Have You Considered Teaching As A Second Career ?

Troops 2 Teachers

Troops to Teachers is a career transition assistance service for current and former military personnel who want to transition into the teaching profession. Many former military personnel have made this transition and have found teaching as a very rewarding career.  Some have even first started other careers only to find the career they thought they wanted did not provide the satisfaction and enjoyment they anticipated. Teaching provides you an opportunity to be a role model to students and to inspire tomorrow's leaders which will have a positive influence on them for the rest of their lives.

Qualifying for a Certificate

Each state determines the requirements you must complete to qualify for a teaching certificate/license which typically includes courses/training, exams, and classroom experience.  What differs among states is how and when you must complete certain requirements.  Most states have two levels of certification/license.  One allows you to start teaching while completing the remaining requirements for the final certificate.  Most states allow two to three years to complete the requirements for the final certificate.

Florida offers a Temporary Certificate which you can qualify for in as little as 30 days and a Professional Certificate which you can qualify for while teaching for three years with the Temporary Certificate. Florida has some programs which you can complete prior to employment, even on active duty, and qualify for a Professional Certificate in approximately nine months.

Florida also offers a Military Fee Waiver of initial certification application and initial certification exam fees for current military personnel, veterans with an honorable discharge, and their spouses.

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