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Degree Programs at ERAU-Tallahassee

Students at every stage of educational and career development will find programs to advance their lives at ERAU-Tallahassee. We offer a wide variety of degree programs in today's most dynamic professions.

For every course of study, the academic curriculum presents relevant knowledge with immediate applications in the workplace. You will develop the skills needed to excel in your field and gain invaluable insight from the Tallahassee and Worldwide faculty, composed of experienced industry leaders. Upon graduation, you will receive an education credential esteemed by today's most demanding employers​​


 Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics



It's not just a job you have your sights set on. It's a career.

Take your future to new heights! Whether you want to break into an aeronautical career, break away from the competition or advance your current position and earnings potential, the Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics opens the door to new opportunities in the dynamic aviation/aerospace industry.
Aeronautics curriculum is closely mapped to the needs and demands of the aviation/aerospace industry and to general education guidelines. You’ll be exposed to a multidisciplinary program with courses of study in human factors, security, aviation safety, occupational safety and health, air traffic control, aircraft maintenance, and aeronautical science. Within that broad base, electives and minors allow you to tailor your degree to your particular interests and career goals. Students may also earn credit through military and professional training and experience.

 Bachelor of Science in Aviation Business Administration



The edge you need in the world of aviation.

In the high-powered aviation industry, the key staff, operational, and executive positions are awarded to professionals who display a thorough knowledge of aviation as well as an exceptional aptitude for business. If you have a passion for this exciting field and want to develop the business skills you need to reach the top, the Bachelor of Science in Aviation Business Administration from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University — Tallahassee can help you achieve your goals.

Skills for business, for aviation, for life.

As a student of this degree program, you will gain a solid foundation of core business knowledge while developing the sharp business acumen demanded at the highest levels of any organization. The Bachelor of Science in Aviation Business Administration explores all facets of business administration and management, including:
  • Economics
  • Aeronautical Science
  • Business Statistics & Accounting
  • Business Marketing & Management
  • International Business
Through this comprehensive program, you will learn how to think analytically, communicate clearly, and lead a team effectively. These valuable skills will prime you for professional success in any field.

 Bachelor of Science in Aviation Maintenance



 Today, a degree isn’t a nice-to-have. It’s a must-have.


Education is the key to getting more out of life — whether you’re looking for a higher salary, greater job satisfaction, or a soaring sense of personal pride. If you work in the aircraft maintenance field and are ready for advancement, ERAU-Tallahassee can help. Our Bachelor in Aviation Maintenance degree lets you build on the skills you already possess, while laying the foundation for greater accomplishments.
If you hold an­­ FAA Airframe & Powerplant Maintenance Certificate, you are awarded 24 credit hours toward the associate degree or 30 credit hours toward the bachelor’s degree. Students may also earn maintenance credit as part of the overall curriculum.
In addition to gaining critical skills needed to succeed in an aviation maintenance career, students will specialize in one of two maintenance functions: Management or Safety. Plus, you’ll gain a solid core of courses in general education, which prepares graduates for success in any industry, not just aviation.
In the aviation industry, the most crucial task is to keep the planes flying safely. That’s why people with aircraft maintenance skills and knowledge will continue to be in high demand by aviation and aeronautical employers.
In today’s competitive workforce, however, it takes something extra to move up the career ladder. And aviation professionals can get that edge with a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Maintenance from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University — Tallahassee.

 Bachelor of Science in Technical Management



Aim higher! Reach further!

You’re a skilled professional in a technical field, but you’re ready to advance. You’re looking for a move into the management ranks, seeking the personal satisfaction and financial rewards that go along with it. The Bachelor of Science in Technical Management program from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University — Tallahassee can take you there.
In today’s workplace, a college degree has never been more important. Employers see it as a demonstration of knowledge, motivation, and persistence—qualities that will set you above and apart from the pack. The Bachelor of Science in Technical Management program will appeal to your background, interests, and talents and give you a competitive edge in your career, too.

Gain the skills that employers are looking for.

The Bachelor of Science in Technical Management curriculum was developed to give students the skills to marshal the resources of any organization toward its goals. Over the course of this program, students learn to organize, plan, staff, and coordinate physical assets as well as personnel.

 Master of Aeronautical Science



The field of aerospace is full of exciting potential and we can help you tap into it!

In the rapidly changing world of aviation and aerospace, industry professionals must do more than simply keep up — they need to take charge of their futures. In today's global workplace, a graduate-level education is becoming more and more critical in order to reach the upper levels of management. An advanced degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University can help you broaden your knowledge, diversify your talents, and give you an edge on the competitive playing field of aviation.
Students appreciate the MAS program's solid core of classes, partnered with a range of specialties that are tailored to individual interests. You'll master the tools needed in the development, manufacture, and operation of aircraft and spacecraft, and gain a comprehensive understanding of the infrastructure that supports the industry.

 Master of Science in Management



Exciting opportunities abound for those who have the unique combination of technical knowledge and management skill.

If you're ready to take your career to greater heights, Embry-Riddle's Master of Science in Management (MSM) is designed to prepare you for success. Through this dynamic program, you'll gain practical skills, personal satisfaction, and career momentum, helping you achieve the financial and creative rewards that accompany a move into management.

Learn it in class tonight. Apply it at work tomorrow.

MSM graduates are leaders in their organizations, handling day-to-day planning, managing employees, and directing important projects. With a greater emphasis on operations than a traditional MBA, the MSM from Embry-Riddle gives you the practical knowledge that will help you move ahead of your peers.
As part of the course requirements for the MSM, candidates choose from one of two areas of specializations, tailored to your background and interests:
  • Technical Management
  • General Management
MSM degree candidates know that an advanced education is the key to achieving their goals in business. More important, they know that with Embry-Riddle, the world leader in aviation and aerospace education, the sky is the limit.
All MSM students gain practical business skills such as:
  • Quantitative analytical skills - using numbers to make decisions
  • Quality management concepts
  • Knowledge of ethical and regulatory requirements
  • An understanding of organizational structure, and how structure matches purpose
  • A grasp of the theory and practice of good communication skills
  • Familiarity with formulating and managing budgets
  • Research and problem-solving skills
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For more information contact ERAU-Tallahassee by phone (850) 201-8330 or e-mail

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