Building Legacies

Join us in the Fall of 2019 for Building Legacies, a series of professional development workshops offered by Tallahassee Community College. This year we’ll focus on Communicating Across Generations, Coaching for Effective Leadership, and Courage: A Lesson in Ethics 101. Each workshop will feature keynote presentations as well as time for Q&A.

Can’t We All Just Get Along . . . Communicating Across Generations       September 13, 2019

The generation spread in today's workforce can be both good and bad and it certainly impacts communication. Every organization must deal with communication within its workforce and with its customer base.  This session will provide insights and tools for communicating across generations.

Guest speakers for this session include Brooke Hallock, Chief Brand Officer at Capital City Bank, and Raynetta Marshall, incoming head of Tallahassee’s Underground Utilities and Public Infrastructure Department.

The Greatest of All Time! . . . Coaching for Effective Leadership                 October 11, 2019

Rapid change. Unpredictability. Turbulence. In the world in which we find ourselves is ever changing.  How are YOU dealing with it?  With your team, with yourself?  This session will provide the tools you need to manage change in the workplace along with coaching tips that can be used to aid your team.

Guest speakers for this session include Joyce Chastain, human resources consultant with The Krizner Group and Michelle Mitcham, life coach and counselor.

Courage:  A Lesson in Ethics 101                                                                                                November 15, 2019

There are no easy answers, but there are simple answers.  We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right.             Ronald Reagan

In this session, each presenter will tackle the issue of ethics as it pertains to business, nonprofits, social media and government. 

  • Identifying behaviors that encourage strong ethics
  • Creating a  playbook for practicing good ethics in the workplace
  • Practicing general principles of ethics in government, communities and citizens

Guest speakers for this session include Tom Derzypolski, President of BowStern and Janeia Daniels Ingram, Hearing Officer for the Florida Public Employee Relations Commission.

Each session will begin with a continental breakfast at 8:30, and the workshop will run from 9 a.m. to noon. Sessions will take place at the Ghazvini Center for Healthcare Education, Attendees are welcome to register for individual sessions, or all three at a significant discount.

Building Legacies is a full-tuition scholarship that was created by the TCC Foundation Board of Directors to assist women returning to college who wish to gain a different skill set in the hopes of better supporting their families. Proceeds from these events help fund the Building Legacies Scholarship; set up to assist women who are returning to College.