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Are You A Veteran Considering a Teaching Career in Florida?

Troops to Teachers is a career transition assistance service for current and former military personnel who want to transition into the teaching profession.

Florida has 67 school districts and over 600 charter schools.

Florida has the third largest school system in the nation and leads in hiring teachers, especially those who participate in the Troops to Teachers program.

Certificate Options

There are several options for obtaining your teaching certificate in Florida.


Benefits of Teaching in Florida

  1. There is no income tax in the state of Florida.
  2. Initial teacher certification application and exam fees are waived for active duty, members of the Selective Reserves and National Guard, veterans with an honorable discharge, and their spouses.
  3. Tuition waiver for a recipient of a Purple Heart or other military decoration of higher precedence
  4. In-state tuition for:
    • military personnel stationed in Florida and their dependents
    • veterans who reside in Florida; do not have to establish residency for tuition purposes by living in Florida for one year
    • military personnel enrolled in a Florida College of university but are stationed outside the state

Review all programs and benefits to support and assist military members and their families in the Florida Military-Friendly Guide.

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Our staff will help make your transition from the military service to your second career as easy as possible. We are available to help get you acclimated to the routines and culture of the teaching profession. We can help you understand and complete the license/certification requirements, review employment application processes, and improve your chances of employment in your new profession. Call us at 850-201-0382 or email us at




Participants who are eligible may be provided financial assistance via bonus up to $10,000, if hired in a bonus eligible school. Eligibility is determined by our national office and is based on your years of military service, when you left service and when you applied for the Troops to Teachers program. You will need to upload specific documents during the registration process for verification of your eligibility for financial assistance. To learn more call us at 850-201-0382 or email us at