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Technology Showcase

Congratulations to Ross Brooks, the winning presenter at the Technology Show and Tell

Faculty member Ross Brooks and President Jim MurdaughOn January 31, 2012 Tallahassee Community College’s Center for Teaching, Learning and Leadership, Faculty Senate, the Center for Distance Learning and the Center for Instructional Technology hosted a Technology Show and Tell.
At the event, TCC faculty and staff showcased innovative uses in new technologies and demonstrated ways to use them to increase workplace productivity.
After an audience vote, Ross Brooks, a member of the Academic Support faculty, was crowned the winning presenter and received the iPad2, donated by President Jim Murdaugh, who played an instrumental role in the technology workshop becoming a reality.
President Murdaugh, a proponent of technology, says that utilizing tools like those presented at the workshop will enhance collaboration between instructors and students. He adds that technology can also increase productivity and streamline how the College serves its students.
Ross’ presentation focused on teaching and learning with the MOBI View. The MOBI View is a portable electronic tablet that provides instructors with several valuable tools for all subject areas.
Using the MOBI allows instructors to move fluidly throughout a room while creating an interactive environment.
Ross’winning presentation can be viewed on YouTube. A complete playlist of the presentations is also available on YouTube.
View of list of presenters and their topics below. 
Technology Show and Tell Lineup
Name of Presenter: Patricia Heeter
Title of Presentation: Blackboard Collaborate
Description: Blackboard Collaborate is a conferencing tool which can be accessed by faculty and students at a web-based link.  The Blackboard Collaborate interface includes an Audio and Video Panel; Participants Panel; Chat Panel; and, Whiteboard which allows you to present content, share applications, or conduct a web tour.  Bb Collaborate can also be used for:
Time: 3:00 p.m.

Name of Presenter: Vivian Pope; Alba Cunningham
Title of Presentation: Animoto:  Your Photos. Your Magic.
Description: This presentation will demonstrate how Aminoto produces TV-quality music videos using your photos and video clips in just minutes.    (5-10 minutes)
Time: 3:10 p.m.
Name of Presenter: Kim Manning
Title of Presentation: Using Interactive Online Rubrics Is as Easy as 1-2-3
Description: This presentation will demonstrate how to use one of the *newest* features in Blackboard 9, the interactive rubric tool.  Faculty will see how simple and easy it is to create an interactive rubric, score assignments online using the rubric, and display grades automatically in the Grade Center
Time: 3:20 p.m.
Name of Presenter: Gareth Euridge
Title of Presentation: A Tale of Two Gowns
Description: A small but nonetheless frustrating problem for many community members is the difficulty in synchronizing files between one’s work computer and one’s home computer; this issue is made even more ticklish given policy statements that prohibit significant personal use of institutional IT equipment and therein problematize use of school laptops at home, etc.  This presentation will introduce Windows LiveMesh, a free service that allows users to synchronize up to 5GB of data across various clients via the cloud.  It is an extremely simple and elegant solution to what has long been a thorny problem.
Time: 3:30 p.m.

Name of Presenter: Melissa Scalzi
Title of Presentation: Using Pinterest in Academia
Description: In addition to being a handy social networking and visual bookmarking tool that allows users to “pin” images from the web to personalized virtual bulletin boards, Pinterest is an innovative educational tool that can be integrated in the traditional and virtual classroom.  This presentation will introduce ways to use Pinterest to visually organize, search, and share lesson plans and other educational resources.  We will also discuss creative ways to use Pinterest to encourage student participation
Time: 3:40 p.m.
Name of Presenter: Ross Brooks
Title of Presentation: Teaching and Learning with the MOBI View
Description: The MOBI View is a portable piece of educational technology that provides instructors with several valuable tools for all subject areas.  Using the MOBI allows teachers to move fluidly throughout a room while creating an interactive environment
Time: 4:00 p.m.
8. Name of Presenter: Matt Remer
Title of Presentation: Diigo –The Ultimate Tool for Distance Learning and Online Research Organization  
Description: Diigo is the ultimate Web 2.0 tool for information management. It is an evolved form of Delicious’ social bookmarking, which utilizes cloud based storage to allow users to highlight, collect, and organize information on the Web and access it from anywhere, as well as share and collaborate. Diigo is an excellent supplement for web-based reading, allowing distance-learning students to highlight and save text on webpages and add notes. Diigo allows for users doing Web based research to have all their sources saved in their own cloud, which can be organized and tagged, to easily be able to keep track of collected quotations and citations. No more cutting and pasting quotes and web addresses into a Word document. Diigo can also save an entire webpage to be viewed in your Diigo cloud, even if that page gets removed or edited. Online research becomes much less tedious and more fun with Diigo!!!
Time: 4:10 p.m.

Name of Presenter: Sharisse Turnbull
Title of Presentation: Collaborative Mind Mapping with Mind42
Description: A mind map is a visual thinking tool that helps to structure information.  Mind maps can be used for writing, decision-making, note-taking, planning, problem solving, and much more!  Mind42 provides a free, online workspace where users can create, share and collaborate on their mind maps.  This provides a number of great opportunities for students, faculty and staff.  This presentation will highlight benefits of mind mapping, features of Mind42, and ideas for using Mind42 in your office or classroom.
Time: 4:20 p.m.
Name of Presenters: Matt Littlefield  & Candice Grause
Title of Presentation: Twitter:  Promoting intellectual curiosity, building networks, and someday facilitating digital archeology  
Description:   Twitter is one of the Internet’s largest and fastest growing social media services. My presentation will give a quick introduction and overview of the service, explain easy and scalable ways for faculty and staff to use it to engage with TCC students and will conclude with theories on the valuable, “big picture” impacts that Twitter is having on modern culture.
Time: 4:30 p.m.

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