Course Withdrawal

Life happens – and sometimes course withdrawals are necessary. You can drop a course through the 5th day of the term and receive a 100% refund. You may withdraw from a course without a refund until 67% of the course is completed. If you withdraw during this time, your transcript will show a “W” for the class grade.  

For more information on withdrawal policies, refer to the Student Handbook.

For upcoming deadlines, visit the Academic Calendar

Online Class Withdrawal

  1. Log in to EagleNet
  2. Select the “Add/Drop Classes" icon
  3. Click "Select Term"
  4. Click "Drop Course"
  5. Click "Update Now" to save/process withdrawal

Withdrawal Exceptions

The following students cannot withdraw online and MUST submit a paper withdrawal:

  • Athletes - Paper withdrawal form requires approval of the Athletic Director.
  • High school dual-enrolled students​ - Paper withdrawal form requires approval of High School Counselor and a TCC Dual Enrollment Advisor.
  • International students​ - Paper withdrawal form requires approval of the TCC International Student Counselor​.

Students who stop attending without withdrawing will receive a grade of ‘F’ unless the instructor has issued an Administrative Withdraw (AW). It is at each instructor's discretion whether or not to use the AW.

To complete and submit a form, visit Admissions and Records in the Student Union, 2nd Floor.

Additional Help

You can make an appeal for withdrawals after the deadline. Learn more about Enrollment Appeals here.