2143)
GRA2207 Advanced Image Editing (GRA 2207)
HCP0122 Nursing Assistant (HCP 0122)
HIM1000 Introduction to Health Information and Informatics Management (HIM 1000)
HIM1930 Professional Development I (HIM 1930)
HIM2012 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Healthcare (HIM 2012)
HIM2112C Health Information Technology (HIM 2112C)
HIM2214 Health Statistics (HIM 2214)
HIM2222C ICD Coding System (HIM 2222C)
HIM2235C Advanced Coding (HIM 2235C)
HIM2253C CPT Coding System (HIM 2253C)
HIM2272 Reimbursement Methodology (HIM 2272)
HIM2433 Pathophysiology (HIM 2433)
HIM2442 Pharmacology for Health Professions (HIM 2442)
HIM2500 Healthcare Data and Quality Management (HIM 2500)
HIM2512 Principles of Organization and Project Management (HIM 2512)
HIM2920 HIT Seminar (HIM 2920)
HIM2933 Professional Development II (HIM 2933)
HIM2935 MCB Practicum and Exam Review (HIM 2935)
HIM2943 HIM Practicum (HIM 2943)
HIS2930 Special Topics in History (HIS 2930)
HSC1000 Orientation to Perioperative Services (HSC 1000)
HSC1000L Orientation to Perioperative Services Lab (HSC 1000L)
HSC1100 Concepts of Positive Living (HSC 1100)
HSC1171 Wellness through Stress Management (HSC 1171)
HSC1434C Central Processing Technology Lecture, Lab & Clinical (HSC 1434C)
HSC1538 Medical Terminology for Healthcare Professionals (HSC 1538)
HSC2122 Consumer Health (HSC 2122)
HSC2200 Principles of Contemporary Health (HSC 2200)
HSC2400 First Aid (HSC 2400)
HSC2520 Microbiology for Perioperative Services (HSC 2520)
HSC2531 Medical Terminology (HSC 2531)
HUM2020 Introduction to the Humanities (HUM 2020)
HUM2210 Humanities of the World: Prehistory through Sixteenth Century (HUM 2210)
HUM2230 Humanities of the World: Sixteenth Century through Contemporary (HUM 2230)
HUM2525 The American Music Tradition: Jazz (HUM 2525)
HUM2529 The American Music Tradition: Popular Music (HUM 2529)
HUM2741 Humanities Abroad (HUM 2741)
HUM2942 Museum Field Trip (HUM 2942)
HUN1201 The Science of Nutrition (HUN 1201)
HUN2270 Introduction to Sports Nutrition (HUN 2270)
IDH2931 Honors Seminar (IDH 2931)
IDS1195 Introduction to Chinese Culture and Society (IDS 1195)
IDS2182 Applied Ethics Seminar (IDS 2182)
IDS2311 Global Perspectives: An Interdisciplinary Course in Globalism (IDS 2311)
IDS2941 Technology and Professional Programs Internship (IDS 2941)
INR2002 International Relations (INR 2002)
ITA1120 Beginning Italian I (ITA 1120)
ITA1121 Beginning Italian II (ITA 1121)
JOU2420L Newspaper Production (JOU 2420L)
JOU2440L Literary Magazine Production (JOU 2440L)
LAT1120 Beginning Latin I (LAT 1120)
LAT1121 Beginning Latin II (LAT 1121)
LEI1000 Introduction to Recreation and Leisure Services (LEI 1000)
LEI1541 Outdoor Recreation Management (LEI 1541)
LEI2310 Introduction to Event Planning (LEI 2310)
LEI2730 Adaptive/Therapeutic Recreation (LEI 2730)
LIS2004 Introduction to Internet Research (LIS 2004)
LIT2000 Introduction to Literature (LIT 2000)
LIT2100 Masterpieces of World Literature (LIT 2100)
LIT2323 Multicultural Mythology (LIT 2323)
LIT2330 Children's Literature (LIT 2330)
LIT2930 Special Topics in Literature (LIT 2930)
MAC1105 College Algebra (MAC 1105)
MAC1114 Precalculus Trigonometry (MAC 1114)
MAC1140 Precalculus Algebra (MAC 1140)
MAC1147 Precalculus Algebra and Trigonometry (MAC 1147)
MAC2233 Calculus for Management (MAC 2233)
MAC2311 Calculus with Analytic Geometry I (MAC 2311)
MAC2312 Calculus with Analytic Geometry II (MAC 2312)
MAC2313 Calculus with Analytic Geometry III (MAC 2313)
MAN2021 Introduction to Management (MAN 2021)
MAP2302 Differential Equations I (MAP 2302)
MAR1350 Marketing the Individual (MAR 1350)
MAR2011 Principles of Marketing (MAR 2011)
MAT0018 Foundations of College Mathematics I (MAT 0018)
MAT0022 Foundations of College Mathematics Combined Course (MAT 0022)
MAT0028 Foundations of College Mathematics II (MAT 0028)
MAT0029 Preliminary Statistics: STATWAY I (MAT 0029)
MAT0055 Statway Module (MAT 0055)
MAT0056 Foundations of College Mathematics I, Module Course (MAT 0056)
MAT0058 Foundations of College Mathematics II, Module Course (MAT 0058)
MAT1033 Intermediate Algebra (MAT 1033)
MCB2004 General Microbiology (MCB 2004)
MCB2004L Microbiology Laboratory (MCB 2004L)
MET1010 Meteorology (MET 1010)
MGF1106 Mathematics I for Liberal Arts (MGF 1106)
MGF1107 Mathematics II for Liberal Arts (MGF 1107)
MMC1000 Survey of Mass Media (MMC 1000)
MMC1100 Writing for Mass Communication (MMC 1100)
MMC1540 Media Aesthetics (MMC 1540)
MNA1161 Introduction to Customer Service (MNA 1161)
MNA2130 Business Communication (MNA 2130)
MNA2300 Human Resource Management (MNA 2300)
MSL1001 Basic Officership (MSL 1001)
MSL1002 Basic Officership (MSL 1002)
MSL2101 Leadership Teamwork (MSL 2101)
MSL2102 Leadership Teamwork (MSL 2102)
MUH2011 Introduction to Music History (MUH 2011)
MUH2120 World Music Cultures (MUH 2120)
MUL2010 Music Appreciation (MUL 2010)
MUN1180 Concert Band (MUN 1180)
MUN1310 College Chorale (MUN 1310)
MUN1710 Jazz Band (MUN 1710)
MUN2830 African Drum and Dance Ensemble (MUN 2830)
MVS1116 Beginning Class Guitar (MVS 1116)
MVS1126 Intermediate Guitar (MVS 1126)
MVS2127 Advanced Class Guitar (MVS 2127)
NUR1020C Fundamental Concepts of Nursing (NUR 1020C)
NUR1141 Pharmacology I (NUR 1141)
NUR1213C Nursing Concepts I (NUR 1213C)
NUR1440C Family Nursing Concepts (NUR 1440C)
NUR1520C Mental Health Nursing (NUR 1520C)
NUR2002C Health Professional to RN (NUR 2002C)
NUR2142 Pharmacology II (NUR 2142)
NUR2222C Nursing Concepts II (NUR 2222C)
NUR2242C Nursing Concepts III (NUR 2242C)
NUR2251C Nursing Concepts IV (NUR 2251C)
NUR2801C Professional Transition (NUR 2801C)
NUR3065 Health Assessment (NUR 3065)
NUR3125 Pathophysiology (NUR 3125)
NUR3273 Health Promotion (NUR 3273)
NUR3655 Cultural Issues in Nursing (NUR 3655)
NUR3827 Leadership/Management in Nursing (NUR 3827)
NUR3891 Professional Issues (NUR 3891)
NUR4169 Nursing Research/Evidence-based Practice (NUR 4169)
NUR4684 Population-based Nursing (NUR 4684)
NUR4870 Nursing Informatics (NUR 4870)
NUR4950 Capstone Course (NUR 4950)
OCE1001 Introductory Oceanography (OCE 1001)
ORI2000 Introduction to Oral Interpretation (ORI 2000)
OST1141 Keyboarding (OST 1141)
OST1324 Business Mathematics (OST 1324)
OST1355 Records Management (OST 1355)
OST1401 Administrative Support Systems and Procedures (OST 1401)
OST1718 Document Processing (OST 1718)
OST2823 Desktop Publishing and Web Design (OST 2823)
PAD2002 Introduction to Public Administration (PAD 2002)
PAD2949 College Internship in State & Local Government (PAD 2949)
PEL1121 Beginning Golf (PEL 1121)
PEL1122 Intermediate Golf (PEL 1122)
PEL1320 Volleyball (PEL 1320)
PEL1341 Beginning Tennis (PEL 1341)
PEL1342 Intermediate Tennis (PEL 1342)
PEL1621 Beginning Basketball (PEL 1621)
PEM1101 Theory and Practice of Adult Fitness (PEM 1101)
PEM1171 Aerobics (PEM 1171)
PEM1431 Introduction to Judo (PEM 1431)
PEM1432 Intermediate Judo (PEM 1432)
PEN2136C Introduction to Professional Diving (PEN 2136C)
PEO2003 Officiating Techniques for Individual Sports (PEO 2003)
PET1770 Personal Training Fundamentals and Techniques (PET 1770)
PET2000C Introduction to Physical Education (PET 2000C)
PET2622C Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries (PET 2622C)
PGY1800C Digital Photography (PGY 1800C)
PGY2151C Creative Photography (PGY 2151C)
PGY2401C Darkroom Photography (PGY 2401C)
PGY2801C Photoshop (PGY 2801C)
PHI2010 Philosophy (PHI 2010)
PHI2100 Introductory Logic (PHI 2100)
PHI2600 Ethics (PHI 2600)
PHY1020 Energy and Its Environmental Effects (PHY 1020)
PHY1053 Elementary College Physics (PHY 1053)
PHY1053L Elementary College Physics Laboratory I (PHY 1053L)
PHY1054 Elementary College Physics II (PHY 1054)
PHY1054L Elementary College Physics Laboratory II (PHY 1054L)
PHY2048 General Physics I (PHY 2048)
PHY2048L General Physics Laboratory I (PHY 2048L)
PHY2049 General Physics II (PHY 2049)
PHY2049L General Physics Laboratory II (PHY 2049L)
PLA1003 Introduction to the Legal Process (PLA 1003)
PLA1104 Legal Research (PLA 1104)
PLA2114 Legal Writing (PLA 2114)
PLA2203 Litigation Procedures I (PLA 2203)
PLA2223 Litigation Procedures II (PLA 2223)
PLA2600 Wills, Trusts and Probate (PLA 2600)
PLA2610 Real Estate Law and Property Transactions (PLA 2610)
PLA2763 Law Office Procedures and Management (PLA 2763)
PLA2800 Family Law (PLA 2800)
PMT0020 Machinist Helper (PMT 0020)
PMT0022 Machinist Operator (PMT 0022)
PMT0024 Machinist Setup Operator (PMT 0024)
PMT0025 Machinist (PMT 0025)
PMT0106 Introduction and Oxyacetylene Welding (PMT 0106)
PMT0112 Advanced Specialty Oxyacetylene Welding (PMT 0112)
PMT0121 Shielded Metal Arc Welding (PMT 0121)
PMT0122 Shielded Metal Arc Welding High Technology Skills (PMT 0122)
PMT0126 Advanced Shielded Metal Arc Welding (ASMAW) (PMT 0126)
PMT0130 Introduction to MIG (PMT 0130)
PMT0131 TIG Welding (PMT 0131)
PMT0134 MIG Welding (PMT 0134)
PMT0138 Specialty TIG (PMT 0138)
PMT0145 GMAW Flux Core Arc Welding (PMT 0145)
PMT0164 Fabrication of Metal Products Using Shielded Metal Arc Welding (PMT 0164)
PMT0165 SMAW Pipe Welding (PMT 0165)
PMT0166 Heavy Pipe Welding (PMT 0166)
PMT0171 Gas Tungsten Arc Pipe Welding (PMT 0171)
PMT0173 Gas Metal Arc Pipe Welding (PMT 0173)
PMT0174 Introduction to Pipefitting and Pipe Fabrication (PMT 0174)
PMT0190 Emerging Technologies in Welding (PMT 0190)
POS1041 National Government (POS 1041)
POS1112 State and Local Government (POS 1112)
POS1601 Foundations of the United States Constitution (POS 1601)
POS2001 Introduction to Political Science (POS 2001)
POS2930 Special Topics in Political Science (POS 2930)
POS2949 College Internship in Political Science (POS 2949)
PSC1121 Introduction to Physical Sciences (PSC 1121)
PSY2012 General Psychology (PSY 2012)
PSY2930 Special Topics in Psychology (PSY 2930)
PTN1001C Introduction to Pharmacy (PTN 1001C)
PTN1017 Pharmacy Calculations (PTN 1017)
PTN1121 Therapeutic Agents I (PTN 1121)
PTN1122 Therapeutic Agents II (PTN 1122)
PTN1131C Applied Pharmacy Practice (PTN 1131C)
PTN1132 Basic Business Skills for the Pharmacy Technician (PTN 1132)
PTN1930 Pharmacy Seminar (PTN 1930)
PTN1940 Pharmacy Practicum I (PTN 1940)
PTN1941C Pharmacy Practicum II (PTN 1941C)
PTN1942C Pharmacy Practicum III (PTN 1942C)
REA0007 Developmental Reading I (REA 0007)
REA0017 Developmental Reading II (REA 0017)
REA0056 Reading Workshop (REA 0056)
REA1105 Critical and Creative Reading (REA 1105)
REA1505 Vocabulary (REA 1505)
REL2200 Introduction to Biblical Studies (REL 2200)
REL2300 World Religions (REL 2300)
RET1026 Fundamentals of Respiratory Care (RET 1026)
RET1026L Fundamentals of Respiratory Care Lab (RET 1026L)
RET1293 Respiratory Diseases (RET 1293)
RET1350 Cardiopulmonary Pharmacology (RET 1350)
RET1434 Clinical Assessment in Respiratory Care III (RET 1434)
RET1450 Clinical Assessment in Respiratory Care II (RET 1450)
RET1483 Clinical Assessment in Respiratory Care I (RET 1483)
RET1874 Clinical Practice I (RET 1874)
RET1875 Clinical Practice II (RET 1875)
RET2027 Instrumentation (RET 2027)
RET2264 Advanced Procedures in Respiratory Care I (RET 2264)
RET2264L Advanced Procedures in Respiratory Care I Lab (RET 2264L)
RET2265 Advanced Procedures in Respiratory Care II (RET 2265)
RET2265L Advanced Procedures in Respiratory Care II Lab (RET 2265L)
RET2414 Pulmonary Functions (RET 2414)
RET2418 Clinical Assessment V (RET 2418)
RET2442 Cardiopulmonary Hemodynamics (RET 2442)
RET2442L Cardiopulmonary Hemodynamics Lab (RET 2442L)
RET2485 Cardiopulmonary Physiology (RET 2485)
RET2534 Clinical Assessment in Respiratory Care IV (RET 2534)
RET2714 Pediatrics and Neonatology (RET 2714)
RET2714L Pediatrics and Neonatology Lab (RET 2714L)
RET2876 Clinical Practice III (RET 2876)
RET2877 Clinical Practice IV (RET 2877)
RET2878 Clinical Practice V (RET 2878)
RET2936 Topics in Respiratory Care (RET 2936)
RTE1000 Orientation to Radiography (RTE 1000)
RTE1418 Principles of Radiographic Exposure I (RTE 1418)
RTE1458 Principles of Radiographic Exposure II (RTE 1458)
RTE1458L Principles of Radiographic Exposure II Lab (RTE 1458L)
RTE1503 Radiographic Positioning I (RTE 1503)
RTE1503L Radiographic Positioning I Lab (RTE 1503L)
RTE1513 Radiographic Positioning II (RTE 1513)
RTE1513L Radiographic Positioning II Lab (RTE 1513L)
RTE1613 Radiation Physics (RTE 1613)
RTE1804 Radiographic Clinical Education I (RTE 1804)
RTE1814 Radiographic Clinical Education II (RTE 1814)
RTE1824 Radiographic Clinical Education III (RTE 1824)
RTE2061 AART Exam Review (RTE 2061)
RTE2385 Radiation Biology (RTE 2385)
RTE2523 Radiographic Positioning III (RTE 2523)
RTE2523L Radiographic Positioning III Lab (RTE 2523L)
RTE2562C Radiographic Special Procedures I (RTE 2562C)
RTE2572 Imaging Modalities and Cross-Sectional Anatomy (RTE 2572)
RTE2782 Radiographic Pathology (RTE 2782)
RTE2834 Radiographic Clinical Education IV (RTE 2834)
RTE2844 Radiographic Clinical Education V (RTE 2844)
RTE2854 Radiographic Clinical Education VI (RTE 2854)
RTE2930 Radiographic Image Analysis I (RTE 2930)
RTE2931 Radiographic Image Analysis II (RTE 2931)
RTV1000 Survey of Broadcasting (RTV 1000)
SBM2000 Introduction to Entrepreneurship (SBM 2000)
SLS1301 Career Planning (SLS 1301)
SLS1510 College Success (SLS 1510)
SLS2261 Dynamics of Student Leadership Development (SLS 2261)
SOP2002 Social Psychology (SOP 2002)
SOP2740 Psychology of Women (SOP 2740)
SOW1031 Introduction to Social Work (SOW 1031)
SPC1017 Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communications (SPC 1017)
SPC1062 Business and Professional Speaking (SPC 1062)
SPC1330 Non-Verbal Communication (SPC 1330)
SPC2512 Parliamentary Debate (SPC 2512)
SPC2594 Speech and Debate Workshop (SPC 2594)
SPC2595 Speech and Debate Practicum (SPC 2595)
SPC2608 Public Speaking (SPC 2608)
SPM2000 Introduction to Sports Management (SPM 2000)
SPN1120 Elementary Spanish I (SPN 1120)
SPN1121 Elementary Spanish II (SPN 1121)
SPN2220 Intermediate Spanish (SPN 2220)
SPN2240 Intermediate Conversational Spanish I (SPN 2240)
SPW2010 Introduction to Spanish Literature and Culture (SPW 2010)
STA2023 Introductory Statistics (STA 2023)
STA2122 Introduction to Applied Statistics (STA 2122)
STS1302 Introduction to Surgical Technology (STS 1302)
STS1302L Introduction to Surgical Technology Lab and Clinical (STS 1302L)
STS1310 Surgical Techniques and Procedures (STS 1310)
STS1310L Surgical Techniques and Procedures Lab and Clinical (STS 1310L)
STS1340 Pharmacology and Anesthesia (STS 1340)
STS1925C Endoscopy Basics Theory and Lab (STS 1925C)
STS1926C Endoscopy Technician Theory and Lab (STS 1926C)
STS2323 Surgical Procedures I (STS 2323)
STS2323L Surgical Procedures I Simulation Lab (STS 2323L)
STS2324 Surgical Procedures II (STS 2324)
STS2324L Surgical Procedures II Simulation Lab (STS 2324L)
STS2361 The Art of Teamwork in Surgery (STS 2361)
STS2365 Professional Skills for the O. R. Team (STS 2365)
STS2944 Surgical Technologist Clinical I (STS 2944)
STS2945 Surgical Technologist Clinical II (STS 2945)
STS2953 Surgical Technologist Portfolio I (STS 2953)
STS2954 Surgical Technologist Portfolio II (STS 2954)
SUR2100C Fundamentals of Land Surveying (SUR 2100C)
SUR2200C Route Surveying (SUR 2200C)
SUR2390 GIS Application in Engineering and Technology (SUR 2390)
SUR2392 Advanced GIS Application in Engineering & Tech (SUR 2392)
SUR2533 Global Positioning Systems (GPS) (SUR 2533)
SUR2534 Advanced Global Positioning Systems (SUR 2534)
SYG1000 Principles of Sociology (SYG 1000)
SYG2010 Contemporary Social Problems (SYG 2010)
SYG2012 Global Issues (SYG 2012)
SYG2230 Race and Minority Group Relations (SYG 2230)
SYG2340 Human Sexuality (SYG 2340)
SYG2361 Thanatology: Dying and Death (SYG 2361)
SYG2430 Marriage and the Family (SYG 2430)
SYG2930 Special Topics in Sociology (SYG 2930)
TAX2000 Income Tax Accounting (TAX 2000)
THE2000 Theatre Appreciation (THE 2000)
THE2090 Play Production (THE 2090)
THE2100 Introduction to Theatre History (THE 2100)
TPA1200 Introduction to Stagecraft (TPA 1200)
TPP2110 Fundamentals of Acting (TPP 2110)
TPP2111 Advanced Acting (TPP 2111)
TPP2120 Creative Improvisation (TPP 2120)
TPP2250 Introduction to Musical Theatre (TPP 2250)
TRA0800 Tractor Trailer Truck Driving (TRA 0800)
WOH2012 History of Civilization I (WOH 2012)
WOH2022 History of Civilization II (WOH 2022)




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