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How to Register for Classes

Getting Registered

Course Types

Face-to-Face Courses

Take classes on campus while following social distancing protocols including wearing a face covering and staying six feet from others.

Online Courses

Take classes with the option to complete coursework on your own time while still meeting weekly deadlines, this format offers you scheduling flexibility.

Hybrid Courses 

Take classes that combine traditional online and face-to-face formats. Social distancing protocols will be followed when meeting face-to-face.

Don't Delay Your Registration

Below are a few reasons why you should register for classes early.

  • Best selection of the courses you need at days/times that fit your life
  • Enough time to apply for financial aid to pay for courses or use the Tuition Payment Plan
  • Make any needed class changes during the published add and drop dates
  • Being able to purchase books and materials in a timely fashion

Early registration also will allow you to prepare for your first day, arrive on time and ready to learn, meet your faculty on the first day when they review the course syllabi and expectations, participate in Welcome Week activities, and get connected to the TCC community.

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Friday, 9 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.



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