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Academic Advising  Spring 2022

Welcome: What is Career & Academic Planning?

Advising is student support that is Sustained, Strategic, Integrated, Proactive and Personalized designed to establish desired pathways to educational, career, and life goals. Though not required, we encourage you to visit with your assigned Advisor all though your time at TCC. There are several ways to get the most up-to-date information on career pathways, degree plans, transfer plans, academic support, co-curricular activities, and graduation. These are one-one appointments, signing into Eagle Q or in our highly effective and frequently scheduled Help Sessions throughout the year.


Your Assigned Advisor Will:

• Provide you with a professional, courteous, and understanding academic advising experience.

• Provide you with information on college and community resources.

• Provide you with specific career information and transfer plans for your career institute and program.

• Provide you with assistance in designing an Academic Plan, scheduling and registering for courses and make sure you are part of the decision-making process.

• Help you monitor your academic progress.

• Assist you with developing academic success action plans if you are in academic distress.


Student Responsibilities:

Be proactive and read all of your TCC emails. This is the official communication method for Tallahassee Community College.

Create and commit to an academic plan that supports certificate and/or degree completion and/or successful transfer.

Commit to and own your success degree completion.

Meet critical deadlines for registration, financial aid, payment deadlines, add/drops, and application for your desired transfer institution and/or certificate.

Be prepared to discuss goals and educational plans. Ask questions if something is not clear or you have a concern. Be open and willing to consider all options and recommendations.

Schedule regular appointments with your assigned Advisor.

Inform your assigned Advisor of important changes that directly affect your academic performance and educational goals.

Monitor your Academic Progress and Academic History in Workday.



Spring 2022 EXPRESS Registration Help Sessions & Academic Plan Advising

  •  ADD an Express Session Course
    • Spring MAIN and JANUARY EXPRESS ADD is now OVER
    • But you can get help adding a February or March Express class
  • BUILD YOUR Academic Plan and be ready for future semesters
    • Advisors will help you plan specific classes for the next several (or all) your coming semesters to help ensure you are on the academic pathway that you want.

Spring 2022 Advising Sessions will be over Zoom at 10am or 2pm.  For Zoom sessions, students must use TCC zoom accounts.

Trouble getting into Zoom Sessions? You must use TCC log in. To join a Zoom meeting, select the option “Sign in with SSO” and when prompted for the company domain, type in “tccfl”, then login in with your TCC email address.

Here is more help to show you how to do it.

BEFORE you sign up for an Advising Session, please make sure you have your TCC login in set up. Directions are above with a link for help.

Use the registration links below to register for the specific Session:

10AM SeSSIon

2PM Session


 Students will be able to view their assigned AA Advisor in Workday and schedule an advising appointment (during non-peak registration). Visit Workday and click TCC Advisor Connection icon on your dashboard.

Virtual services through EagleQ are only available for those who have quick general questions related to registration. Advisors are available Monday-Thursday from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. and Friday from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Associate Science (AS)

**Associate Science (AS) Advisors make their own individual appointments.**

Criminal Justice, Early Childhood, Paralegal
Business, Industry and Technology 
Rhonda Potter
Advising Specialist
Darren MacFarlane
Advising Specialist 
Health Care Professions 
Ken Tellis
Advising Coordinator
 (850) 558-4572

International and Veteran Students

International Students   Veterans & Affiliated

Emily Maurer


Danny James 

Student Accessibility Services 

Advising Specialist Advising Specialist 
Abi Mustapha  Natasha Mitchell 
850-201-8430  850-201-8430 

 Associate Arts (AA) General Transfer

How do I find my AA General Transfer Advisor and request an advising appointment?

(For transfer to University)

(For transfer to University)

Elain Carroll
Career & Academic Advisor
Sarah Michael Anderson
Career & Academic Advisor
Amy Gaughf
Career & Academic Advisor
Coming Soon
Career & Academic Advisor
Joyce Thomas
Career & Academic Advisor
Emily Micik
Career & Academic Advisor
Susan Mire
Career & Academic Advisor
Coming Soon
Career & Academic Advisor
Tamares Cockfield
Career & Academic Advisor
Victor Carrasquilla
Advising Information Specialist
Felicia Williams
Career & Academic Advisor 
Mia Ledford
 TCC2 Career & Academic Advisor
Sara Boyer Beasley 
Career & Academic Advisor
James Marujo 
Career & Academic Advisor



Use Link below for advising information.  Use Link below for advising information.  


Aspire TCC2FSU Program Maps



                                            FAMU Program Maps

                                 FAMU Transfer Student Services

Additional Services


Career Assessment

Academic Standards

Student Handbook

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TCC is committed to your success! We have embarked upon an integrated, institution-wide approach to help you succeed by creating intentional, clear, and coherent educational experiences that will guide you smoothly from entry into College to the successful completion of your career goals.

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Career Assessment

On the hunt for your perfect career? Stop searching. We’ve got teams to help with that. Meet with an advisor or check out our online Career Exploration resources to learn more about which program areas best suit your skills and interests.

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Academic Standards

TCC's Standards of Academic Progress (SOAP) help students to stay on track towards their educational goals and ensure the quality of a TCC degree. Students who are unable to meet these standards can meet with an advisor to discuss their options.

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Student Handbook

The Student Handbook and Planner provides students with important information on career planning, advising, registration, financial aid, student activities, academic calendars, and more. 


TCC's Financial Aid Services

Do you know how you are paying for college? Let us help you.

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About Advising


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