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Industrial Technologies 

The AMTC offers other job-specific training programs and courses. Our Industrial Technologies programs and courses provide more opportunity to enhance your skills. Please contact the AMTC for program and course dates and times.


 Industrial Machinery Maintenance

Industrial Machinery Maintenance is a Postsecondary Adult Vocational (PSAV) program with 750 contact hours over 2 semesters.  The program consists of three courses, for which the student can attain the occupational designation as an Industrial Machinery Maintenance Assistant, and finally as a Machinery Maintenance Mechanic.

​Term Course ID​ ​Course Name
​Clock Hours
​1 ​ETI0450A ​Industrial Machinery Maintenance Assistant 1 ​380
​2 ​ETI0450B ​Industrial Machinery Maintenance Assistant 2 ​70
​3 ​ETI0456 ​Machinery Maintenance Mechanic ​300

Machinery Maintenance Mechanics work in all aspects of manufacturing and industrial activities in a wide range of industries.
The course includes safety rules and procedures, basic elements of physics as related to industrial machinery maintenance and repair, mathematical calculations, plans and drawings, measuring and layout operations, hand tools, portable power tools, lubricants, bench work skills, welding and cutting, rigging, conveyor maintenance, troubleshooting techniques, predictive-preventive maintenance (PPM), machine shop operation, electrical and electronic circuit troubleshooting, drive components, air compressors, hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, fluid drive systems, language skills, critical thinking, and environmental management systems.
This PSAV program is eligible for Financial Aid to persons who qualify.  Persons that successfully complete all courses in the Industrial Machinery Maintenance PSAV Program will be awarded a PSAV certificate from TCC.

 Industrial Machine Mechanics

The Industrial Machine Mechanics Program a 516 hour program comprised of ten individual courses that prepare the student with the skills and knowledge for this occupational field. 
Courses can be taken individually for specialized area training. Individual courses included in this program include:
  • Production Technician: This course prepares the student to sit for the four MSSC Production Technician assessments and covers 5 Units; Employability Skills, Production & Processes, Maintenance Awareness, Quality Assurance and Safety Awareness. (80 hours)
  • Industrial Hydraulics 1: This course develops fundamental knowledge and hands-on skills in industrial hydraulics. (36 hours)
  • Industrial Hydraulics 2: This course develops knowledge and hands-on skills in industrial hydraulics to include basic electrically controlled hydraulic systems, various control methods, sensors, safety circuits, and troubleshooting. (30 hours)
  • Industrial Pneumatics: This course develops knowledge and hands-on skills in industrial.  (28 hours)
  • Industrial Motor Controls: This course develops knowledge and hands-on skills in industrial motor controls to include: Lockout/tagout; control panel devices; manual starters, contactors and control relays; current protection, circuit layout and specifications; control circuits and reversing; jogging control circuits; reduced AC voltage starters and time relay circuits. (32 hours)
  • Industrial Sensors: This course develops knowledge and hands-on skills in industrial sensors, including terms commonly used in the sensor field, operation and characteristics of commonly used sensors. (8 hours)
  • Mechanical Drives: This course develops knowledge and hands-on skills in mechanical drive devices, including safety, belt drives, chain drives and gear drives, lubrication, alignment and coupling, bearings, gaskets and seals, clutches and brakes, ball screws and linear bearings, vibration metering and analysis, and laser alignment. (162 hours)
  • Surface Mount Technician (SMT): Prepares the student to work on printed circuit boards (PCB) and cover the importance of EHS management systems, basic electrical/electronic circuit skills, SMT manufacturing/repair processes. (48 hours)
  • Electronic Systems Associate: This course that provides an overview of electronics to acquaint the student with the principles upon which modern electronic devices (passive and active) operate. (44 hours)
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Programming: This course presents the operation of PLCs in an industrial setting to include, numbering systems, PLC hardware, PLC memory, relay type instructions, timers & counters, math & compare instructions, data manipulation instructions, program control instructions, program design & documentation, and troubleshooting. (48 hours)
Assistance may be available for persons that are currently unemployed to cover tuition and other associated program fees.  Persons that successfully complete all courses in the Industrial Machine Mechanics Program will be awarded a program completion certificate from TCC.




​Sensors is designed to develop knowledge and provide hands-on training in industrial sensors.  Topics covered include: Photoelectric Switches, Proximity Switches and Limit Switches.  Exercises will reinforce operating characteristics and application of each type switch in an industrial setting. 8 contact hours. This is a non-credit course.


 Industrial Hydraulics


Industrial Hydraulics​

Industrial Hydraulics I - designed to develop fundamental knowledge and provide hands-on training in industrial hydraulics. Topics covered include: pressure limitation, pressure and force calculation, relationship of flow rate and velocity, relationship of force, work, and power, cylinder control, regenerative circuits, accumulators, hydraulic motor circuits, pumps, directional valves and effects of temperature on system operations. 36 contact hours. This is a non-credit course.  

Industrial Hydraulics II - a continuation of Industrial Hydraulic Fundamentals. Topics covered include: basic electricity, ladder diagrams, electrically controlled hydraulic systems, sequencing of cylinders, speed regulation and braking of hydraulic motors, continuous reciprocation and dwell periods, industrial drilling control using photoelectric switches, safety circuits, cycle counting, multi-pressure systems, rapid traverse-slow feed systems, and troubleshooting. 30 contact hours. This is a non-credit course.


 Industrial Pneumatics


Industrial Pneumatics​

Industrial Pneumatics is designed to develop knowledge and provide hands-on training in industrial pneumatics. Topics covered include: conditioning of air supplies, pressure versus force relationship, pressure versus volume relationship, pressure drop versus flow relationship, vacuum generation, directional control valves, direction and speed control of cylinders, cylinders in series and parallel, pilot-operated valves, and pneumatic motor control. This is a non-credit course. 


 Motors and Controls


Motors and Controls

​Motors and Controls is designed to develop knowledge and provide hands-on training in industrial motor controls. Topics covered include: lockout/tagout, control panel devices, manual starters, contactors and control relays, current protection, circuit layout and specifications, control circuits and reversing, jogging control circuits, reduced AC voltage starters and time relay circuits. 28 contact hours. This is a non-credit course.


 Industrial Pumps


Industrial Pumps​

Single Pump Systems - develops knowledge and hands-on skills in industrial pump installation and use to include: Lockout/tagout; priming, reservoirs, Variable Speed Drives, instrumentation, basic alignment, centrifugal pump characteristics, maintenance and troubleshooting. 12 contact hours. This is a non-credit course.

Industrial Pumps - develops knowledge in the characteristics of various industrial pumps to include: centrifugal pump, external gear pump, vane pump, flexible impeller pump, progressive cavity pump, peristaltic pump, pneumatic diaphragm pump, metering pump, piston pump, and multi-stage vertical centrifugal pump. 6 contact hours. This is a non-credit course.

Any employer or group of six or more can contact the AMTC to discuss custom course scheduling.

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For more information contact the Advanced Manufacturing Training Center by phone (850) 201-9720, fax (850) 201-9716 or e-mail

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